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The Greater Good (2011)

The film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that polarize people into emotionally charged pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine camps with no room for middle ground. Verite stories of ...

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The Synopsis for The Greater Good (2011) 720p

The film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that polarize people into emotionally charged pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine camps with no room for middle ground. Verite stories of individuals and their families, whose lives have been forever changed by vaccine choices, interwoven with interviews from leading experts in the field, will re-frame the vaccine debate and offer, for the first time, the opportunity to have a rational, scientific and factual discussion on how to create a more effective vaccine program in America today.

The Director and Players for The Greater Good (2011) 720p

[Director]Chris Pilaro
[Director]Kendall Nelson

The Reviews for The Greater Good (2011) 720p

Reviewed bywhikitywhackVote: 8/10/10

My wife and I are in the middle of our research for vaccinations forour children. I came across this movie, and I purchased the five-daystream from their website, and we watched it tonight. It ishigh-quality and very engaging. Is this movie biased? Yes, it is.However, I also believe it is fair, especially compared to what is fedto us by politics and rich news channels. In the documentary, theypresent the opinions and thoughts of many different "camps."Unfortunately, those who simply ask for research are so quickly andunfairly placed into the "anti-vaccination camp." However, the mainplea of this documentary is not "Stop the vaccinations!" It's "Give usthe science, and give us the choice." It does not cram down your throatanti-vaccination propaganda. Instead, it begs for true science to bedone so that all parents can make educated choices. Even three yearsafter this movie was released, it is still popular. If true researchand science were done, no matter what the conclusion, this movie wouldbe stopped in its tracks. What makes this movie powerful and dangerousto vaccination companies is the emotionally- driven stories of threefamilies. However, this film also gives a seemingly fair voice to thepro- vaccination people, including the presidents of vaccinationcompanies and developers of vaccinations. Of course, we don't haveeverything they said when the cameras were rolling. Instead, we justhave what the production company wanted us to hear. So, what does thismean? Watch this movie with your brain and not your heart. Understandthat it was produced for those of us on the fence and is powerfulenough to persuade us. I definitely recommend you watch it if you'reresearching this topic. Watch this movie in ADDITION to your researchnot AS your "research."

Reviewed bysvenskskazieVote: 10/10/10

This film asks the necessary questions. The stories told are compellingand fascinating. They are sad yet hopeful. Who does pay for vaccinestudies? How are those studies conducted? This film doesn't claim tohave any answers, it simply poses questions. They let "both" sides ofvaccine safety experts share their thoughts. I find it sad that thisissue is so polarizing. And that more people don't bother to learn morefor themselves. No matter what your opinion is, you will learnsomething from watching this film.I have no idea how that would make itcomplete sh*t. Fear is very profitable. From a production point ofview, it is very well made and riveting to watch. It reminds me ofhorrifying documentaries like the Cove, except it's our children whoare being hurt. Every should see this film.

Reviewed bycecilyvdbVote: 1/10/10

Just another example of how pseudo science is dressed up to look likescience. No rational evidence is presented for the claims made in thefilm, just slickly produced emotional propaganda. Sure the familiestear at the heart strings, exactly as intended, but few people with anyscientific knowledge will swallow the message. The problem is that thepublic has forgotten what infectious disease can do to unprotected andvulnerable people. The film is without doubt well made and presentedbut that in itself cannot make up for the fact that it's message couldlead to a further reduction in the rates of vaccination and as aconsequence, an increase in death and disability especially among theyoung. Quote "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,people will eventually come to believe it" Joseph Goebbels

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