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The Broken Shore (2013)

The Broken Shore is a TV movie starring Don Hany, Claudia Karvan, and Anthony Hayes. An evocative crime thriller that captures the chilling action and sharp wit of Peter Temple's acclaimed novel The Broken Shore. In this gripping...

IMDB: 6.61 Likes

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The Synopsis for The Broken Shore (2013) 720p

An evocative crime thriller that captures the chilling action and sharp wit of Peter Temple's acclaimed novel The Broken Shore. In this gripping adaptation, Detective Joe Cashin uncovers a web of lies, betrayal and police corruption in a small coastal town where tensions are at boiling point and the shocking face behind the community's respectable mask is slowly unveiled.

The Director and Players for The Broken Shore (2013) 720p

[Director]Rowan Woods
[Role:]Anthony Hayes
[Role:]Claudia Karvan
[Role:]Don Hany
[Role:]Erik Thomson

The Reviews for The Broken Shore (2013) 720p

For Christ's sake, Australia, stop making this crap!!Reviewed byhoytyhoytyVote: 1/10

And here we go again. A completely over-baked, slow production from an over-baked, slow book.

A lead character we are supposed to sympathise with, as he plods around oppressing people's rights and basically being a useless jerk-off.

Side characters we are utterly unable to care about.

A completely inaccurately portrayed police force, with logic-holes all over the place.

Dreadful, idiotic flashbacks.

And then a dreadful, idiotic main arc.

Stop it! Just STOP it! Make something good for once!




The Paint has dried...Reviewed bymformoviesandmoreVote: 5/10

... although I didn't see it happen as I was distracted by watching (much of) this telemovie.

This was a competently created but by-the-numbers sort of show.

We have our hero for is an anti-hero, damaged goods, but well meaning. Not liked by the 'bad guys' in the police force but respected by his old boss.

And so on it goes. I assume a whyteboard session was used to created the original story and all of the boxes ticked to created a formula story.

Now, I should note that I am not a woman and I got the feeling that the target audience for this is more 'sheila' than 'bloke'.

Some have suggested that this set of characters be turned in to a series. It doesn't worry me. I wouldn't watch them.

BrilliantReviewed bycatflyVote: 10/10

This movie to my mind is just perfectly made.. a couple of stilted actors in bit parts but that is such a small issue. Its easy to fall into this film and never want to leave. The characters are great, well formed, the dialogue is sparse and interesting, the filming is top notch - to me its the best look i've seen in any modern TV from Asutralia. I really hope to see more like this. There's undercurrents both metaphorical and literal. There's the everyday but interesting police business. There's bad and good cops. There's old and new crimes, histories in each character. This film has it all. There's the odd cliche but it flies past and the chunks are joined expertly. Its a bit of a shame this was made for TV, cos I imagine it won't be eligible for the awards it should get.

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