Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014) 1080p YIFY Movie

Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014) 1080p

You think you know this story? You don't. From the producers of Academy Award winning film, ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER, and BAFTA Award winning Director Alex Holmes, this documentary is an ...

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The Synopsis for Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014) 1080p

You think you know this story? You don't. From the producers of Academy Award winning film, ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER, and BAFTA Award winning Director Alex Holmes, this documentary is an intimate but explosive portrait of the man behind the greatest fraud in sporting history. Lance Armstrong enriched himself by cheating his fans, his sport and the truth. But the former friends whose lives and careers he destroyed, would prove to be his nemesis.

The Director and Players for Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014) 1080p

[Director]Alex Holmes
[Role:]Frankie Andreu
[Role:]Betsy Andreu
[Role:]Reed Albergotti

The Reviews for Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014) 1080p

Reviewed bypaul2001sw-1 ([email protected])Vote: 9/10/10

The Lance Armstrong story is sad and incredible: a talented youngathlete cheats and bullies his way to the top, threatening to ruinanyone who attempts to expose him; and this against a backdrop ofnearly dying and making a comeback, not only as a sportsman, but as acampaigner against cancer. Meanwhile, a worrying number of othercyclists seem to have dropped dead for no conceivable reason other thansuspected abuse of their bodies. 'Stop At Nothing' is a competentdocumentary: its makers have spoken to the right people, they have theright interviews, but it doesn't need to be artistically stunning,because of the power of the tale it tells. One of the people whoappears in this film is journalist David Walsh: read his book, 'SevenDeadly Sins', for a more personalised account of the long, andultimately victorious, fight against Armstrong.

Reviewed byjuneebuggyVote: 7/10/10

This Australian made documentary takes a look at Lance Armstrong'sdoping scandal including interviews with his former teammates, friendsand enemies. Using assorted TV clips it follows his career from thebeginning, including his seven wins in Tour de France, his battleagainst cancer, his come back, and the suspicions, all the way to hisdownfall culminating with him finally admitting everything to OprahWinfrey on live TV. -Which ultimately made me feel really sad, afeeling I didn't expect.

After so many years of adamantly denying he was doping he finallyjust... admits it. I tried to figure out why this bothered me so muchand I think its because everybody wants a hero.

A well done documentary but not impartial, this destroys him frombeginning to end, while also showing just how big this scandal was andthe (apparent) lengths that were undergone to keep certain peoplequiet. It felt like a giant conspiracy with huge companies, millions ofdollars and death threats. Wow. 7/7/14

Reviewed byPrismark10Vote: 6/10/10

Drugs and cycling go to together like a horse and carriage, or is thatlove and marriage? No matter, as a sport cycling has been traditionallyriddled with drug cheats so when any past racers turn up in thisdocumentary finger wagging you think to yourself as if your era was anycleaner!

Any serious racer, commentator, journalist with knowledge of howgruelling road cycling is would or should had realised that somecompetitors are drug assisted simply because of the energy that theystill have after hours of cycling on the edge of endurance. As GregLemond recounts after seeing Lance Armstrong race on Le Tour andsomeone turned round and remarked to him, 'he is on the juice.'

Of course accusations are one thing, proving it is another. Whilecommentators on television threw platitudes at Armstrong the superathlete, some racers and journalists did have suspicions. HoweverArmstrong, his cycling team, his team of lawyers would ruthlessly bringdown any dissenting voices, even friends.

This documentary strips Armstrong of any last vestiges of dignity. Evenhis early victories are reduced to results of deal makings rather thanracing. Armstrong realised early in his career that in a sport wheredrug taking is rife that the only way to win was to take drugs and callit hard work and training.

Of course if Armstrong remained retired after his string of Le Tourvictories this documentary would not had been made, however hiscomeback meant as one writer said, 'the cancer had returned.' It wasthe blood samples taken during his comeback that led to the US dopingagency to accuse him of cheating backed up with witness testimonies.

The documentary highlights the rise and fall of this superstar incycling. Armstrong comes across as tough, determined, ruthless, twofaced, hypocritical. Although he saw off all previous attempts to bringhim down eventually he was demolished and confessed in 2013 in aninterview with Oprah Winfrey and headed for financial and professionalruin.

A cautionary tale, maybe overlong but also enthralling. I never likedArmstrong so I do not feel sorry for him and this documentary does nottry to elicit any sympathy for him.

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