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The Facility (2012)

The Facility is a movie starring Aneurin Barnard, Alex Reid, and Chris Larkin. Eight volunteers find themselves fighting for their lives when a drug trial goes horribly wrong.

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  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 
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The Synopsis for The Facility (2012) 720p

Eight volunteers find themselves fighting for their lives when a drug trial goes horribly wrong.

The Director and Players for The Facility (2012) 720p

[Director]Ian Clark
[Role:]Aneurin Barnard
[Role:]Jack Doolan
[Role:]Alex Reid
[Role:]Chris Larkin

The Reviews for The Facility (2012) 720p

"The Facility" promises much more than it deliversReviewed byBlub1256berVote: 5/10

"The Facility" has an eerie suspense in it, at least during the first half. Barnard, Coleman, Reid, Roberts et al are all capable performers and deserve much better scripts. Unfortunately I was able to see the direction the film was going by the time the first three "victims" had isolated themselves and gone bonkers as a result of the "pro-nine" drug they had been administered. It culminates in little more than a bloody mess, and a few brief follow-ups to signal that the 80-minute film is over - apparently it's based on an actual occurrence. I had been hoping for more of the eeriness, for example: when Katie discovers that Adam (Barnard) is actually one of the controls. The concept of people lured to a remote facility in order to earn money and finding out that they are being systematically tortured and left to their own devices is nothing new, but I thought that the first half-hour or so was very well done and suspenseful. Barnard is probably a star in the UK and is very expressive. He was also starred in "Citadel," which is even worse - louder and even less coherent and more gory than this ultimately disappointing thriller.

ProSyntrex. Pro-9. Warning: Side Effects May Be Fatal...Reviewed bySpikeopathVote: 7/10

To be perfectly honest, after just viewing Ian Clark's (director/writer) The Facility, I jumped onto IMDb to find that the rating for it was exactly as I predicted. At the time of writing the film sits at just under 5/10, perhaps not a true marker since it's largely under seen and very few people have bothered to review it, but not a surprising score thus far since familiarity of formula breeds contempt...

Plot basically finds a group of human guinea pigs enrolling for a two week trial at a remote research centre. They are to be injected with a new drug called Pro-9, and after their two week stay they will pocket a cool £2000 each. The group consists of the needy, the inquisitive, the bold and the stupid, and sure enough once night falls and the lock down commences, some of the participants get a reaction to the drug...

It follows the standard trajectory for such a set-up. Characters are introduced, we get to know them for half hour, you quickly learn who the A-Hole is, and then it's drug reaction time and we are thrust into murder death kill and locked in siege panic. Tis a time for heroes, maybe even some interesting revelations? Who will survive? If anyone? Maybe there's a twist in the tale as well?

For his debut feature film Ian Clark has played safe and utilised the low budget wisely. The pic shows him to have great promise in the horror genre, his keen sense of claustrophobic atmosphere is evident and carries the story well, and he knows how to construct a horror scene. He also gets more than solid performances from his lively cast, where Alex Reid (The Descent/Wilderness) is a reassuring presence.

It isn't over bloody, or even terrifying and full of boo jump shocks, but it tickles away at the nerve that doesn't like to be unhinged, and it has a good ending to boot! If you are searching for something new in the sub-genre of zombie/infected siege movies you will be disappointed, but this is actually better than some of those bigger budgeted sub-genre movies. While it marks Clark out as someone British Horror fans might like to keep an eye on. 6.5/10

Realistic horrorReviewed byGregorgreeneVote: 9/10

I saw this film premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival. The film relates the story of a clinical trial that goes terribly wrong when the drug being tested produces horrific side effects. It's so refreshing so see a horror film firmly based on reality with a totally plausible story and no zombies, vampires, extraterrestrials, paranormal activity or monsters of any kind. The atmosphere and tensions in the isolated medical centre are well realised and the film shows little sign of its "micro-budget". Imaginative cinematography and sound design coupled with a very fast edit all help create an uneasy and claustrophobic world. There are slight flaws – not all the characters are full realised and the script is occasionally too verbose – but the team of NFTS graduates, who introduced Saturday's screening, have produced a very well crafted, disturbing and exciting film.

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