The Babysitters (2007) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Babysitters (2007) 1080p

A teenager turns her babysitting service into a call-girl service for married guys after fooling around with one of her customers.

IMDB: 5.73 Likes

  • Genre: Drama |
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 112 / 278

The Synopsis for The Babysitters (2007) 1080p

At 17, high-school junior Shirley Lyner is thinking about college and running a babysitting service that provides teen call girls to the dads of young children. In a long flashback, we see what brought her from being a babysitter to organizing and running the service. It starts with Michael, the father of children she baby-sits. A cup of coffee on the way home from his house, a night visit to a train yard, and one thing leads to another. Shirley can be ruthless, and tension builds when some of the clients take the girls to a mountain cabin and bring drugs. Then, one of the girls tries to freelance. Can this end well: is it a tragedy in the making? Do we all have secrets?

The Director and Players for The Babysitters (2007) 1080p

[Director]David Ross
[Director]Paul Borghese
[Role:]Anthony Cirillo
[Role:]Chira Cassel
[Role:]Lauren Birkell

The Reviews for The Babysitters (2007) 1080p

The money is nice, and paid fellatio isn't that much more humiliating than flipping burgers.Reviewed bylastliberalVote: 6/10

OK, there is something slightly sleazy about watching a movie featuring high school girls making money providing sex to dads.

Michael (John Leguizamo) and his wife (Cynthia Nixon) are falling into routine, and she is not interested in his hobby. His job is becoming a bore. He and the babysitter (Katherine Waterston) fall into an illicit relationship.

Soon, Shirly (Waterston) gets her friends into babysitting for $200 a pop and takes a cut.

One of the girls (Louisa Krause) wants out and things go to hell.

Waterston was really good, and I always enjoy Leguizamo in anything he does.

Great little indy filmReviewed byuncre8tvVote: 8/10

This is what I look for in independent film. Well drawn characters, competent movie making, and a pleasing ambiguity that a big studio wouldn't dare leave in, lest the audience actually decide how to feel for themselves. The guys are great - desperate, sleazy, charming, funny and sad. The girls are also portrayed fairly - scheming, sweet, sexy and innocent. Leguizamo's character is believable to me as an aging playa, chafing against middle age and lusting for Waterson's Shirley. And Shirley is the best on-screen pimp in recent memory. To be fair: things unfold a little quickly, people accept their situations a little easier than they might in real life, but this is a pretty short movie, and throwing in more angst would be overkill and overlong on screen. No one comes away clean, and no one comes away as the absolute bad guy. Moral absolutes would kill this film, and I'm glad it got made the way it did.

Entertaining, sure, but nothing out of the ordinary...Reviewed byPaul Magne HaakonsenVote: 5/10

The sole reason for why I picked up "The Babysitters" was because of John Leguizamo being in it. Having read the synopsis for the movie, and that wasn't particularly a selling point for me. So, for me, the movie was depending on John Leguizamo to carry it - and so he did.

The story in "The Babysitters" is about a young girl who babysits for a family, and whilst driving her home in the evening, the dad invites her in to a diner for something to eat. Here they come to talk and a spark is set off between them. The dad ends up having sex with the babysitter. Eventually his friend finds out and wants in on the deal, and the babysitter bring in her friends to help servicing these adult men who have wives and kids. And business is good for the 'babysitters'.

Storywise, then "The Babysitters" doesn't really blow you away - pardon the pun. The story is good enough in itself, although it does deal with a taboo subject, so the movie may not be suitable for just anyone.

What made the movie watchable was the acting in the movie, because people really did great jobs with their given roles and characters. And also the characters in the movie were really fleshed out nicely and in great detail.

"The Babysitters" is a story- and character-driven movie, so don't expect the movie to get up into a fast pace at any given moment.

If you enjoy dramas that deal with issues that are not common day events - controversial events you might say - then "The Babysitters" might be just the right movie for you.

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