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The Carrier (1988)

The Carrier is a movie starring Gregory Fortescue, Stevie Lee, and Steve Dixon. The main character is stricken with a horrible disease, but it doesn't affect him. It spreads to every inamimate object that he touches, and then if...

IMDB: 5.80 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Horror
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 99
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 2

The Synopsis for The Carrier (1988) 720p

The main character is stricken with a horrible disease, but it doesn't affect him. It spreads to every inamimate object that he touches, and then if another person touches the object, they are dissolved into it. No one knows that Jake is the carrier except him. This brings about the "red objects" that specify every object that he has touched, as discovered by the community with cats. They use cats to test inanimate objects for the disease. And they cover themselves in garbage bags to protect themselves.

The Director and Players for The Carrier (1988) 720p

[Director]Nathan J. White
[Role:]Paul Silverman
[Role:]Steve Dixon
[Role:]Stevie Lee
[Role:]Gregory Fortescue

The Reviews for The Carrier (1988) 720p

Bring Me Cats!Reviewed byTheExpatriate700Vote: 4/10

The Carrier has an interesting premise but suffers from bad dialogue and imagery that at times borders on the narmish. After a young man is attacked by a strange beast in the woods, he is contaminated with a bizarre illness. Anyone who touches something he has touched dissolves into smoke.

For a low budget film, this has some very interesting ideas. It paints a compelling portrait of a town tearing itself apart and gives interesting consideration to religion as a divisive force. However, these ideas need further development and are overwhelmed by the film's flaws.

The dialogue is terrible to the point of unintentional comedy. This starts from the beginning of the film, but enters the genuinely absurd when the outbreak begins. At one point, a supporting character yells "Bring me cats!" in order to test for the disease. Furthermore, as people dress up in plastic bags to protect themselves, the overall effect is comic.

This film is worth a rent or YouTube watch, but wastes a lot of potential.

Pretty funny.Reviewed byHumanoidOfFleshVote: 7/10

The peaceful population of the town of Sleepy Rock turns slowly into a hysterical,anarchistic and violent mob when a mysterious disease begins spreading through town.Jake Spear(Gregory Fortescue)is attacked by a huge dark 'thing'.Without knowing it,this makes Jake into the carrier of the mysterious disease."The Carrier" is pretty bad.It lacks scares and gore and has incredibly cheesy synthesizer score.Still the film is funny enough to make horror fans smile.5 out of 10.

"Bring me cats"Reviewed bymerklekranzVote: 7/10

"It's cats or death." This is so ridiculous it's really a horrendous excuse for entertainment. I'll give you it's low budget, with dozens of no futures actors, and there is a touch of originality. But let's get real, for the better part of the movie everyone is running around in trash bags, half the time you can't understand their dialog because they are speaking through plastic. Then there is the cat angle, which is so ridiculous, using cats to to test objects for contamination. Unfortunately the best lines refer to collecting cats like they were currency. I will keep this DVD as a gold standard of bad, and believe me it will have few challengers. " Sharks in Venice" is like "Citizen Kane" compared to this. "The Carrier" might have been tolerable as a "Twilight Zone" half hour episode, but nothing more. - MERK

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