Steamboy (2004) 1080p YIFY Movie

Steamboy (2004) 1080p

Such?mub?i is a movie starring Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, and Alfred Molina. In 1860s Britain, a boy inventor finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly conflict over a revolutionary advance in steam power.

IMDB: 6.90 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Action
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.41G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: Japanese
  • Run Time: 122
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 47 / 62

The Synopsis for Steamboy (2004) 1080p

Rei is a young inventor living in the U.K. in the middle of the nineteenth century. Shortly before the first World Expo, a marvelous invention called the "Steam Ball", behind which a menacing power is hidden, arrives at his door from his grandfather Roid in the U.S. Meanwhile, the nefarious O'Hara Foundation has sent men to acquire the Steam Ball, so that they can use its power towards their own illicit ends.

The Director and Players for Steamboy (2004) 1080p

[Director]Katsuhiro ?tomo
[Role:]Anna Paquin
[Role:]Patrick Stewart
[Role:]Alfred Molina
[Role:]Anne Suzuki

The Reviews for Steamboy (2004) 1080p

Undeserved CriticismReviewed byai_insiderVote: 10/10

"And so we come to Steamboy, a theatrical feature birthed originally from the concept of the "Cannon Fodder" short work Otomo produced for Memories, Steamboy of which centers on a young man and his journey into adulthood and maturity as wrought by political corruption, social discomfort, and familial contention. Originally released in Japan in the spring of 2004, this particular movie has acquired a unique press and popularity, and as it has come and gone through a western release in but an instant, it would appear that the mixed reviews hovering about the industry would only continue. While fans and critics are quick to note that Otomo's theatrical follow up to Akira is not as overtly dynamic as the previously mentioned, I would argue that it is just as, if not more so, ambitious. Steamboy is an outstanding movie, and although is not significantly violent with overly pretentious child protagonists, excels far beyond the dramatic integrity of its predecessor...

"I find it incredibly disappointing and ironic that some film critics cut down this work by Katsuhiro Otomo, by observing the movie as project inseparable from the previous success of the artist. And while I give Otomo what respect he deserves as the mastermind behind this incredible project, by the pushing of a concept beyond a particular medium's limits, I still honor the fact that he looks at every project as something individual, elemental, and unique unto itself. There is an unspoken journey of maturation that each character of Steamboy must go through; and what I find many individuals overlooking, is the detailed effort that this film's creators had put into making such distinctions perceptible." --A.Bynum

Such?mub?i: Flawed geniusReviewed byPlatypuschowVote: 4/10

Steamboy was a recommendation and likely not something I would have gotten round to otherwise.

Set in the 1860's it tells the story of two sides competing over steam power dominance and it's potential applications. Revolving around one boy and how he gets caught up in it all because of certain family ties.

The first thing you'll notice is that it's fantastically animated, it really looks the part and though Japanese made suffers with none of the usual anime tropes. Set in England it has a fitting and very competent British voice cast including veteran Patrick Stewart who delivers as he always does.

So it looks good, it sounds good, and this wonderful almost steampunk setting is great, so why the underwhelming rating?

The story (Though decent enough) isn't handled as well as it should have been, at two hours they could have paced it considerably better. To make matters worse you have a number of detestable characters (And not entirely intentionally) that really damaged the film for me.

I appreciate what they were trying to do here and entirely see the appeal, I get the impression that many will adore this. For me it was just well made but poorly constructed (If that makes any sense) and though not bad it's certainly not something I'd recommend myself.

The Good:

Beautifully animated

Solid voice work

Some great ideas

The Bad:

Doesn't flow very well

Annoying characters

Steamboy - 9 out of 10Reviewed bydbronsemaVote: 9/10

'Steamboy', the groundbreaking new film from the makers of 'Akira' represents the new benchmark in Japanese animation. While the underlying story that science should be used to benefit mankind and not to wage war is somewhat bland, it is the animation that captivates.

Using both 3D CGI and traditional 2D cel animation, (which works wonderful and is seamless together) 'Steamboy' far surpasses any previous animation to date. The camera pans and swoops around our hero beautifully as we are taken into a 19th century England that is mixed with science fiction. There are inventors and machines, weapons and explosions - are encaptulated within this alternate world. This is the highlight of 'Steamboy', the world is alive and so detailed. All the machines are full of cogs and moving parts - everything seems so real and alive. 'Steamboy' has captured the industrial feel perfectly, just as well (if not better) than 'Akira' captured the 80's futuristic feel.

If you like Japanese animation you will love and adore 'Steamboy', and if you only see one animation this year make sure you see 'Steamboy'. It's simply amazing.

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