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The Head Hunter (2019)

The Head Hunter is a movie starring Christopher Rygh and Cora Kaufman. A medieval warrior's gruesome collection of heads is missing only one - the monster that killed his daughter years ago.

IMDB: 6.815 Likes

  • Genre: Fantasy | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 72
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 457 / 58

The Synopsis for The Head Hunter (2019) 720p

A warrior travels wild expanses on horseback, pursuing the monster that murdered his daughter. His thirst for revenge is the driving force of a film constructed with very few elements, minimalistic and epic at the same time, where fantasy and horror find their more physical and gory incarnations (synopsis in the 2018 Sitges Filmfestival programme catalogue).

The Director and Players for The Head Hunter (2019) 720p

[Director]Jordan Downey
[Role:]Cora Kaufman
[Role:]Christopher Rygh

The Reviews for The Head Hunter (2019) 720p

A surprisingly good movieReviewed bytommyk1287Vote: 8/10

I just watched this a few days ago, and overall I enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for low-budget horror movies, which is what I would categorize this as. Only a couple things held it back from being an unforgettable cult classic, but for the most part, it was a solid film with minimal dialogue and incredible scenery.

The plot is simple, and has already been stated in other reviews. There is only one actor and he carries the movie with his intensity. There is very little dialogue, usually between the head hunter and some corpse. The true strength of this movie is the cinematography, which is absolutely stunning, and the genuinely surprising direction it takes story-wise. The first half of the movie is fairly predictable, but midway through, things started happening that I would have never imagined. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's creative and unique, and it builds up to an incredible last fifteen minutes.

My only two critiques: Practically all of the action takes place off-screen, which was fine at first but began to get old. I understand it was done for budgetary reasons, and it was done tastefully. Even so, I felt cheated by the fourth or fifth time. The other thing is that it's very suspenseful, but at times, this suspense began to feel too drawn-out. Near the end, I found myself skipping ahead about ten seconds or so, and I didn't miss much, because the character only moved about ten feet. Even at an hour long, it feels like they could have cut down on some parts.

All in all, this was still a great indie horror gem with incredible atmosphere and some true creativity. Personally, I loved the climax, and the final scene definitely won me over. Naysayers were probably expecting Skyrim-meets-Goblinslayer, but if you don't expect that garbage and know what you're getting into, you might find it as enjoyable as I did.

not so much viking even though the beardReviewed byops-52535Vote: 6/10

I saw this on the SOFA-festival at ?kra, and expected a bit more than delivered in this movie. its a big bearded man with big hunches on his shoulders, that reacts like a manchurian candidate everytime the horn is blown from the nearby castle. he is kind of preprogrammed to fight down ''the head'',that has once upon atime killed his beloved daughter. if he gets his revenge, well youll have to see for yourself.

its a primitive,almost neolittic kind of settings-movie, with a bonfire inside a stone house, thus having the ability of using heavy metals, there are and overtone of adrenaline kick as to kill or to be killed,through the whole movie. its cold and winterly,wet and dirty everywhere, and lots of woods. the props,and some of the effects are quite good, but youll have to let yourself into the character to enjoy the watch.

the acting are with very few words, and until he open his first phrase you would expect something ''norr?na''-styled of language to come, buuut, its just english. the main male, does a fine job on the physical level, and had scared the guts out of me if standing on my door step.

the grumpy old man has ambivalent feelings for this kinda flicks, so if you like vikings,swords and boobie-traps, then its for you. i give it a 6.

Ignore the reviews and ratingReviewed byjoeyharris-85661Vote: 8/10

With a larger budget this film would have been 10/10, great idea dark and gritty. Definitely worth a watch and make your own mind up

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