The Gatehouse (2016) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Gatehouse (2016) 1080p

The Gatehouse is a movie starring Scarlett Rayner, Simeon Willis, and Linal Haft. Eternity (aged 10) lives in a haunted gatehouse at the edge of an ancient forest. She likes to dig for buried treasure in the woods, but one day she...

IMDB: 4.80 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.83G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for The Gatehouse (2016) 1080p

Eternity (aged 10) lives in a haunted gatehouse at the edge of an ancient forest. She likes to dig for buried treasure in the woods, but one day she digs up something she shouldn't and the forest want it back.

The Director and Players for The Gatehouse (2016) 1080p

[Director]Martin Gooch
[Role:]Samantha White
[Role:]Linal Haft
[Role:]Scarlett Rayner
[Role:]Simeon Willis

The Reviews for The Gatehouse (2016) 1080p

Perfect Bits in a Flawed Film.Reviewed byzandertowneVote: 6/10

This is an odd one to review, because I feel like it should be recommended, despite the fact that it's not really more than 60% successful. It is unquestionably flawed throughout and yet worth watching and enjoyable regardless. I felt such a strong respect for not only the bits writer/director Martin Gooch got right, but for what he was attempting during the bits where he failed.

The very young actress Scarlett Rayner is the one element that is perfect from start to finish. And there are some particularly good supporting characters. But a fairy-tale tone in a realistically grounded film is a serious challenge to even attempt, let alone pull off as successively as is accomplished here. Plot holes, underdeveloped character motivations and unjustified behaviors, and, of course, an excessive over reliance on "bad dreams" to add some horror/scary scenes that otherwise serve no purpose except to provide good trailer moments are all here as well. I noticed them. I'm not denying them. And yet... even simply cranking out this review tempts me to watch the film again.

Had so much potential... ButReviewed byjjackson3rdVote: 6/10

This movie had so much potential as an M Night-esque feature. It went astray because the style changed many times throughout. The ambiance and theme was never consistent. The one redeeming factor was the young girl actor, Scarlett Rayner. She was a cute and funny little "Brat". I hope to see her in many more films in the future. I hope a bigger studio picks this up and remakes it into the fantasy/adventure "Dark Tale" it deserves to be.

The movie was decent.Reviewed bydlmyst-29813Vote: 6/10

The movie overall was pretty decent and I wished they fleshed it out a bit more. The guardian of the forest needed a better costume to be more believable. Heck if it was made with CGI it would of looked scarier. However, this is not a big budget film so we got what we got. The young actress was had a spunky personality and she made the story flow better than the dad in the film. Again, I wished they fleshed out the story a bit more with lore. I would recommend this to anyone that has some free time and wants to be entertained a bit.

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