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Staying Alive (1983)

It's five years later and Tony Manero's Saturday Night Fever is still burning. Now he's strutting toward his biggest challenge yet - succeeding as a dancer on the Broadway stage.

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  • Genre: Drama | Music
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The Synopsis for Staying Alive (1983) 720p

In this sequel to Saturday Night Fever, former disco king Tony Manero has left Brooklyn and lives in Manhattan. He stays in a cheap hotel and works as a dance instructor and as a waiter at a dance club, trying to succeed as a professional dancer on Broadway. The breakaway from his Brooklyn life, family and friends seems to have matured Tony and refined his personality, represented by his diminished accent and his avoidance of alcohol and profanity. However, certain attitudes have not changed, as with his most recent girlfriend, who's also the singer of a local rock band.

The Director and Players for Staying Alive (1983) 720p

[Role:]Finola Hughes
[Role:]Cynthia Rhodes
[Role:Director]Sylvester Stallone
[Role:]John Travolta

The Reviews for Staying Alive (1983) 720p

"I Want To Strut." - Fun stuff...Reviewed byDoomVote: 9/10

What, no user comments for Staying Alive? Well then I guess I better add one. :) This movie is entertaining, but I must tell you, I always thought this film was considered a BIG flop until I checked business information here. Hell, it made almost 70 million - that doesn't sound like too much of a flop to me.

Staying Alive is a pretty good film, though not even close to the MONSTER that Saturday Night Fever was years earlier. It has a nice soundtrack (again, how can it compare to the one from the first film - TWENTY MILLION albums sold is no easy feat to match) and manages to make us still love Tony Manero no matter how big of a dork he is at times.

Yeah, the film is unbelievable and silly as hell at times, but it's still a good hour and half of fun to check out when you have time. How many people remember this film was directed by Sylvester Stallone? Not many. Look for his cameo performance (he bumps into Travolta on the street while passing by) as well as hearing someone yell "Yo Adrian! Showtime" while the dancers are preparing for their show toward the end of the film. Corny stuff, but fun, and Tony can still strut. Enjoy!

Reviewed byscott Gemmell ([email protected])Vote: 10/10/10

For those of you who think this movie is a let down, then I am afraidyou are let down.

This 80's classic has more fever in its final scene than the whole ofthe first movie put together.

Okay the first one rocked, get over it, its a story about life andhaving the confidence to go for it. There is not a part in this moviethat is I personally don't like, in fact I could probably read thescript start to finish. I ain't no freak but this movie is quite simplya master piece, It is the Rocky IV of dance movies and twice the filmat that. Its a progression of his life, the disco days are gone and heneeds to get something going to quench his thirst for life. It ifanything teaches you to reach for the the unattainable, the onlybarriers in life are the ones we put up our selves, Manero teaches uswe can go all the way and not sell ourselves short. Read between thelines 80's Edam and I love it!


Count it Down! and 5678.

Without a doubt one of the worst movies in historyReviewed byJimS_8686Vote: 7/10

Staying Alive is an abomination. An annoying, pointless exercise in narcissism, executed so ineptly in every way imaginable, that it holds a secure and well-deserved place in history as one of the worst films ever made.

Two elements which made the original such a surprise hit in 1977 (disco dancing and the chart-topping Bee Gees soundtrack) have been replaced by what can best be described as absurdly choreographed aerobic dry humping routines shot in slow motion along with music by - you guessed it - Frank Stallone.

As the so-called "brains" behind this monumental failure, Sylvester Stallone may as well have taken a pristine 70MM print of the original classic Saturday Night Fever, filmed himself defecating all over it, and made that the final hidden scene at the conclusion of the end credits.

Stallone also appears briefly in what has to be the strangest cameo ever - engaging in a homo erotic stare down with Manero while wearing a fur coat that looks like it was raided from Liberace's closet.

Staying Alive makes Showgirls seem like it could have been written and directed by Bob Fosse. Avoid this monumental turd at all costs.

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