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The French Connection (1971)

A pair of NYC cops in the Narcotics Bureau stumble onto a drug smuggling job with a French connection.

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The Synopsis for The French Connection (1971) 720p

William Friedkin's gritty police drama portrays two tough New York City cops trying to intercept a huge heroin shipment coming from France. An interesting contrast is established between 'Popeye' Doyle, a short-tempered alcoholic bigot who is nevertheless a hard-working and dedicated police officer, and his nemesis Alain Charnier, a suave and urbane gentleman who is nevertheless a criminal and one of the largest drug suppliers of pure heroin to North America. During the surveillance and eventual bust, Friedkin provides one of the most gripping and memorable car chase sequences ever filmed.

The Director and Players for The French Connection (1971) 720p

[Director]William Friedkin
[Role:Jimmy Doyle]Gene Hackman
[Role:Det. Buddy Russo]Roy Scheider
[Role:Sal Boca]Tony Lo Bianco
[Role:Alain Charnier]Fernando Rey

The Reviews for The French Connection (1971) 720p

Gritty And Hard Hitting At The Time ...Reviewed byTheo RobertsonVote: 7/10

... But perhaps a little bit dated now This must have shocked audiences at the time . Anti hero cop Popeye Doyle doesn't bend rules because he doesn't understand the concept of rules , catching scumbags is all that matters and if that means beating information out of a small time scumbag so be it . Hackman is really intense in the role and you feel glad that Popeye decided to join the force instead of turning to crime himself . This movie reaches new heights of social realism via Friedkin's directing , it's filmed almost as a documentary with hand held cameras and abrasive jump cuts to other locations . Like I said this must have shocked audiences...

... but only in the 70s . That's the problem with watching THE FRENCH CONNECTION more than 30 years after it was made - we've seen too many similar things in the intervening period . Every cop show as a sort of fascist good guy who would happily torture confessions out of suspects who are always invaribly guilty . When a snitch gives information to Detective Fascist he must be ruffed up a little to keep his cover going . when pursuing a villain Detective Fascist must pursue him in a vast car narrowly missing passers by etc etc . Name every cop show or detective movie and they all have the same type of story

That's the main fault of THE FRENCH CONNECTION - it's let far too many genies out of too many bottles , it's been imitated ( Usually in a far inferior manner ) a myriad of times that it seems almost run of the mill now . But despite the familiar subject matter it's still a very effective and hard hitting thriller mainly down to the director and star . I wish I'd seen it in the early 1970s when it seemed like radical film making

Reviewed bysecondtakeVote: 8/10/10

The French Connection (1971)

Director William Friedkin would make it impossible to see his careerstraight two years after "The French Connection" by directing "TheExorcist," which took on a life of its own. But prior to that, this wasthe movie that defined his career. It was the New Hollywood answer tofilm noir, and the lead male (Gene Hackman) is presented withoutglamour, the gritty city (New York) without dramatic shadows and light,and the plot (about modern drug dealing) without hyped up dramatics.This is a movie as down in the mouth as the world it represents, andit's all deliberate, and smart.

This is the stuff of a breakthrough movie. It isn't quite as grippingnow, I think, but it still sucks you in. There are lots of scenes incars, including the famous car chase, and lots of good old street stuffin Manhattan, very 1970 (when it was shot). The plot and pace of thingsis more steady than exciting, usually, not cinema verite but a kind ofcamera work that is unglamorous with the idea that this really is theway it is, and it works great. It would have been easy to push thisfarther and make it truly boring, but it doesn't go there. Instead wesee the details of a couple of cops out to break a huge dope ring.

Most of the movie (I'm going to guess three quarters) is simply thecops trailing the bad guys, on foot or by car. There are very briefinterspersed personal dramas, and there are conversations that keep theplot clear, but the overall big vector here is one direction, and thecops get closer in spurts and jerks to their prey. The velocity doesincrease gradually in the second half, with a kind of brilliantbuilding to a finale, and by the end it's a thrilling climax.

In a way, this kind of film is the exact opposite of something like"Die Hard," which is all exaggeration and excess. And if those otherkinds of movies are more fun, this is not only edgy, it's pertinent.And the music is by jazz great Don Ellis. Look for a scene with theWorld Trade Center towers under construction in the distance.

Check this film out. A special movie that actually reveals somethingabout police life, hard core, no glitz.

Reviewed bybob the mooVote: /10

Following a mix of hunches and leads, two tough NYPD narcotic cops setup surveillance on a candy store in the belief that the owners of thestore are somehow involved in drug dealing on the side. Putting thesqueeze on the store leads them to a couple of new people, specificallya smooth French criminal called Alain Charnier who is trying toorchestrate a massive drug sale in New York. The pressure looks likebringing success to Detectives Doyle and Russo, but Charnier'sorganisation has tight time targets and decides to take action toremove the heat from the job.

Sometimes with "classic" films it is easy to get sucked into the hypeand reputation and just love it before you have even seen it; for thatreason, although I have seen it several times, I decided to give it afresh viewing before I dared try to write my thoughts on it – itfinished ten minutes ago, so my memory is still fresh. Although I feelthat it has remained well known thanks to "that" car chase, I thinkthat recalling only that scene is to do a disservice to a film that isan enjoyable thriller in a tough, typically 1970's mould. The plot seesa minor hunch turn into a bigger police job and it would be easy topick holes in some of the logic within it, it still grips and providesa nicely gritty cop thriller. It isn't as clever or as original asthose coming to it on the back of its reputation might expect it to be,as it does pretty much what the rest of the genre does. Now I'll befair and acknowledge that I don't know whether this film was the firstto create this type of film or if it was just part of the developmentof them, but certainly watching it now it does blend in with others inthe same genre.

The direction makes it better than the material as Friedkin injectsreal tension and grit into the story keeping it exciting while alsobeing rather sombre and low-key. The acting also makes it and, rightly,Hackman carries much of the film with a great performance as Doyle.Grizzled, bigoted and apparently heartless, it is interesting tocontrast his character with Rey's Charnier, who is much cooler andeffective. Scheider is, as always, reliable in support and he gives agood performance throughout while the rest of the cast play their roleswell enough. There is no doubt though, that Hackman is the heart of thefilm and his performance reflects this and makes the audienceemotionally involved with his story from the very start.

Overall this is a great 1970's cop thriller with all that comes withthat genre. It is enjoyably gritty and fast paced with "heroes" ofquestionable morality and smooth criminals. People will always hark onabout that car chase and, yes, it is good, but there is more to thisfilm and it stands out as one of the best of the genre.

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