The Docks of New York (1928) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Docks of New York (1928) 1080p

The Docks of New York is a movie starring George Bancroft, Betty Compson, and Olga Baclanova. A blue-collar worker on New York's depressed waterfront finds his life changed after he saves a woman attempting suicide.

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The Synopsis for The Docks of New York (1928) 1080p

Bill Roberts works as a stoker on a coal-red barge. It's dirty, hard work and the men have to put up with a foreman, Andy, who seems to enjoy making their life miserable. When finally off the ship, Bill sees a young woman struggling in the water - apparently trying to commit suicide. He takes her to the Sandbar saloon, the sailors' hangout. The girl is Mae and Bill takes a shine to her but so does Andy. One thing leads to another and Bill asks her to marry him then and there. They don't have a marriage ;licence however and despite Bill promising to get one first thing the morning he decides to leave her behind. When she gets into trouble however, Bill steps in.

The Director and Players for The Docks of New York (1928) 1080p

[Director]Josef von Sternberg
[Role:]Clyde Cook
[Role:]Betty Compson
[Role:]Olga Baclanova
[Role:]George Bancroft

The Reviews for The Docks of New York (1928) 1080p

A bit hard to follow.Reviewed byalltimefauxVote: 7/10

The movie starts out with a ton of long shots and very dim lighting which made the stokers faces difficult to see when they were on the boat. The majority of the film takes place within a lively bar near the waterfront -- tracking shots were used to establish these scenes. It was difficult for me to follow what was going on. This may be a personal fault as I am not accustomed to silent films. What I did get a handle on was that the men were unable to keep their hands to themselves; I understand that it was a different time it was just highly uncomfortable to repeatedly see that type of interaction. Overall, it was an enjoyable movie with some dramatic scenes. They could have been shown a little better.

Impressive actingReviewed byIgenlode WordsmithVote: 7/10

For me, this comes a close second to "Underworld" in Sternberg's films: the twists and turns of the melodramatic plot become ultimately a little too much for me to swallow (a twist too far?), and I found some of the camera devices simply distracting, but even so the film is more or less won by virtue of the impressive acting from all concerned. Betty Compson (who was soon to receive a well-deserved Oscar nomination for her role in the part-talkie "The Barker") stands out as the fragile, cynical girl who has "had too many good times" already but allows herself to believe in the possibility of redemption; Baclanova is memorable as the petty officer's deserted wife, while George Bancroft is a cheerful, callous but not unkindly Colossus of a stoker. The weary, sensitive features of Gustav von Seyffertitz, in a small role as the threadbare Bible-basher who ministers to this godless 'flock', also make a strong impression. The film is almost all atmosphere, but it is atmosphere well-done.

A masterpieceReviewed bymik-19Vote: 9/10

Of course, no waterfront in the world was ever as deliciously seedy as set designer Hans Dreier's in this amazingly atmospheric and evocative masterpiece of late silent cinema. The story is rather tawdry, cheapish even, but plots are very rarely the point of a movie anyway, and Josef von Sternberg has made the perfect film out of next to nothing.

'The Docks of New York' is about a rough and ready stoker, Bill (George Bancroft), on leave for the night. He goes to the Sandbar and gets into a brawl with Hymn-Book Harry (the ever sleazy Gustav von Seyffertitz), and on the way back saves a young girl, Mae the tough kookie (Betty Compson) from drowning herself. Slowly they sorta kinda fall in love and he marries her on the spur of the moment, but what will they do the next morning when Bill is supposed to sail off again? The most astonishing thing about 'The Docks of New York' is its subtlety. We have no heroes or simplified villains here, just people who have had a hard time all their lives and are reluctant to be redeemed. The concept of love in this sneering, loud-mouthed environment is completely alien. "I hope you have better luck than me", says Olga Baclanova's character to Mae on her way to the slammer, "but I doubt it". It is Baclanova who says on the subject of decency that she was decent "before I got married".

It goes without saying that the film is acted as naturalistically as anything we see today, that Compson & Bancroft absolutely shine as the unlikely lovers, grittily played and with no sentimentality. The lighting is superb, photography stupendous, direction acute, and the edition you are most likely to see looks fabulous.

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