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The Guvnors (2014)

The Guvnors is a movie starring Charley Palmer Rothwell, Jay Simpson, and Tom Davis. The Guvnors is a violent thriller set amongst the clans and firms of South East London, bringing two generations together in brutal conflict.

IMDB: 5.82 Likes

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The Synopsis for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

The Guvnors is both love letter and hate mail to the alpha male. This story's alpha is Mitch who lives buried in suburban London, having turned his back on his previous life of casual violence and intimidation as part of a legendary South East London firm. In the modern day he's the doyen of respectability and quiet confidence, but Mitch used to be a Guv'nor. This film holds a mirror up to Mitch and shows him the monster once again, buried deep in both DNA and psyche, desperate to break out and wreak havoc.

The Director and Players for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

[Director]Gabe Turner
[Role:]Vas Blackwood
[Role:]Charley Palmer Rothwell
[Role:]Tom Davis
[Role:]Jay Simpson

The Reviews for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

Flimsy plot with a far-fetched twistReviewed bymattwilkesukVote: 1/10

I watched it because it was a "Netflix Feature" and the football hooligan genre kind of appealed as the last movie I watched along those lines was I.D. with Philip Glenister and Warren Clarke - a very good if slightly disturbing film.

The Governors had wooden acting coupled with a flimsy plot - and the mandatory twist seemed like it had been thrown in at the 11th hour and was at best far-fetched.

If you're drunk and can stay awake long enough, you may find some of the ill-choreographed fight scenes mildly entertaining, otherwise it's a firm NO from me.

Another hour and a half of my life I'll never get back!

Well done fight scenes, but very muddled plot and poor endingReviewed byJazzy31133Vote: 5/10

One of the movie sub-genres I enjoy is British underworld / British Football Hooliganism. It is a nice change of pace from American mob movies, yet still includes the violence and action I enjoy. I go into these movies acknowledging there probably will be an absence of award winning dialogue, emotional relationships and gripping plot. But I expect gritty violence and for the movie to bring realism to that type of criminal behavior. Some movies do end up having great acting and a nice plot twist and that can elevate the underworld movie to a classic, but the Guvnors is not one of those. The movie has its pros, but its cons ultimately would make this a pass for me.

The movie's plot revolves around a local hoodlum with an established gang. Not satisfied with earning an illegal income and terrorizing innocent members of the community, he also craves respect. Some community members mention the old gang that use to run the streets, and how that gang "ran things the right way". Some he sets off by causing mayhem and coercing the retired old timer to come and meet him for a showdown on the street. It is a little silly how some recent British crime movies draw on this premise – that old time gangsters were somehow more noble that current gangsters. I guess if you steal and rob by only being somewhat violent, you are considered more civilized that someone who uses more violent methods. But alas, that is the premise of this movie.

The somewhat irrational plot can be overlooked, because when we rent these movies we just want violence in a realistic atmosphere. And the fight scenes do deliver. There are typical slow motion fight scenes and drug den robberies. The hoodlum actors do a good job of making us believe we are witnessing how a drug dealer behaves. However, for some reason the screenwriter tried to involve way too many plot lines and twists. And this leads to scenes introducing characters for no reason, twists that begin to distract the viewer due to their implausibility and an ending that does not really make sense.

It is a little frustrating spending time watching a movie and then being rewarded with such a poor ending. I feel as though it is easy to deliver on a crime drama. Just give us a crime story with one twist and punctuate the movie with violence. And the viewer agrees to overlook a hackneyed plot and weak character motivations. But when the plot beings to get muddled and characters make choices that make no logical sense, it can be a problem. And when these problems are so severe that they actually being to distract the viewer and ruin the realism of the movie, that is a problem. I would suggest trying another movie in this genre. Ultimately, plot revelations that made no sense and a rather silly ending will leave you very unsatisfied.

Not a Bad Neighborhood Crime StoryReviewed bypaq5528Vote: 7/10

Americans won't understand the references to the troubled 80's and the main character who was a skinhead frustrated rebel who created quite a bit of trouble, but ended up just a successful gay businessman.

The action takes place in a neighborhood embattled by the ghost history of the old versus the physical brutality of the youth. Simple plot really, but the sidetexts of violence begets violence through the generations, through genetics, and through entrenched poverty make this movie break away and become entertaining and contain more depth than a simple gang-turf warfare meaningless bit of film-making.

While not perfect, I make it out to be a fine example of its genre, something not intended to be Oscar worthy, but still gripping, entertaining, and worth some popcorn.

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