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Term Life (2016) 1080p

A guy wanted around town by various hit men hopes to stay alive long enough for his life insurance policy to kick in and pay out for his estranged daughter.

IMDB: 5.413 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.78G
  • Resolution: 1920x800 / 23.976 (23976/1000) fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for Term Life (2016) 1080p

A guy wanted around town by various hit men hopes to stay alive long enough for his life insurance policy to kick in and pay out for his estranged daughter.

The Director and Players for Term Life (2016) 1080p

[Role:]Annabeth Gish
[Role:]Hailee Steinfeld
[Role:Director]Peter Billingsley
[Role:]Vince Vaughn

The Reviews for Term Life (2016) 1080p

Term Life Flat LifeReviewed bypunisherversion1Vote: 4/10

New challenge #1: Term Life starring Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld and directed by Peter Billingsley, whom you folks might know from the ever timeless and unrelenting during the holidays 'A Christmas Story'. I'm not sure where this filmmaker's eye lies but visuals is clearly not his forte. This was a flat looking movie with easily some of the most inconsequential gun fights I've seen in quite some time. This is a story about Nick who plans heists and sells these plans back to criminals. He lives his life at a distance from his daughter to keep her out of harm's way. You know where I'm going with this don't you. Nothing escapes your attention. She does get drawn into his world when a certain heist goes sour and the villain of our piece frames Nick. They're forced to go on the run. Honestly this movie is pretty flat in most respects. The performances are fairly one note even the late great Bill Paxton gives a generic villain performance. Vince Vaughn is not comfortable in this role. He needed a stronger, firmer hand guiding his performance. This is something he got in 'Brawl in Cell Block 99', a movie I recommend. You don't feel the stakes much and the actors can play these people in their sleep. There are so many quality actors in this. People like Jonathan Banks, Jon Favreau, Terence Howard and Taraji P Henson. They don't get to do much. This is a cheap looking time waster that is fairly mediocre and you'll forget most of what you saw once you're done. I give this movie a D.

Fails to deliver on promising premiseReviewed byGino CoxVote: 4/10

"Term Life" fails to deliver on the promise of its premise. It has an interesting premise. A man facing imminent and unavoidable death takes out a life insurance police to provide for his estranged daughter and must contrive to survive extraordinary odds until the policy takes effect. Somehow, I equate the film to Jason Stratham's "Crank," but rather than having less than a day, Vaughn's character has three weeks, which lends a leisurely pace.

Hailee Steinfeld was great in "True Grit," but isn't given much to work with here. At twenty, she looks possibly twenty-four and seems far too mature to play sixteen – and for what? Her character could just as easily be in her mid twenties. There is relatively little chemistry here. I felt more chemistry in "Safe," another Stratham film, between him and the Chinese kid. Steinfeld's character isn't particularly interesting or even three-dimensional.

The plot seems familiar, with elements we've seen before. The characters are fairly two-dimensional. Cinematography is weak with a lot of jigglycam shots. I don't actually remember a single shot that looked as if a rigid camera mount was utilized. The action scenes are of the caliber of episodic television series. Some plot developments seem implausible. Several characters seem to know more than they could possibly know in real life.

Overall, it's a watchable low-budget film that devotes too much attention to a relationship that isn't particularly interesting. At 93 minutes, it could probably be cut to 70 or less without losing much. Performances are generally competent, particularly with Vaughn, but hampered by an unimaginative script.

Decent and unique action film about a dad and his daughter.Reviewed bysubxerogravityVote: 6/10

You really don't think Vince Vaughn when you think of action movies, even though he's a big solid guy. What makes it work is the fact that the movie is really about a dad trying to bond with his astray daughter

Vaughn plays a crook who is framed by crooked cops for killing a real bad guy's son, and he has to protect his daughter from the really bad guy looking to do an eye for an eye type thing.

Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld are a great pair on the screen as two strangers who are learning to become father and daughter. Lots of chucks of the movie deal with that and it was quite good.

The movie is filled with lots of familiar faces in small roles, like Empire's, Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson, Bill Paxton and Mike Epps. Although it does not make the movie all that better.

Overall, despite the action crime drama elements, and his bad hair cut, it's a Vince Vaughn movie. If you like Vince you'll like the movie despite the fact that he's trying something different with the role.

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