The Duellists (1977) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Duellists (1977) 1080p

A duel between two feuding Napoleonic officers eventually evolves into a decades-long series of duels, after each bout - for various reasons - ends unresolved.

IMDB: 7.54 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | War
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 105
  • IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 
  • MPR: PG
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 1

The Synopsis for The Duellists (1977) 1080p

Set during the grand, sweeping Napoleonic age, an officer in the French army insults another officer and sets off a life-long enmity. The two officers, D'Hubert and Feraud, cross swords time and time again in an attempt to achieve justice and preserve their honor.

The Director and Players for The Duellists (1977) 1080p

[Director]Ridley Scott
[Role:]Keith Carradine
[Role:]Harvey Keitel
[Role:]Albert Finney

The Reviews for The Duellists (1977) 1080p

Not Great ScottReviewed byaxsmashcrushallthreeVote: 5/10

This is Ridley Scott's first film, based upon a particularly interesting Joseph Conrad story of two career soldiers who maintain a long feud over a singular incident.

Scott's dynamic media style is already more than in abundance here - striking widescreen shots, sumptuous overall cinematography, brilliant art direction, evocative score, and meticulous costume design make for a strong viewing experience.

However, this isn't anywhere close to Scott's classic films, and it's not just that Scott was getting his feet wet. In general, Ridley Scott is not a director who does much with character studies in isolation - his main characters are borne from the fruit of their dilemmas. This lends the expectation that the plot and associated physical action carry the weight of the story to create these dilemmas. This is the general thrust of most successful Scott efforts, including "Alien", "Blade Runner", and "Gladiator".

However, in "The Duellists", the dilemmas in the original story are reduced to basically a series of confrontations within differing physical environments. Since not much is happening within the story, the burden of proof, so to say, is thrown back on the characters to carry the film.

That doesn't happen here. Carradine and Keitel, both reasonably competent actors in certain mediums, are miscast, as is Diana Quick. The two male leads try hard, but Carradine lacks the physicality for the Jean Valjean-type main character and Keitel, while energetic enough, doesn't communicate enough sense of protocol to convince us that he is anything but a simpleton of a boor. In Keitel's favor, his last scene is definitely right on, but it's a bit late in the game. I found Keitel's muted Brooklyn accent to be unintentionally funny in some scenes.

The dueling scenes are surprisingly disappointing, particularly because one assumes that these career military dragoons are very skilled swordsman. The power and technical skill of the scenes pales in comparison to films such as "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "The Prisoner of Zenda", "Cyrano De Bergerac" (both versions), and "The Scarlet Pimpernel" with its brief sequences.

It's nice to see Meg Wynn-Owen from "Upstairs, Downstairs" in an extended bit. Overall, this is 5 out of 10, mainly of interest as a part of Scott's catalog and his signature stylistics.

Cult Movies 44Reviewed byCarlos XavierVote: 7/10

44. THE DUELLISTS (drama, 1977) The time is France, 1800. During the Napoleonic Wars Lt. Feraud (Harvey Keitel) wounds a man after a duel. His superior dispatches Lt. D'Hubert (Keith Carradine) with a message that he's to be brought under house arrest, since the wounded man is cousin to a Major. Feraud takes offense at D'Hubert's "insult", and seeks his satisfaction in a duel. Feraud is furthered angered when he loses and wants a rematch. Disrupted by war, their own attrition spans 15 years becoming increasingly more personal and savage. The two are destined to meet in a final duel.

Critique: Ridley Scott's impressive directorial debut deals with the themes of honor, obsession and violence. However, more importantly, is the message that wars (be it personal or political) are ultimately futile and without merit. As the 2 'duel' they forget who is the aggressor and victim, the voice of reason or right. Battle lines and tactics are forsaken for the ultimate personal satisfaction, death.

Scott's direction is very good throughout; keeping us interested in the characters' resolution. The film's highlight involves the duels, which are meticulously staged and choreographed. Taking place in open, closed, wet, dry spaces, Scott has skill in creating a tense setting.

Production design is also superb. Street scenes and every day life are realistically captured. The excellent cast headed by Harvey Keitel is a standout as the 'bully', counterpointing Carradine's honorable constraint.

Based on Joseph Conrad's "The Duelists", the film won many awards including 'Best Debut Film' at the 1977 Cannes film festival. More importantly it launched the career of one of the most prominent filmmakers in cinema.

QUOTE: D'Hubert: "You have kept me at your beg and call for 15 years. I shall never do what you demand of me. I shall simply declare you dead."

An oil painting comes aliveReviewed byravn-3Vote: 10/10

Ridley Scott has this thing about light. As with so many directors, his style is defined by his use of lighting, both natural and artificial. Even so, Scott's style revolves uniquely around the use of light.

Every single frame in this wonderful movie may be viewed separately as a work of art. It is as if every frame were a discrete oil painting. The material qualities of the light dominate - now soft and sensuous, now harsh and intrusive, but always significant to a degree not seen in other films.

Scott is one of the great visual artists of the film medium, and this particular work is his finest display of the depth and compass of his skills. I really can't recommend it highly enough - except to say that, ever since I first saw it, years ago, it has been my favourite, surpassing all others.

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