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The Alternate (2000) 1080p

The Alternate is a movie starring Eric Roberts, Bryan Genesse, and Ice-T. A staged kidnapping of the President of the United States becomes very real, forcing a lone hero to save the day.

IMDB: 2.81 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.81G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 95
  • IMDB Rating: 2.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 17 / 17

The Synopsis for The Alternate (2000) 1080p

The President of the United States, in the midst of negative puplic opinion, is kidnapped while attending a charity function. Initially, we discover that the kidnapping was planned by his chief of staff to boost his poll ratings as the reelection is one week away. However, one of the kidnappers decides the opportunity for gain is too strong and turns it into a real kidnapping. What he didn't expect is another member of his group to foil his plan.

The Director and Players for The Alternate (2000) 1080p

[Director]Sam Firstenberg
[Role:]Eric Roberts
[Role:]Michael Madsen
[Role:]Bryan Genesse

The Reviews for The Alternate (2000) 1080p

This is not a Jackie Chan movie, but it pretends to be oneReviewed byChuck-188Vote: 1/10

The Alternate (aka Agent of Death) appears to be a take off on a Jackie Chan film. The good martial arts actor declines to use his gun on the moral grounds that he cannot shoot American citizens. The evil martial arts actors uses their guns often, but are very bad shots. The result is a long string of martial fight scenes. In each fight, the good guy is driven from the scene and makes a miraculous return. (This is repeated with several variations). Add to the mix an inpotent SWAT team, bad dialog, and illogical events, and you have a really bad attempt to mimic a Hong Kong martial arts film.

The Alternate would probably do well in the Hong Kong market if the English sound track were dubbed out so the audience would not know how stupid the actors appeared to be. For example, in the midst of a hostage situation, the good guy gets to a telephone and contacts the commander of the SWAT team. Does he tell him how many hostage takers there are? Does he provide information about the condition of the building's security system? Does he report on the President's physical or mental condition? Does the SWAT team leader ask any of these questions? No, he says "Who are you?" and the reply is "I am the guy in the Tux". End of conversation. In none of the scenes that follow is there any further attempt at strategic communication.

good concept turned into a bad movieReviewed byjoesgrilleVote: 1/10

The original concept, the president sanctioning his own kidnapping to help his popularity, is always an intriguing one. Unfortunately, then finding out that the President didn't authorize anything and that it is the Cia and then not really the CIA and that Eric Roberts is some anti gravity, bullet dodging hero ends any

integrity the movie started out with. Find something else to watch or watch the grass grow. It will provide more entertainment.

In The Nature of Die Hard, Nature Suddenly Turns UglyReviewed bybiodgradableVote: 7/10

Any fans of unintentionally hilarious action films are in for a treat, this film was a delightful, and I mean DELIGHTFUL piece of cheese.

As I picked it from a bargain bucket there were 3 things I spotted that gave it away; Ice-T for one, the tag line "Kill the president, kill the hostages, escape. A great idea!" which isn't really much of a great idea considering it doesn't mention making it away with millions in bearer bonds, it just promotes violence which is wrong for children, and Eric Roberts' smirking face.

When I sat down to watch it within minutes I was hooked, Ice-T angrily slamming his hands on the table like a bullied 5 year-old, Eric Roberts firing a harpoon into a block of wood, and some INTENSELY bad acting.

The quality in the film only continues to decrease, inexplicable decisions from the bad guy, good guy and a concerned looking Madsen (just watch his face when 3 S.W.A.T. guys plummet from the rooftop...) do nothing to help matters, and neither do the questionable stunt men, plot line, or fight scenes.. or special effects... or dialogue.. actually come to think of it how did this even get made? I propose there is some sort of official ratings board (of which I am a member) that decides if a film should get a stamp of abject disapproval, the likes of which this film thoroughly deserves.

Things to watch out for:

Eric Roberts - Watch this man like hawk. He gets battered by a woman (nothing against women, it just makes it funnier) and his stunt double is NOT CONVINCING.

The Flamethrower Bit - Out of nowhere the main bad guy produces a flamethrower, and just when you think you might get to see Eric Roberts in flames, it produces a measly flame which reaches about 2 feet, not exactly ideal with Roberts at the other end of a 30 foot (at least) corridor.

The Dummies - Two top-class dummy sequences here, the aforementioned S.W.A.T. team receive a spray of bullets from the bad guy with moments of abseiling from a chopper and we get to see 3 very competent looking dummies, twisting and turning the air this way and that.. One appears to have a leg straight out 90 degrees from this body, possibly part of S.W.A.T. training but don't quote me on that

The second dummy sequence is the bad guy's death (not that that can count as a spoiler since it was clearly going to happen, this is the 'Nature of Die Hard' for crying out loud!). This is probably my favourite of the two. It requires THOROUGH analysis with your slow-motion button.

The bad guy falls backwards from the top-floor, but sadly we aren't with him for his whole flight. We catch up with him probably only 50 or so feet from the ground. Looking like a ventriloquist's dummy with a bad wig (even better when you've seen the guy we're supposed to believe it is), it sort of hits the ground and crumples, and for the few bittersweet moments we see the dummy on the floor it looks more like a pile of clothes and hair than anything in the rough shape of a human, bones completely broken or not.

So yeah

Apologies for anyone expecting a proper review I just felt the need GET MY FEELINGS OUT THERE, no matter how incoherent.

10 out of 10!

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