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The Edge of the World (1937)

The Edge of the World is a movie starring Niall MacGinnis, Belle Chrystall, and John Laurie. A way of life is dying on an Outer Hebridean island fishing port, but some of the inhabitants resist evacuating to the mainland.

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  • Genre: Drama | History
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 75
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 
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The Synopsis for The Edge of the World (1937) 720p

A trio wanders the cliffs of an Outer Hebridean island and encounters a gravestone at the edge of a precipice; it reads, "Peter Manson ... gone over." One man in the trio knows the story of the gravestone and tells it to the others... It is ten years earlier, and the way of life on the island is dying; steam trawlers from the mainland threaten its survival as a fishing port. Peter Manson, one of the community's leaders, resists evacuating to the mainland, though his son Robbie is about to leave the island himself. Meanwhile, Robbie's twin sister plans to marry his best friend, Andrew Gray. Andrew and Robbie argue over evacuation and decide to settle the matter by racing to the top of a cliff. Ruth is terrified: she may lose them both. The race ends in tragedy, which tears apart the families of Manson and Gray. Times passes and Ruth reveals she is pregnant with an illegitimate child. This promises to bring the two families back together, but not before desperation hits the islanders. ...

The Director and Players for The Edge of the World (1937) 720p

[Director]Michael Powell
[Role:]Eric Berry
[Role:]Belle Chrystall
[Role:]Niall MacGinnis
[Role:]John Laurie

The Reviews for The Edge of the World (1937) 720p

Stunning visualsReviewed bynnnn45089191Vote: 8/10

This early effort by director Michael Powell is simply a stunning visual treat. Shot on location on one of the British isles,the visuals are both dramatic and beautiful.What amazed me was how different this movie was from others I've seen from the same period.It seemed so modern in the way of storytelling. The basic story of the film is quite predictable but the actors commitment heightens the drama's impact. John Laurie is the standout in the cast.But what lingers is the powerful depiction of the harsh life on these isles,constantly battling nature's forces.This movie is a cherished record of a way of life that now has almost completely disappeared. To fans of Michael Powell this is a must-see, and I recommend this amazing film to everybody.

For Powell Completists and Scotland-philes (Scotophiles?) OnlyReviewed bybobwestal-2Vote: 5/10

This film kicked off the Powell-Pressberger retrospective currently underway here in Los Angeles and, this film may be a very personal film for the great Michael Powell -- one that he would revisit in the 1970s -- but it nevertheless strikes me as for the most part the sort of crashing bore of a type familiar to those of us who see occasionally suffer through a certain type of overly earnest, deeply heartfelt yet dramatically inert contemporary independent film.

Marred by uneven acting and a non-story -- a major character, the only source of real conflict -- is killed early on, and with only an occasional flash of Powell's trademark humor but plenty of his sometimes overwrought emotionalism, "The Edge of the World" boasts a lot of amazing visuals -- though many of the shots don't really cut together in what appears to have been a arduous production process.

Still, if you love Michael Powell (and you definitely should), there'll be no stopping you from taking a look at this.

Perhaps it's a Scottish thing and I just wouldn't understand. Still, next time, I'll take "Local Hero."

Ultima ThuleReviewed byuroskinVote: 9/10

If I had to name one of my favourite film directors, a few always come to mind, and they always include Michael Powell. He has made some of the (for me) most fascinating, thrilling, strange, intriguing and often exhilarating movies ever. He has made about 60 films in about 40 years and plenty of them would easily fit into my all time favourite top-10 films: The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Peeping Tom, Gone To Earth, A Canterbury Tale, 49th Parallel, One of Our Aircraft is Missing, A Matter of Life and Death, I Know Where I'm Going, Contraband, A Spy in Black - I can recommend them all as essential viewing if you are interested in English cinema of the 1940s and 1950s. Now the Arts Channel (in New Zealand) decided to screen one I hadn't seen before, The Edge of the World, from 1937. A tragic and powerful tale of an isolated island off the coast of Scotland (in Roman times known as Ultima Thule, the island of Foula standing in for St Kilda) affected by diminishing local resources of fuel and manpower, causing emigration, economic, social and environmental decline. It was fascinating and moving to see the stories of local families intertwined with the larger social and economic issues driving change. A constant recurrence of a cinematic theme throughout the film was gravity, which of course pulls everything down: people and sheep falling off cliffs, the pull of the wider world out there affecting the economic base of the island, fishing, livestock and crofting. The camera angles are fascinating throughout as every scene is filmed either from a upward or downward position, emphasising the will of men to fight for what they want and believe in, or being looked on by the camera acting as mother nature overwhelming the actors by the majestic cliffs, pounding seas and constant winds. You'd wish there could have been another outcome for the people involved but in the end it seems it's not possible to live at the edge of the world: you either choose to leave or die on the island.

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