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The Dead Don't Die (2019)

The Dead Don't Die is a movie starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Tom Waits. The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves.

IMDB: 5.92 Likes

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The Synopsis for The Dead Don't Die (2019) 720p

The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves.

The Director and Players for The Dead Don't Die (2019) 720p

[Director]Jim Jarmusch
[Role:]Bill Murray
[Role:]Tom Waits
[Role:]Chloe Sevigny
[Role:]Adam Driver

The Reviews for The Dead Don't Die (2019) 720p

just awfulReviewed bysomerville2003Vote: 2/10

I think this was meant to be a bad movie, which it tried it's hardest to be. There is the occasional deadpan comedy 'funny' moment, but not for the bloody entire movie to try deadpan all throughout.Easily one of the worst zomcoms I have ever seen.

Adam Driver - the new King of deadpan comedy!!!Reviewed byBrad_GVote: 10/10

Okay, going into Dead don't die (which is already out in Paris) after reading the mixed reviews from critics, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But, hey, give me a Murray movie any day and I'll gladly watch it. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this quiet, laid back movie - too laid back even for a zombie themed horror-comedy. Yet, totally in sync with Jarmusch's signature style casualness, this movie actually entertains you through and through. Zombies running amok in a small town, signalling impending zombie apocalypse - "yeah, heard that" you might say - but here's the deal, the casual style with which Jarmusch approaches this, with a movie that "doesn't take itself seriously" yet with an underlying "irony within it all" is what made this casual romp surprisingly entertaining for me. The ending may feel a bit pointless, yet I believe that's exactly the affect Jarmusch was going for with this movie. I went in as a Murray fan, came away as Driver fan! Among several, if there is one reason you should see this movie, is do it, just to experience and realise about Adam Driver's wide range of comedy chops. I mean I already knew this guy is the most versatile and talented actor on the planet today, having watched and enjoyed his outstanding performances in Logan Lucky, Starwars and the latest BlackkKlansman. Yet this movie cemented for me why Driver should also do more comedy movies. Most of us will remember his unforgettably hilarious SNL skit ''career day' as the oil baron Parnassus (which I believe deserves an Emmy of its own). Well, contrast that with the spot-on deadpan, laid back tone of his comedic display in this movie as the nerdy cop Ronnie Peterson and you will realise this guy has got leviathan range even in his comedy skills spanning beyond into another galaxy. His brilliant comedic delivery helps keep this movie ticking. Teaming Driver with Murray (known as the king of deadpan comedy) was a stroke of genius casting by Jarmusch. And with the ever-entertaining Tilda in the mix (Tilda is Tilda!) you have a fun matinee romp with this movie. To sum up my experience, I loved and enjoyed this movie immensely. I left the movie thinking about the Driver/Murray duo, as to who emerged the winner of the trophy for delivering the best deadpan comedy? For me Driver won out. I love Murray (as a longtime fan) but the way Driver injects nerdy absurdity in his brilliant laconic delivery nailed his performance, which for me is the highlight of this movie. This was followed by Tilda's charged delivery as a samurai wielding mortician. I can certainly say that Driver inherits the title as the new king of deadpan comedy. This movie is worth it, even just to watch the hulking form of Driver cramming into a convertible smart car, plus the way he says "ghouls" among a repertoire of other words and phrases, which sound cool and iconic just for the way he delivers them. "Ghouls" is the new "Cauliflower"! I loved this silly laid-back fun movie, which despite leaving you wondering what's the point of it all, so zombie apocalypse is here, the movie simply shrugs and says yeah. Yet, the relaxed tone belies a meta deep enough to subliminally stimulate you to ponder upon the underlying commentary on the state of our current society as unravelled through the nuggets laid out throughout the movie with an unmistakable comedic poignancy. I definitely recommend this movie as a "must see". A full ten stars from me!

Jarmusch's Zombie flick is dead on arrivalReviewed byspriggs-leeVote: 6/10

First off I gave this movie 6/10 because the cast is great, as is the overall production value. The movie also has a plot that begins and ends (something a shocking number of movies don't have). That alone warrants 6/10 in my book.

After Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) and Paterson (2016), both films I absolutely LOVE, Jarmusch seems to want to move in a less philosophical and goofier direction. Both those films are quiet, thought-provoking, and uneventful but not in a bad way.

The Dead Don't Die feels like Jarmusch trying to make an event film, as well as a statement on American sociopolitical culture today, on Hollywood today, as well as pay homage to classic zombie films. With so many characters and so much disconnect between them, as well as so little attention given to the themes, the film ultimately is... a mess. There is a meta framing device that doesn't really work too.

In trying to touch on all these things and their great complexities, Jarmusch winds up effectively analyzing none of them. Themes are lightly addressed before quickly being swept away and replaced with something else. Same could be said for the characters and subplots. There is fun to be had if you enjoy weird and offbeat movies, but this is sadly a weak outing for Jarmusch. I'd much sooner recommend other zombie comedies such as Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, and Return of the Living Dead before this one.

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