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Strategic Command (1997)

Strategic Command is a movie starring Michael Dudikoff, Paul Winfield, and Richard Norton. Rick Harding is a former Marines officer, now working in the FBI as a chemical weapons designer. While packing up for the night, a group of...

IMDB: 4.12 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 5 / 10

The Synopsis for Strategic Command (1997) 720p

Rick Harding is a former Marines officer, now working in the FBI as a chemical weapons designer. While packing up for the night, a group of armed soldiers led by wanted criminal Carlos Gruber, break into the FBI research lab. They steal large amounts of a newly created germ warfare chemical called Bromax-360, loosing two of their men in the process before escaping into the night.

The Director and Players for Strategic Command (1997) 720p

[Director]Rick Jacobson
[Role:]Richard Norton
[Role:]Michael Dudikoff
[Role:]Paul Winfield
[Role:]Amanda Wyss

The Reviews for Strategic Command (1997) 720p

Executive Decision for the poorReviewed bymtenkratVote: 5/10

I don't remember seeing a movie that used so much elements of other films. The whole plot is nothing else than a mix of "Executive Decision" and "The Rock". And if you watch carefully (show me someone who is able to do so) you will recognize various other scenes who are copied from blockbusters.

Although the story is everything else than new it's still fun to watch this B-picture. Dudikoff and Norton are such terrible actors, you can't stop laughing. And don't forget these cheap action sequences. So if you don't mind a lousy story, cheesy acting and horrible action this is the right thing for you.

My God, it's a direct facsimilie!Reviewed byReinhartVote: 1/10

I am a very tolerant viewer. I enjoy almost every film I see, even if it is not the best film ever made. However, this motion picture directly challenges the tolerance that I have for filmed entertainment. "Strategic Command" is easily THE WORST film I have ever had the misfortune to watch. It is an almost identical clone to the vastly superior "Executive Decision" with elements from "The Rock" thrown in to try and (In a pathetic attempt if I may add.) to distinguish it from the aforementioned films. Although there are some differences in the film (The jet that docks with the 747 in "Strategic Command" is an SR-71 while the jet in "Executive Decision" is an F-117.), these differences are not enough to keep the film from being a mediocre imitation. Special effects are mostly poorly executed, although some of the matte shots did seem convincing. Parts of the film where some of the bad guys and a good guy vomits looked like they put an Alka Seltzer tablet in their mouth and would spit the foam out at the right time to emulate vomit. Some of the footage of the F-16s, both interior and exterior, were taken directly from the film "Iron Eagle" so as to save money on the limited production budget. Acting is another weak point, with people playing their parts too hard. As a result, the characters become unconvincing and lifeless. The only good actor in the film was Paul Winfield. I was shocked to see how low Mr. Winfield sunk, his acting talent could've served in better films than this. The film's only saving grace is the musical score, sounding better than most other low budget and even some high budget films. However, it seems that the composer was trying to emulate and, in some parts of the suite, combine the styles Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. Most of the suite, although is surprisingly good for a no-name composer, is mostly unoriginal and uninspired. Overall, "Strategic Command" is a mediocre facsimilie of "Executive Decision". This is a film that deserves to stay in a vault and rot away. The video does not deserve to be purchased, even five dollars for this movie is highway robbery! This picture can, at the very best, serve as a rental, but there are better choices at the video store. Besides, this film is nothing but two hours of your life that can be spent watching a better film. After seeing this review, your brain should be giving an excellent "Strategic Command" to steer clear of this stinker! - Reinhart

The Mother Of All Rip-OffsReviewed byBig S-2Vote: 7/10

I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I watched this turkey of a movie. Surely, if Hollywood handed out awards for blatant plagiarism, this load of horse manure would win hands down. Basically a total rip-off of `Executive Decision' with lashings of `Air Force One' and a pinch of `The Rock' slung in for good measure. How the makers of this dross got away without being sued for every penny they had beats me. Most of the other hacks on this page have outlined the finer plagiaristic details so I won't repeat them again here. But this film gives new meaning to the words `low budget'. The producers obviously had so little money that they couldn't even afford a few extras to serve as terrified passengers. And there were so many plot holes you could fly a real 747 straight through them. Like at the end where the Dudikoff character and the chief baddie are fighting it out. Bag of deadly toxin splits open. Baddies die horrible deaths, twitching and vomiting all over the place. Dudikoff has a syringe full of antidote and injects himself, Nicolas Cage-style. Okay I can just about buy that. But the other people on board - all goodies and a matter of metres away in the next cabin - conveniently remain completely unaffected. And just minutes before this, we were supposed to be buying into the line that a few broken bags of this stuff would wipe out the population of LA? I rest my case. Sexy female terrorist though!!!!

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