The Golden Child (1986) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Golden Child (1986) 1080p

The Golden Child is a movie starring Eddie Murphy, J.L. Reate, and Charles Dance. A private detective specializing in missing children is charged with the task of finding a special child who dark forces want to eliminate.

IMDB: 5.91 Likes

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  • Run Time: 94
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
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The Synopsis for The Golden Child (1986) 1080p

Eddie Murphy plays a detective with a speciality of finding lost children. He is told he is the 'Chosen one' who will find and protect the Golden Child, a Bhuddist mystic who was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Murphy disbelieves the mysticism but finds more and more evidence of demon worship as he investigates.

The Director and Players for The Golden Child (1986) 1080p

[Director]Michael Ritchie
[Role:]Eddie Murphy
[Role:]Charles Dance
[Role:]J.L. Reate
[Role:]Charlotte Lewis

The Reviews for The Golden Child (1986) 1080p

Funny and strangely compelling action/adventureReviewed bymjw2305Vote: 7/10

Eddie Murphy spends his time looking for lost children, so when a very special magical child is kidnapped in Tibet, the sexy Charlotte Lewis asks for his help to rescue this child from the clutches of evil itself.

Although the story is a bit silly, it never quite feels corny, despite the hilarity of the comedy throughout the film; Charles Dance off-sets the comedy with his very serious and dark characterisation of the evil that holds the child hostage.

The Golden Child is very funny, action packed and really quite compelling in a charming, almost magical way.

7/10 Great for all generations.

Wonderful Film and so very underrated!Reviewed byGypsybelleVote: 8/10

I loved this movie. I totally disagree with some (negative) critiques that I've read over the years. This was a great vehicle for Eddie Murphy! He appeared to have a great time with his part as Chandler Jarrell and he should never care about what the critics say, if he had fun doing it ? and most of his audience enjoyed it! And, it WAS fun to watch as it combined some great fantasy tension with Mr. Murphy's great comedic style. You have to keep in mind that 'Golden Child' is a 'fantasy' film ? just an imaginative work of magic and wonder amidst the 'real' world. During the time this film was released, I was working in a video rental store. This was one of the most popular with all our customers. Every single time, we put this one up on our monitor, ALL the copies we had went out fast with wait-list requests that kept it on the queue for months! Everyone who rented it loved it! I was the resident film critic and all my regular customers would ask my opinion before they rented ? this was one of my favorites and I knew the taste of my customers so I highly recommended this one to most of them. I really feel that this film is a Sleeper ? it may not have done too well at the box office ? due to very poor marketing ? but it hit a high in the video rental and purchase market later! (YES, I did buy this film for my own video library!). I adored the little boy who played the 'Golden Child' ? J. L. Reate - but after looking at his profile in IMDb, I noticed that he never did any more films. That is sad, because he definitely had an on-screen aura and could have continued with a film career. I also adored Victor Wong, who played the Old Man (I LOVED him in his part as 'Egg Shen' in 'Big Trouble in Little China' - 1986). At any rate, this was a great film. The only drawbacks that didn't seem to fit with the theme were some of the parts that got a bit more 'adult' in nature ? such as 'Chandler's rather sexual remarks about the serpent lady that was presented to him as a silhouette. It was funny, but it still was out of sync. OK, so there were a few suggestive gratuitous scenes ? those were put in for the mind-set of the day perhaps. This was still an adventurous and escapist type of film which we do need today to get away from all the hard core reality and depressing fluff that we are hit with from Hollywood. Now that's Entertainment!

Other Than A Gorgeous Charlotte Lewis, There is Nothing To See Here.Reviewed byslightlymad22Vote: 4/10

When you say Eddie Murphy is in a poor movie, it's not a surprise, it's the norm, now a days. But back in 1986 when this was released, it is a massive shock.

Following on from a hot streak of good performances in funny movies like 48 Hrs, Trading Places, Best Defense and sandwiched in between Beverley Hills Cop and it's sequel. The Golden Child stands out for all the wrong reasons.

confined by the restraints of a PG movie, this is a much watered down Eddie Murphy and a diluted Eddie Murphy of the 80's is not a funny one. Charles Dance is always a reliable actor, and he does his best, with what he is given. Sadly he is not given a great deal to do.

The gorgeous Charlotte Lewis is the best thing in this awful movie.

I would rather go see a firework display on a very rainy night, than watch this again. Don't watch it, pass it by, avoid it like the plague. Excluding Lewis and Dance, the acting is bad, bad, bad. Murphy included.

I give this a generous 4/10. 1 point for Charles Dance, 1 point for The unbelievably sexy Charlotte Lewis, and two points for scenes featuring her in A, a wet shirt, and B, tied up in Murphy's dream sequence.

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