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Tabloid (2010) 1080p

Tabloid is a movie starring Joyce McKinney, Peter Tory, and Troy Williams. A documentary on a former Miss Wyoming who is charged with abducting and imprisoning a young Mormon Missionary.

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The Synopsis for Tabloid (2010) 1080p

Tabloid stories centered on the activities of , a former beauty queen with a self-reported IQ of 168, over her life are presented. Beyond her beauty pageant days, McKinney first hit the tabloid pages in Britain in what was largely coined "The Case of the Manacled Mormon". As reported by McKinney in interviews, she, a southern Christian originally from North Carolina, got involved with a group of Mormons in her pursuit of true love, without knowing they were Mormons or anything about Mormonism. She fell in love with one of those Mormons, Kirk Anderson, the two who were to be married. After he disappeared without saying anything to her, she, with the help of a private investigator and some male friends and new acquaintances, tracked him down in England where he was being brainwashed by Mormon elders, that brainwashing which included the notion of sex with and marriage to her, a non-Mormon, as taboo. He left with her voluntarily, she who took him away to a secluded cottage ...

The Director and Players for Tabloid (2010) 1080p

[Director]Errol Morris
[Role:]Jackson Shaw
[Role:]Troy Williams
[Role:]Peter Tory
[Role:]Joyce McKinney

The Reviews for Tabloid (2010) 1080p

Front page stuffReviewed byhte-trasmeVote: 9/10

The story told (or approached, or retold in varying ways) in "Tabloid" is an extraordinarily salacious one, and riveting on that level in the way that extraordinarily salacious stories are. We're watching because we want desperately to see what happens next, but as we do so we are acutely aware of the sensational nature of the events.

Which is why it is appropriate that "Tabloid" is as much about the tabloid exploitation and exaggeration of the Joyce McKinney story as it is about the story itself. After one-larger-than-life event, the press becomes as much as part of the story as what it is they are covering. And as the interview subjects tell the story, it becomes apparent that rarely has the inherent subjectivity of events been laid out with such wildly (in every sense) versions of events.

It's a credit to Morris that he draws from this story that is so outlandish as to be almost absurd a thoughtful commentary on truth, will, privacy, love vs obsession, and more. At the center of it is the extraordinary interview with McKinney herself, who comes across -- then and now -- as charismatic, funny, obsessed, and more than a little unhinged. Smiling ingratiatingly as she explains (or explains away) every step of her life from (allegedly) the woman who brought her dog to her every modeling shoot to the woman who flew to Korea to have another dog cloned (disguising herself as an Indian and a deaf-mute somewhere in between), she is compulsive viewing.

"Tabloid" pulls of the coup of being completely fascinating for the reasons that tabloids are and -- because it is completely self-aware in the regard -- being also a very thoughtful meditation on the issues raised by both press sensationalism and this story itself. Quite an accomplishment.

A real tabloid storyReviewed bypaul2001sw-1Vote: 8/10

Some people are serial fantastists, or serial self-publicists: it can be hard to tell the difference. Errol Morris' entertaining film 'Tabloid: Sex in Change' will seem familiar to anyone whose seen the (altogether more serious) film 'True Lies': in both cases, someone collaborates with a contemporary film-maker to tell "their story", even though the film-maker is able to simultaneously compile a large body of evidence to suggest that this story is utter tosh. The protagonists of both films could be considered con-artists, but if so, neither of them are exactly very good: in taking part in these films, they manage not to control the narrative, but to destroy themselves (although, if self-publicity is the aim, they do succeed, albeit in a peculiar fashion). Joyce McKinney's story (both the real one, and the one that she tells) is straightforwardly bizarre; while the linked tale of the behaviour of tabloid newspapers is predictably depressing, although one can't help but wonder whether or not Morris would have done better to let sleeping dogs lie (something McKinney didn't do when she had her dead pet cloned) rather than give the whole affair another publicising blast of the oxygen. It's hard to draw many conclusions from such a weird tale about the state of our society, or even about the interior workings of McKinney's mind; yet it's also impossible not to be entertained, albeit in a prurient way, by the extraordinary details of her tale.

One of Morris' More Confusing Documentaries Despite Compelling SubjectReviewed byclassicalsteveVote: 5/10

The subject of this documentary is a good one: In Britain in 1977, a Mormon missionary name of Kirk Anderson accused Joyce McKinney, a model and former Miss Wyoming World, of abducting and raping him. Both were Americans. Why were two Americans in Britain? According to McKinney, they were engaged to marry in the States when suddenly Anderson disappeared. McKinney hired a private detective who discovered Anderson, a Mormon, had been sent on missionary work in the UK. McKinney flew to the UK to find him. They did meet each other again and engaged in a sexual encounter, which they both agree on. However, the nature of that encounter is disputed by both sides. McKinney claims it was consensual while Anderson holds it was kidnapping and rape. Not a bad subject.

Unfortunately, in Morris' hands, the documentary doesn't work as well as it should. Morris doesn't like to use narrators for his documentaries, which is effective for certain subjects, like "The Unknown Known" in which Donald Rumsfeld is essentially his own narrator, while for other subjects, it's inadequate. Unfortunately, the lack of a narrator is rather ineffectual in "Tabloid" as I found much of the material confusing. This is not an easy case to understand if you've never heard of it, as I had not until I saw the documentary.

When the case entered into the public consciousness, it became a media frenzy. It had everything the tabloids live to publish: celebrity, sex, bondage, and religion. In terms of the documentary, there were moments when I wanted to know more about the bare facts, not just some of the interviewees trying desperately to decide what they thought about it. Sometimes the interviews offer the facts but in long-winded and/or convoluted verbiage making it difficult to glean what was understood about the case. At one point in the story, McKinney was being exploited in the tabloids in fetish-like garb with a male as her slave. I couldn't understand if her "slave" was Anderson or someone else. And when was she released from prison? I read online she jumped bail in the UK, but I wasn't sure the ordering of events.

This was disappointing as I wanted to understand better this case. For those documentaries where "let the interviewees tell the story" sans narrator, the film risks being enigmatic and confusing. I still believe the most effective documentaries are those which juxtapose narration and interview in which we get the best of both worlds. This was clearly a case when a narrator would have been very helpful. But I'm sure Morris will always stick to the way he does things.

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