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The Accused (1988)

After a young woman suffers a brutal gang rape in a bar one night, a prosecutor assists in bringing the perpetrators to justice, including the ones who encouraged and cheered on the attack.

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The Synopsis for The Accused (1988) 720p

Sarah Tobias goes to her local bar and is gang-raped by three men. The district attorney on the case is Katheryn Murphy who wants to prove that although Sarah had taken drugs that night and was acting provocatively while in the bar, this is no reason for her to be so brutally attacked and the men responsible should be brought to justice.

The Director and Players for The Accused (1988) 720p

[Director]Jonathan Kaplan
[Role:]Kelly McGillis
[Role:]Jodie Foster
[Role:]Bernie Coulson

The Reviews for The Accused (1988) 720p

Reviewed bygamesoonlyVote: /10

I was appalled by one reviewers comments on this moving stating that arape victim "got what she deserved". NO one Woman or man) deserves tobe raped, violated or harmed just because they were at the wrong place.

This movie is based on a true story, and the actors were very moving.People make mistakes, being a PERSON that may be upset and choose tobehave in a mannor not appropriately, yet when that Person chooses tostop and say NO, then No is it. No, Stop, Don't, these words do notmean, well, I ask for it. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I feel sorry forbecause they are sad, lonely and deprived of self worth.

Jodi Foster Is a great actress and put's all her strength in her roles.She is very talented and she and Kelly M. made this movie. Hopefullythe person that had to endure this horrid act, is going on, withstrenght and success.

Reviewed byMichael NeumannVote: 6/10/10

The shocking true story of a bar room gang rape is lifted from theheadlines to become, with dramatic license, a serious and troublingstudy of sexism at its worst, when the victim herself is accused of'asking for it'. Jodie Foster offers a courageous performance as thetough but vulnerable Sarah Tobias, whose behavior on the night of thecrime was certainly provocative, but as the flashback re-enactmentshows all too clearly no amount of provocation could justify such abrutal response. Up until those final scenes the film is a well-craftedbut largely conventional topical drama, with lots of predictablebonding between Foster and her conscience stricken attorney KellyMcGillis. But the attack itself, teasingly saved until the final reel,is so graphic and degrading it obliterates the memory of everythingthat happened earlier. The scene is pure exploitation, but it serves apurpose, putting audiences in the same, ugly position as the cheeringonlookers in the bar, who in many ways were even guiltier than therapists themselves.

Reviewed byalexfilesVote: /10

This movie is about more than rape. It's about societal views of rapeand the objectification of the female in a patriarchal society. Theactual courtroom drama portion is not prosecuting the rapists, but themen who cheered on and encouraged the gang rape of a woman in a publicplace. As you watch the movie, look at the image of the woman on thepinball machine; look at the friend who turned away; the boyfriend whoexpects the victim to "get over it;" the lawyer who thinks it's OK tocut a deal that removes a rape charge in order to get the rapistsbehind bars, without thought for the life of the victim afterward.Society is on trial here.

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