The Eye of the Storm (2011) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Eye of the Storm (2011) 1080p

Elizabeth Hunter controls all in her life - society, her staff, her children; but the once great beauty will now determine her most defiant act as she chooses her time to die.

IMDB: 6.32 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 114
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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The Synopsis for The Eye of the Storm (2011) 1080p

Elizabeth Hunter controls all in her life - society, her staff, her children; but the once great beauty will now determine her most defiant act as she chooses her time to die.

The Director and Players for The Eye of the Storm (2011) 1080p

[Director]Fred Schepisi
[Role:]Charlotte Rampling
[Role:]Geoffrey Rush
[Role:]Maria Theodorakis

The Reviews for The Eye of the Storm (2011) 1080p

Reviewed byleonblackwoodVote: 2/10/10

Review: I found this movie to be really slow and pretty boring. Thestoryline wasn't that amazing but the acting was quite good. I mustadmit, I did struggle to find anything that interesting with the filmand I did struggle to stay awake. By the end of the film I was leftfeeling quite empty and dissatisfied which is a shame because I usuallylike Geoffrey Rush movies. I didn't really know what to expect from thefilm so I wasn't that disappointed. At nearly 2 hours long, I wasexpecting something amazing to happen, but nothing really did.Disappointed!

Round-Up: Judging by the money that this movie made, it's obvious thatI am not the only person that found this film to drag. I was hopingthat movie was going to take a different direction, but it staysuninteresting and in some ways, quite boring. Geoffrey Rush does makethe movie slightly more watchable, but he wasn't able to save the film.

Budget:N/A Worldwide Gross: $84,000

I recommend this movie to people who are into there drama's about alady whose on her death bed, surrounded by her son and daughter. 2/10

A slow burner but repays the effortReviewed bypercyporcelainVote: 8/10

Alright so it's a little 'literary' and the 70s it is ostensibly set in are a little wobbly (it's like you have to remind yourself periodically it's not contemporary), but this unusual family drama is full of surprises and twists as well as a rich and rewarding script that exposes and confronts all the petty squabbles and festering resentments of many a family, and which typically come to a head when a patriarch or matriarch (in this case, Charlotte Rampling) is on the way out. She is serene and strangely humorous, as if she's made her peace and has new insight, while children Basil (Geoffrey Rush) and Dorothy (Judy Davis) continue to clash egos, because both of them have them in spades! The kind of film you can revisit and probably find more each time.

Reviewed byptb-8Vote: /10

It quite simply is a miracle of old money that this film exists. Notsince the 'International cinema days' of the 80s has Australian filmmaking produced such a splendid and intelligent film. If your cinemagoing has included such Australian quality films as CAREFUL HE MIGHTHEAR YOU or WE OF THE NEVER NEVER or PHAR LAP or MY BRILLIANT CAREER,or you yearn for the qualities of those, then EYE OF THE STORM is foryou. The deep credits of 'extra thanks' detail who put money up forthis, and every dollar of the $15m spent is on screen. Also reminiscentof great WB dramas of the 40s or even as literary as ALL ABOUT EVE,this new film from Fred Schepisi is prestige film making and apresentation of emotional intelligence of an era and a lifestyle thatstill exists in old moneyed mansions and bitter family brittleness. Ilive across the road from the avenue of Centennial Park mansions wherethe film is set, and I can vouch that there are streets of them inSydney. Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis are impeccable and with CharlotteRampling as Mother/monster make a three headed hydra of drama. The artdirection and set design is as much a feature of the film as is PatrickWhite's bitter pill dialogue and the acting and casting itself. A feastfor stage drama and theatre lovers, EYE OF THE STORM is (hooray!) anAustralian film that is intelligent bitter and absorbing.

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