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Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Terminator: Dark Fate is a movie starring Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mackenzie Davis. An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator, from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is...

IMDB: 6.526 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 128
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 17 / 396

The Synopsis for Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) 720p

An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator, from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.

The Director and Players for Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) 720p

[Director]Tim Miller
[Role:]Mackenzie Davis
[Role:]Linda Hamilton
[Role:]Arnold Schwarzenegger
[Role:]Natalia Reyes

The Reviews for Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) 720p

The Terminator AwakensReviewed byTheShadowBehindYouVote: 2/10

The terminator gets a similar politically correct treatment as the star wars Disney sequels with racial diversity and feminism. You can tell Arnold and Linda did it for the money without bringing much passion to the screen and the new actors/characters are flat and weak.There's not much action till the last 30 min and even then its heavily cgi'd/cartoonish and you don't care about any of the characters.

Now all we need is to invent a time machine and send someone to 1997 and stop James Cameron from making titanic so he could direct the proper conclusion to the terminator trilogy with a young Arnold and save us from all these dreadful sequels from the last 20 years.

Oh dear!Reviewed byalexjmcphersonVote: 4/10

I just came out of the cinema. I ignored all the negative talk about it and was optimistic this would be good. I mean how could they mess up a 4th time. But they did. The story made no sense, and was very poorly written. It is nothing more than a rehash of all the movies in a pot that doesn't take the story any further if anything it's Terminated it on a epic level. No spoilers from me but do yourself a favour watch T1 and T2 then go watch this. I liked bits of the movie but as a Whole this will sink Tim Miller and make James Cameron look a complete ahole! Linda, Arnold and McKenzie were good with what they had which in honesty wasn't a lot. This is an honest review by a big Terminator fan. I wanted this movie to be good so badly. But it was just very poor. I am sure once Linda watches it she'll cringe and think I should have left my legacy at T2. That movie is epic on so many levels this is not even a scratch. Sorry guys!

What a shame ):Reviewed bytspike911Vote: 2/10

I'm having a tough time understanding why they chose to basically rewrite the entire Terminator storyline instead making a new/separate series. I never paid much attention to people whining about too many female leads, because there have been a lot of fantastic series with female leads, my favorite being Resident Evil. However.. for maybe the first time I have to agree.Another bad idea thing that seems to be in fashion is bring back actors from previous movies in the series, which is especially bad for this flick. You ruined Sarah Conners, and why oh why did Arnold ever agree to be apart of this?Sigh.. Unfortunately I have to agree with all these bad reviews. The Terminator series has been deeply tarnished with this attempt of rewriting one of my childhood favorites.

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