Stay Hungry (1976) 1080p YIFY Movie

Stay Hungry (1976) 1080p

A syndicate wants to buy a whole district to rebuild it. They've bought every house except the small gym "Olympic", where Mr. Austria Joe Santo prepares for the Mr. Universum championships ...

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  • Genre: Drama | Comedy
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  • Run Time: 102
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The Synopsis for Stay Hungry (1976) 1080p

A syndicate wants to buy a whole district to rebuild it. They've bought every house except the small gym "Olympic", where Mr. Austria Joe Santo prepares for the Mr. Universum championships a month ahead. The rich sunny-boy Craig Blake is brought in by the syndicate as a dummy to buy the gym. But then he starts to like the people and falls in love with Joe's friend Mary Tate.

The Director and Players for Stay Hungry (1976) 1080p

[Director]Bob Rafelson
[Role:]Sally Field
[Role:]Arnold Schwarzenegger
[Role:]Jeff Bridges

The Reviews for Stay Hungry (1976) 1080p

A property buyer's plan to purchase and demolish a gym leads to a life-changing experience.Reviewed bySteve PangVote: 8/10

I stumbled across this movie on the UK's little-watched TV network Channel 5. Initially intrigued by the idea of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger's screen debut, I was quickly engrossed in this excellent and almost unknown film and the way in which the disparate characters inter-relate over the course of the story. The film manages to appear beguilingly simple and yet it deals with such issues as class, aspiration, loyalty, identity and love.

The way in which all the characters slowly but surely reveal their flaws and weaknesses is quite brilliant. Stand-out scenes include Arnie's bodybuilder character playing the fiddle (yes, the fiddle!) with a bunch of hillbillies out in the woods, Jeff Bridges' drunken jig, and the sight of about a hundred pumped-up bodybuilders running almost naked through rush hour traffic, which for me is one of the classic and most unexpected comic moments in cinema.

I may think more of this film because I 'discovered' it almost by chance, but I will always see it as an underrated classic and I urge everyone to seek it out.

A engaging trip for neo-classic movie fansReviewed byStacyOnEarthVote: 6/10

Short and simple, "Stay Hungry" kept my attention - that is, until the hokey, silly and very disappointing ending.

But up to that point, I was a pure movie fan: watching a young, hot- looking Jeff Bridges as country-club son, looking for his way after losing his parents, I was fascinated as I compared him to the 2010 Oscar Winner for "Crazy Heart." Catching Sally Field in one of her earliest film roles as an emotionally labile gym employee, I was impressed and even blushed a little during a brief nude scene, as I thought of the matriarch currently staring in ABC's "Brothers and Sisters." Roger E. Mosley (T.C. from "Magnum, P.I.") was funny in a supporting role; A young Robert Englund reminded me that he was an actor before he was Freddy Kruger; and a host of other actors that I only know from old TV shows (Fannie Flagg, Ed Begley, Jr. and Joanna Cassidy) put me in trivia heaven.

But it was Ah-nold...Arnold Schwarzenegger who truly surprised me, playing an attractive, low-key, approachable role as an aspiring body builder. There was nothing over-the-top or kitchy about his performance, and I enjoyed every scene he was in. If you can forgive the hokey ending (which made me think of a cheesy Gay Pride parade, although I'm sure that was unintentional), then you can really enjoy this movie.

If you don't enjoy catching actors from the 80's in their early years, might I suggest you be very bored, busy with other household activities and catching it on cable first - or else you'll just hate yourself afterward and wish for that time back.

HorribleReviewed bymrhappy145Vote: 2/10

The only saving grace of this movie is the bodybuilding, and those scenes are few and far between. If you are an Arnold fan, you will be greatly disappointed in the portrayal of your hero, if not, you may appreciate the way that he is taken out of his usual bad ass roles to show a more "sensitive side." The problem is that this portrayal is ridiculous, to the point where there is a scene with Arnie in the woods playing fiddle in a country jam. If you desperately wan to see this film to see all the films he is in do it. Otherwise, this movie should be prescribed to insomniacs, as i have fallen asleep to it on numerous occasions and suffer from the occasional bout myself.

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