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The 7th Dwarf (2014)

Der 7bte Zwerg is a movie starring Otto Waalkes, Mirco Nontschew, and Boris Aljinovic. The evil witch Dellamorta cursed princess Rose when she was a baby. Before she turns 18, Rose will get stung in the finger by a sharp object and...

IMDB: 4.61 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Adventure
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.05G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: German
  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 14 / 22

The Synopsis for The 7th Dwarf (2014) 720p

The evil witch Dellamorta cursed princess Rose when she was a baby. Before she turns 18, Rose will get stung in the finger by a sharp object and she and the whole castle will fall into a hundred year long sleep unless her true love would kiss her. The night before her birthday she sends her bf Jack to the 7 dwarfs, who live behind the 7 mountains to hide until after Rose has turned 18. Unfortunately he gets lost and captured by Dellamorta's dragon Burner. So at the party, Rose gets stung in the finger, and everyone falls into deep sleep. Everyone but the 7 dwarfs of course who will go on a journey to save Jack so he can save Rose.

The Director and Players for The 7th Dwarf (2014) 720p

[Director]Boris Aljinovic
[Director]Boris Aljinovic
[Role:]Ralf Schmitz
[Role:]Mirco Nontschew
[Role:]Otto Waalkes

The Reviews for The 7th Dwarf (2014) 720p

Very cute. I believe kids would like it.Reviewed byvoyou-703-655350Vote: 6/10

This review is about the English version.

It all started so-so, but 20 minutes later I realised I was hooked by its charm. I watched the rest in a better spirit and in a forgiving mood. There is just enough in The 7th Dwarf to soften up an old fart like me. The animation is not the best out there, but the graphic design is very cute. The songs have rather poor lyrics, but they've got enough heart and soul to make up for it. The humour, very gentle, did make me laugh at times. The pace is perfect, not rushing into the common frenzy plaguing the genre.

The high points for me are Burny the dragon, and Nina Hagen voicing the villainess. The ice monster also looks pretty cool; I wonder if it would successfully scare a child. Ah, and in the end credits, there is a section for the "Children born during this Production." I told you this film was cute.

Hysterically funnyReviewed byrannynmVote: 8/10

I really enjoyed the movie. It is hysterical. The movie is about Princess Rose (Peyton List), who has an 18th birthday celebration and accidentally pricks her finger on a needle that is held by Bobo and cursed by the evil queen, Dellamorta. The needle puts her immediately into a deep sleep. After Princess Rose falls asleep, Bobo then accidentally puts the rest of the castle into a slumber. The only way to get Princess Rose to awaken is by a "true love's kiss".

The film takes place at a castle. There is a party thrown for Princess Rose and all of her fairytale friends attend: Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Cinderella, The Seven Dwarfs and others. The main characters are the Seven Dwarfs but, they have different names than we are used to. There is Cookie, Sunny, Cloudy, Ralphy, Speedy, Tschakko and Bobo. Bobo is the clumsy one of the group. Every time his shoelaces come undone, something bad happens. Even though the evil witch, Dellamorta and her dragon, Burner are not invited to the celebration, she makes a grand appearance anyway. The dwarfs are taken on an adventure when they set out to find Jack who is the only one who can wake up princess Rose with a "true love's kiss". The dwarfs get into so many sticky situations along their journey to find Jack. Finally, they find Jack and they hurry back to see if the "true love's kiss" will save Princess Rose. You'll have to watch the movie to find out.

The Seventh Dwarf is an outstanding movie. It is full of comedy, adventure, music and dancing. The actors have great comedic timing. The actors amazed me with their singing performances. I have to commend the directors for bringing these characters to life.

My favorite part of this movie is when the dragon, Burner shows Bobo one of his favorite things he likes to do. He asks Bobo to promise not to laugh. After he shows Bobo his secret, their new friendship takes a bad turn. Soon afterwards, Bobo and the Dwarfs make Burner feel better and they end up being best friends. My favorite character is Bobo because he is always happy and is hilarious.

The message of the film is: As long as you have friends by your side, you can accomplish anything.

I rate this movie four out of five stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 18 as well as adults.

For more reviews by youth, go to kidsfirst dot org.

One of the Worst Animated Movies of All TimeReviewed bykiti22Vote: 1/10

The 7th Dwarf is a Rip-Off of Shrek

I Mean This Movie Makes Quest for Camelot, Hoodwinked, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, Mulan 2&Shrek the Third look like Masterpieces

The Characters Are Annoying, the Animation is Horrible, the Songs are Painfull to Listen and the Villainess of this Movie is so Boring and she looks like a Mix Between Poison Ivy&Elsa from Frozen

Don't See this MovieBecause it's a Disgrace to all Animated MoviesRight Next to The WildGo Watch Shrek or Something

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