The Beast Must Die (1974) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Beast Must Die (1974) 1080p

Eight people have been invited to an island estate for the weekend. One of them is a werewolf. Can you guess which one?

IMDB: 5.82 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Mystery
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 4

The Synopsis for The Beast Must Die (1974) 1080p

Tom Newcliffe, a rich businessman and expert hunter summons six guests to his huge country estate which he has rigged up with video cameras and a high-tech security system. He tells them and his surprised wife that they are all to stay over a weekend and that all of them will be kept on the estate during that weekend. For each guest, dead bodies have followed in their wake and the way that the dead have been murdered means that one of the guest is a werewolf and Tom has summoned his guests here to discover who it is and to hunt it down... The film has a clip at the beginning asking people in the audience to try to identify the werewolf and near the end there is a 30-second "Werewolf Break" for the audience to think over the evidence...

The Director and Players for The Beast Must Die (1974) 1080p

[Director]Paul Annett
[Role:]Marlene Clark
[Role:]Calvin Lockhart
[Role:]Peter Cushing

The Reviews for The Beast Must Die (1974) 1080p

Good film about werewolves produced by Amicus and as secondary the great Peter CushingReviewed byma-cortesVote: 6/10

The film concerns on Tom Newcliff (Calvin Lockhart) , a wealthy businessman , great hunter and sportsman living with his wife (M.Clark) and his foreman (Anton Driffing) at a luxurious mansion . He has pursued and hunted all kind species with exception a werewolf . Thus , he invites a group of six men (Peter Cushing , Charles Gray , Michael Gambon..) and women related with weird killings about the eating of human flesh and nobody can leave the location . One of the occupants turns into werewolf at the full moon and stricken a rare pollen flower . Then , he undergoes a dental and hirsute transformation at night and going on a murderous rampage every time the moon is full . Tom investigates the guest who converts in night beast and trying to chase him , increasing his enormous collection at his isolated lodge .

The movie is a detective story in which you are the detective . The question is not ¨who is the murder¨? but ¨Who is the werewolf¨? . After all the clues have been shown we will get a chance to give your answer . The picture is a crossover of Blaxexploitation's protagonists , Agatha Christie whodunit (Ten little Indians) , horror mythic about werewolves and even gimmicks -William Castle type- on its intervening period when give to public some seconds for resolving the strange enigma . The transformation of man into werewolf is simple without special effects . Calvin Lockhart as obstinate and relentless hunter is top-notch ; besides , being surrounded by a highly capable secondary cast . Special mention for Peter Cushing ,as always he is excellent as specialist of knowledge on Lycanthropy . The screenwriter provided a very serviceable and well-knit screenplay with suspense and tension , giving full rein to director Paul Annett's natural talent .

Nice formula?but it ignores the ?horror' a bitReviewed byCoventryVote: 5/10

Amicus was a neat little production company that specialized itself in creating extremely enjoyable omnibus horror films. Especially in the early seventies, they satisfied a large thrill-seeking audience with terror-anthologies like `Asylum', `The Vault of Horror', From Beyond the Grave' and even the original `Tales from the Crypt' Also, you have to admit that they constantly tried to be imaginative and innovating?and The Beast Must Die is the perfect example to state this. It presents a rather original and new format that involves the viewer. At the beginning and near the end, this film specifically requests the public to join a search. Pretty clever, since this is only a simple method but it does demand the viewer's immediate attention! The particular search is a werewolf-hunt! Six persons ? four males and two females ? spend the weekend at a huge ranch. The moon is full, all the necessary scenery is present and at the end of the weekend, the werewolf has to be exposed! Personally, I rather enjoyed this formula?it's a nice change and very entertaining nonetheless. Unfortunately, The Beast Must Die lacks a bit of professionalism to be listed among the better horror titles. It's all pretty cheap and especially the make-up and creature effects disappoint. The werewolf isn't the least bit impressive and there are too few shock-sequences to make the film memorable. Actually, aside from the werewolf theme and the presence of horror-regular Cushing, The Beast Must Die has very little to do with horror! It merely is action/adventure with just a tint of mystery and horror. Regarding the cast, it is veteran Peter Cushing who impresses the most as the specialist-professor in the field of ?Lycanthropes'. The rest of the cast is rather unknown with the exception of Anton Diffring, here in a delightful little role. If you like classic horror and you're not familiar with Anton Diffring, I advise you to run out to the nearest videostore and rent `Circus of Horrors'.

Great, Escapism At Its Entertaining BestReviewed byseantheslugVote: 10/10

I have never understood the generally bad notices harvested by this terrific movie. From the opening titles and groovy seventies music to the closing credits it is a roller-coaster of fine plot and fantastic acting. The limits in the films budget are not obvious and totally irrelevant as the acting is top notch and the suspense relentless. Calvin Lockhart is perfect as the wealthy ranch owner, but the ensemble cast, the inimitable Peter Cushing, Charles Gray, Anton Diffring,and even Tom Chadbon and Michael Gambon chip in nicely, the ladies are appealing too! Made by the Amicus film stable, it is one of my favourites of theirs and I would heartily recommend it to any fan of British horror movies. Enjoy !!

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