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Sworn to Justice (1996)

Sworn to Justice is a movie starring Cynthia Rothrock, Tony Lo Bianco, and Kurt McKinney. After attackers kill her sister and nephew, a female psychologist becomes a defense witness by day and avenger by night.

IMDB: 5.25 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 
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The Synopsis for Sworn to Justice (1996) 720p

Expert witness/psychologist secretly stalks her family's killers using E.S.P. While still under investigation by the police detective on the case, she falls in love with an attorney she comes to believe can lead her to the guilty parties.

The Director and Players for Sworn to Justice (1996) 720p

[Director]Paul Maslak
[Role:]Cynthia Rothrock
[Role:]Kurt McKinney
[Role:]Tony Lo Bianco
[Role:]Brad Dourif

The Reviews for Sworn to Justice (1996) 720p

Sworn to arse kickReviewed byBezenbyVote: 6/10

Cynthia, dear Cynthia of Godfrey Ho's masterpieces Undefeatable and Honour and Glory, returns here as a criminal psychologist who has gone all Dead Zone on us as whatever object she touches gives here glimpses into the future and past of said object! Which is handy as someone has just murdered her sister and her nephew.

This murderer ain't kept no secret (in fact, there's about six of them), but then, they are being controlled by a higher force who we are kept secret from knowing the secret secret from. Is the higher force Brad Dourif? Or that arsehole who heats up nail clippers and sticks them under folks nails? Or Tony De Bliano of God Told Me TO fame? Or the Too Perfect Tai Chi boyfriend? Who can tell in this fast moving society.

One thing's for sure - Cynthia seems to have had a boob job but still is a great kickboxer with a nice booty who resembles Brix Smith of the Fall. Yep.

Probably Cynthia Rothrock's sexiest movieReviewed bygridoon2019Vote: 6/10

I've seen several of Cynthia Rothrock's films - both her Hong Kong and her American ones - and one thing they have in common is that her femininity is usually largely ignored: she is there mainly as a fighter, not as a woman (though sometimes the tight outfits she puts on leave little doubt about her physical attributes). But in "Sworn To Justice" she makes probably her boldest appearances ever: 2 lingerie scenes, 2 sex scenes. And truth be told, she is very sexy. She could work as a living ad for practicing martial arts - "you do it too, and you'll have a body like that when you're 40". This focus on Cynthia's body is not the only aspect that separates "Sworn To Justice" from most of her other vehicles: there is also a slapstick comedy fight sequence, psychic powers, a lesbian love confession at a tragic moment, and a bad guy discussing with his brother's burnt corpse! The fighting highlight of the film comes when Cynthia goes up against an acrobatic Asian guy - you can see her Hong Kong days living again in that scene. Disappointingly, the climactic fight scene goes to her male co-star, Kurt McKinney. The other problem is the plot, which has a few too many scattered sub-plots. But as I already said, if you want to see Cynthia Rothrock going sexy, this is your best chance. (**1/2)

Great if you like to see Cynthia Rothrock in a vigilante action & sci-fi filmReviewed byimdb-52846Vote: 7/10

Vigilante martial arts & sci-fi film. Professional woman is attacked by burglars, which causes her to somehow acquire psychic powers. She uses her new powers to become a vigilante by night while being a forensic prosecution witness by day. Not exactly plausible, but okay if you like sci-fi martial arts action with Cynthia Rothrock kicking ass. Mild (tasteful) topless Rothrock love scene thrown in, perhaps to balance chop suey with her feminine side.

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