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Supermarket Woman (1996)

Goro's supermarket is not doing well; the rival "Bargains Galore" threatens his business. A chance encounter with Hanako, an energetic woman he knew in grade school, results in big retail and life changes. —Eileen Berdon

IMDB: 7.20 Likes

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  • Language: Japanese 2.0  
  • Run Time: 127
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 
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The Synopsis for Supermarket Woman (1996) 720p

Goro's supermarket is not doing well; the rival "Bargains Galore" threatens his business. A chance encounter with Hanako, an energetic woman he knew in grade school, results in big retail and life changes. —Eileen Berdon

The Director and Players for Supermarket Woman (1996) 720p

[Director]J?z? Itami
[Role:]Ry?nosuke Kaneda
[Role:]Masahiko Tsugawa
[Role:]Nobuko Miyamoto

The Reviews for Supermarket Woman (1996) 720p

Deservedly unknown in the U.S.Reviewed byken_mayerVote: 5/10

I loved Tampopo, Min-Bo, A Taxing Woman, and The Funeral. I thought Supermarket Woman would be of the same quality. Instead, Supermarket Woman was a long, stale formula. Was it made for TV? What constraints was Itami working under? The narrative strategy (no plural), acting, cinematography, and moral universe are almost equal to "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective." Itami's wife is the protagonist again. She gives good and obvious advice. The villains are cartoonishly evil. They are easily defeated. Everyone cheers. Repeat about 20 times. Perhaps this is funnier in the original Japanese, but the formula seems to bore even the main protagonist. If you are an anthropologist writing about how Japanese pop culture celebrates capitalism, this film *might* be worth digging up. Until I saw this film, I ranked Itami as one of my favorite directors. Now my faith is shaken. What happened? In contrast to Tampopo or The Funeral, there is no material in Supermarket Woman that would be objectionable for younger viewers. There is one scene where characters almost remove clothes. The chase scene and other "punches" are cartoonish and are less violent than "Toy Story" or "Home Alone". The lack of inventiveness and objectionable material made me wonder whether this was made for TV.

Social commentary in action circa 1996Reviewed byjakerocksVote: 6/10

This movie is a good time capsule of Japanese society from Juzo Itami's perspective as a director trying to reach an international audience. He stated in interviews for his first film Tampopo that he was trying to have an American perspective on filmmaking and the statements he was making. And this film continues to carry that perspective while showing what is also clearly Japanese and true to cultural standards of the time.

For example he is much more aware of the toxic masculinity he is displaying in the relationship between the two main characters and calling into question how men treat women. But at the same time honoring the bond of relationships and the delicate nature of the human condition.

There are plenty of comical antics interspersed among tense moments of bullying and courage. Overall a light hearted film. So why not 10 stars? It really is difficult to stomach the way men treat women and the harsh line between masculine and feminine in Japanese society. It's easy to come away with a negative feeling and easy to forget having witnessed so many moments of bravery and rejuvenation of the community that the amazing Nobuko Miyamoto's character delivers in her incredible performance. She alone makes the film worth watching.

Good-natured, family entertainmentReviewed bygbill-74877Vote: 7/10

Cute, wholesome fare. A housewife meets a childhood friend with a grocery store on the brink of being run out of business by a giant new rival (think Walmart), and goes to work for him. Naturally, she starts by laying off the employees who are incompetent (of which there are many), and identifies cost-cutting measures across the board, including working the employees who remain harder and paying them less. Hahahaha no, just kidding, she doesn't do that. This is a feel-good movie, with vibes that would make Frank Capra proud. She helps David (actually "honest Goro") stand up to Goliath by focusing on quality, integrity, customer service, and sticking together to resist the big company's strong-arm tactics. Goro is maddeningly incompetent and the rest of the characters are practically cartoons, but Nobuko Miyamoto's charm carries the film. I also liked how the romance didn't go the predictable route, with the scene that ended in laughter. I'm not sure I believe the high average rating this film has, but it's good-natured, family entertainment.

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