The Dark Side of The Moon (1990) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Dark Side of The Moon (1990) 1080p

The Dark Side of the Moon is a movie starring Robert Sampson, Will Bledsoe, and Joe Turkel. In 2022, a repair crew is sent to fix an orbital weapon but their spaceship malfunctions and ends up heading towards the dark side of the...

IMDB: 5.13 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.74G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 57 / 45

The Synopsis for The Dark Side of The Moon (1990) 1080p

It is the year 2022. A mysterious systems failure causes the crew of a spaceship to be stranded on the dark side of the moon, while rapidly running out of fuel and oxygen. They are surprised to discover a NASA space shuttle floating in space, and board it in the hope of salvaging some supplies. One by one, the crew is possessed and killed, and it is up to Paxton Warner to find the links between the dark side of the moon, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Devil himself.

The Director and Players for The Dark Side of The Moon (1990) 1080p

[Director]D.J. Webster
[Role:]Camilla More
[Role:]Joe Turkel
[Role:]Will Bledsoe
[Role:]Robert Sampson

The Reviews for The Dark Side of The Moon (1990) 1080p

Great movieReviewed bystarwalker464Vote: 8/10

I haven't seen this movie in about 18 yrs. What i remember, great plot, been trying for years to locate this on DVD or VHS , no luck, does anyone have an idea where i can get it? Very scary, terrifying/thriller. Hint, has to do with evil. When the ship goes to the dark side of the moon all hell breaks out loose. If you like space movies, see it or horror movies. Well if you can find this one that is, good luck in finding. Not many well known actors well except Joe Turkel whom was on Blade Runner. The actors on it did a fine job. Rate it up there with Supernova and space epic movies like the newer Serenity, keep in mind this movie came out in 1990. Im sure it holds up well to this age and time. If anyone knows where i can find this please post a comment. Thanks

An excellent roleplay in a paranormal universeReviewed byhammer-manVote: 10/10

This is the most excellent B-movie I have ever seen ! - It's not an alien-rip, because it's not about aliens. It's got a unik plot, and the actors play very good in this low-cost movie. The characters in the movie gets played-out on each other, and their confidence in each other on the team gets tested to the limit. As the movie goes on, the less they trust in each other, and want to blame everyone, but themselfs for what is happening aboard on an alien spacecraft. They all have some great lines in the movie, and I think this will only appear to you, if you see the movie over and over again. I have seen this movie at least 4 times now, and I still love the story behind it all.

The Devil in Space.Reviewed byDigitalRevenantX7Vote: 4/10

PLOT OUTLINE: The year is 2022. While on a mission to repair nuclear-armed spy satellites in Earth orbit, the spaceship Spacecore 1 suffers inexplicable power failure. As it drifts towards the Moon, the crew realize that they have only 24 hours air & heat left. But the real nightmare starts when an old space shuttle mysteriously docks with them, bringing onboard a parasite that is revealed to be the Devil.

Call it what you like, but the one thing you can't accuse The Dark Side of the Moon of is not sticking close to its source material (in this case the landmark sci-fi / horror classic ALIEN). The cast is kept to seven actors, two of them are women as well as one of them being an android (although the android's identity is not a secret). The only difference is that we get not one but two large spaceships for the action to take place in.

On a technical aspect, The Dark Side of the Moon is quite good. The actors take their roles seriously & deliver their performances with a passable competence. Three of the cast are also veterans of the genre, with Joe Turkel coming from BLADE RUNNER, Robert Sampson from RE-ANIMATOR & Camilla More from Friday THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER. Director D. J. Webster keep things going at a modest pace while attempting to generate as much atmosphere as he can on a low budget (mainly by having the lighting kept to a minimum, which makes watching the VHS tape a real headache since the picture is so dark that only a completely dark room will allow you to see what the hell is going on). Not to mention a score that fits the film well, made by Mark Ryder & Phil Davies (who made the classic TRANCERS score). The only problems I had with the film were the interior shots of the shuttle, which are way bigger than what it should be.

If the technical aspects are good, then what drags the film down to the B-movie gutter is the script. It tries to blend religion with science fiction, something that almost never works, with some bizarre ideas about the Bermuda Triangle being a plot by the Devil to beef up his soul collection; Ol' Scratch being a parasite that hides inside people's bodies (a real half-cocked concept stolen from THE HIDDEN); much nonsense about the significance of 666. It is not hard to imagine that the ideas on paper have some merit, but on film it only proves to be routine B-film fodder that doesn't rise above the sea of similar films that came out during that decade.

You know what's the scary part? Eight years later, the concept was resurrected as EVENT HORIZON by RESIDENT EVIL director Paul W. S. Anderson.

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