The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) 720p YIFY Movie

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

An all-star, large scale epic film that chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

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The Synopsis for The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) 720p

"My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?" It is towards this climactic crossroads that the story of Jesus of Nazareth leads, and to which, at the final moment, it again looks back in triumphant retrospect. It is the anguishing crossroads where the eternal questions of faith and doubt become resolved.

The Director and Players for The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) 720p

[Director]George Stevens
[Director]David Lean
[Role:]Max von Sydow
[Role:]Dorothy McGuire
[Role:]Charlton Heston

The Reviews for The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) 720p

It Wasn'tReviewed byozthegreatat42330Vote: 7/10

While there were a few worthwhile performances in this film, it simply does not come close to living up to the title. The musical score was draggy or unoriginal, and the loading down of the film with every Hollywood star they could cram into the film just detracted greatly from the film. Von Sydow's Jesus was wooden and one dimensional. In the earlier released "King of Kings" Jeff Hunter gave you a Christ that was filled with the emotions and compassion of the son of God, while in this version it just wasn't there. Charlton Heston's John the Baptist was one of the few good things about the film, while, as much as I respect John Wayne as a star, his one line cameo was laughable and so unbelievable as to make one cringe. Claude Rains did shine out as Herod the great, while Telly Savalis might as well have been reading lines from Kojack.

It is not the worst film of all time. But the attempt to recapture the grandeur of the Bible Epic days was way lost here.

Valiant and worthy attemptReviewed byjebenVote: 7/10

Clearly this film comes off as an epoch. Magnitude, grandeur and dignity drip from every scene. Being personally familiar with the biblical account of the life of Jesus, I was at times quite impressed with the almost-inspired interpretation of many hard-to-picture moments in the gospel narratives brought to the screen. Yet on the other hand, I had painful difficulty agreeing with other scenes.

For example, Jesus heals a hopelessly bitter cripple in a dark synagogue: of course the biblical story is very brief, leaving a lot of room for the imagination to color in details- however, the scene seems to cheapen christ's awesome power and divinity. As Jesus leaves the synagogue, the camera zooms in on a facial expression so quizzical the viewer is left feeling that perhaps even Jesus himself didn't believe the healing was possible either...

Although "personifying" the devil was a very workable technique throughout the entire film, dropping available details about tempting a starving savior to eat bread and omitting christ's excellent response left me disappointed.

Another valiant and worthy attempt, but again the novel was better 8)

Faithful depictionReviewed byMartianOctocretr5Vote: 8/10

The story of the events leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as written in the biblical gospels, has been committed to film many times; this version relates the story the best.

Unlike some other versions, which attempt to encompass far too much extraneous information (often about the Roman empire or people contemporary to Jesus), this movie directs its focus on Jesus and his teachings. We follow him and his disciples throughout his travels, and the highlights of his ministry, with many of the beatitudes and parables shown in context. Actions of Roman and Jewish leaders are addressed only to the extent that they were directly involved with Jesus.

This movie readily embraces the spiritual issues innate in this story, and presents Jesus's dual nature of humanity and deity. For example, Jesus encounters Satan himself, who appears, first as a tempter of Jesus, and later as a gleeful spectator as Jesus is beaten and finally killed.

There are many recognizable actors in the movie, and although it's fun to see this many familiar faces, it almost distracts from the storyline as you find yourself trying to identify an actor as you notice him/her appear in the crowd.

Max von Sydow does a splendid job as Jesus. He leads this all-star cast with a powerful yet sensitive Jesus. All lines are delivered with calm restraint yet also authority, and in his very eyes, von Sydow conveys the strength of his character. Most of the film itself is delivered in this strong yet understated way, except for two occasions where the music score accentuates the witness of two of the most famous miracles worked by Jesus.

A powerful and faithful depiction of the life of Jesus, recommended for anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

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