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The Big Sleep (1946)

The Big Sleep is a movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and John Ridgely. Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a rich family. Before the complex case is over, he's seen murder, blackmail, and what might be love.

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  • Genre: Crime | Film-Noir
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  • Run Time: 116
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 
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The Synopsis for The Big Sleep (1946) 720p

The Big Sleep is the story of private investigator Philip Marlowe, who is hired by a wealthy general to find out and stop his youngest daughter Carmen from being blackmailed about her gambling debts. Almost immediately, Marlowe finds himself deep within a web of love triangles, blackmail, murder, gambling, and organized crime. With the help of the General's eldest daughter Vivian, Marlowe skillfully plots to free the family from this web and trap Eddie, the main man behind much of this mischief, to meet his end at the hands of his own henchmen.

The Director and Players for The Big Sleep (1946) 720p

[Director]Howard Hawks
[Role:]Lauren Bacall
[Role:]Humphrey Bogart
[Role:]John Ridgely
[Role:]Martha Vickers

The Reviews for The Big Sleep (1946) 720p

Romance and thriller with Bogart and BacallReviewed byPetey-10Vote: 9/10

Private detective Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) is hired by General Sternwood (Charles Waldron) to keep an eye on his youngest daughter Carmen (Martha Vickers) who has fallen into bad company.She has also got a mysterious and attractive sister called Vivian (Lauren Bacall).Soon there is some romance in the air and his life in danger.Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep (1946) does a fine job combining thriller with romantic feelings.The film is based on Raymond Chandler's novel from 1939).Humphrey Bogart does his detective role once again with style.He and Lauren Bacall had married each other the previous year.You can sense that in the amount of chemistry they share in their mutual scenes.Take them in the car for instance.They certainly were made for each other.John Ridgely plays Eddie Mars in the movie and he does a very nice job.And so does Peggy Knudsen as Mona Mars.Dorothy Malone is very pretty as Acme Bookstore proprietress.I enjoyed the scene between her and Bogie in the bookstore.Elisha Cook Jr. I remember from The Maltese Falcon and he does terrific job also here as Harry Jones.This really is a fine movie, a film-noir classic.Anybody who decides not to watch it because it's too old...It's your loss

Get the region 1 DVD!!!!Reviewed byTheBogieFanVote: 7/10

The theatrical cut is a classic but the original pre-release cut on the flipside of the DVD is well worth watching. If you've ever wondered what on earth is going on in the plot this recently recovered version may help clarify things. As usual you don't get it on the region 2 (European) release so this is another region 1 (US/Canada) DVD worth importing if you live in the UK. I'm not reviewing the film itself as there are plenty of reviews of the film here, suffice to say it's great and well deserves its status as a true classic of the film noir genre.

Classic Bogart-Bacall melodrama from Raymond Chandler novel...Reviewed byDoylenfVote: 7/10

I take exception to something that previous commentator David R. Baker of Missouri makes in reference to film music. He states: "The 1940s was not a great era for film music which makes Max Steiner's brooding score even more impressive." HE'S GOT TO BE KIDDING! Did he ever hear of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman, Miklos Rozsa and Aaron Copland, all of whom did their best work in the 1940s? And Max Steiner himself was responsible for such outstanding scores as those for 'Casablanca', 'Now, Voyager', 'Johnny Belinda' and 'The Letter'. The others had a hand in 'The Song of Bernadette', 'The Sea Hawk', 'Citizen Kane', 'The Heiress', 'The Lost Weekend' and 'Spellbound', among many others. In fact, the 1940s is often referred to as The Golden Age of Film Composers. And another mistake, Bogey is Philip Marlowe--not Christopher Marlowe.

As for 'The Big Sleep', I agree, Max Steiner's score was an important ingredient. So are the quirky characters, including actresses Dorothy Malone (as an oversexed bookstore owner who seduces Bogey on a rainy day afternoon) and Martha Vickers as the thumb-sucking sister of Bacall, a nymphomaniac, whom Marlowe refers to as having tried to sit on his lap while he was standing up--just one of the punchy lines in the witty script. Confusion abounds everywhere in the plot that's as full of holes as swiss cheese--but who cares? It's all done in mock-serious style with the usual Warner Bros. finesse in black and white cinematography. Only jarring note is the script's insistence that every female in the cast sees Bogey as a sex symbol--something even Bogart would have found amusing since he never considered himself that much of a looker. He makes Philip Marlowe a believable enough character and the part fits him like a glove. After the preview, the studio added additional Bogart-Bacall scenes of hanky panky to give the film an added zing. It works!

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