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The House That Screamed (1970)

La residencia is a movie starring Lilli Palmer, Cristina Galbó, and John Moulder-Brown. A strict headmistress runs a secluded school for wayward girls in 19th century France, whose students are disappearing under mysterious...

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The Synopsis for The House That Screamed (1970) 720p

In the Nineteenth Century, in France, the teenager Teresa Garan is the daughter of a single mother, who is a cabaret singer. She is brought to the boarding school owned by the headmistress Ms. Fourneau by a friend of her mother that pays one year tuition for her. Soon Teresa learns that the boarding school is also a prison for the girls since Ms. Fourneau keeps everything locked. Her protégé, the wicked student Irene Tupan, keeps watch over the other girls and uses her power to bully and torture them. Ms. Fourneau has a teenager son, Luis, who is a peeping Tom, and his mother secludes him from the girls. Ms. Fourneau tells that he needs to meet a girlfriend "like his mother" and that the students of the boarding school are worthless. Meanwhile the runaway students are vanishing and their school mates believe they are fleeing from the boarding school. What they do not know is that a serial-killer is killing them. When Irene discovers that Teresa is secretly meeting Luis, she tortures ...

The Director and Players for The House That Screamed (1970) 720p

[Director]Narciso Ibá?ez Serrador
[Role:]Cristina Galbó
[Role:]John Moulder-Brown
[Role:]Lilli Palmer
[Role:]Maribel Martín

The Reviews for The House That Screamed (1970) 720p

"Talk To Her, Mother! Talk To Her!"...Reviewed byazathothpwigginsVote: 8/10

In THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED, Lilli Palmer is headmistress Fourneau, a strict disciplinarian in a nineteenth century boarding school for girls. When a new student named Teresa (Cristina Galbo) arrives, she finds herself among other girls of an allegedly... difficult nature. She is unaware of the sort of corporal punishment employed by Fourneau at the school, as well as how many girls have "escaped". Of course, there are many things of which Teresa is unaware, including the "special arrangements" made by the creepy Irene (Mary Maude). By the time the brutal murders begin, there are quite a few possible suspects! THTS is an exceptional mystery / thriller / horror film, delivering chills and a genuinely disturbing, terrifying finale!...

Spanish classic terror about a boarding school where happens dreadful murdersReviewed byma-cortesVote: 7/10

The story deals with a respected house (managed by Lilli Palmer and Candida Losada) of rebel girls (Mary Maude , Maribel Martin , Teresa Hurtado , among others) where arrives a new boarder (Cristina Galbo). There happens several astonishing murders with bloody and gruesome executions . Lilli Palmer has a teen son (John Moulder Brown) who looks for a girl just like his mother . Various suspects (Victor Israel) implicate about anybody girls are running away and dieing one by one. Meantime , the girls are escaping and someone originates a frightening massacre of the remaining wayward girls .

Chicho Iba?ez Serrador's first great success is compelling directed with startling visual content . This frightening movie is plenty of thrills , chills , high body-count and glimmer color in lurid images with phenomenal results . This is a classic slasher where the intrigue , tension , suspense appear threatening and lurking in every room , corridors and luxurious interior and exterior . Agreeable performance from Cristina Gabo who played various Giallo and Horror movies such as ¨Sleeping corpses lie¨ , ¨What have you done to Solange¨ and ¨The killer must strike again¨ . This genuinely mysterious story is well photographed by Manuel Berenguer in location of Palace of Sobrellano (Comillas , Cantabria, Spain) with shades of ochre , translucently pale turquoises and deep red . Creepie and eerie musical score by Waldo De Los Rios.

This splendid movie belongs to Giallo genre . These Giallo movies are characterized by overblown use of color with shining red blood , usual zooms , and utilization of images-shock . The motion picture is well directed by Chicho Iba?ez Serrador . Chicho directed another classic as ¨Who can kill a child ? ¨ and for TV , ¨Historias para no Dormir¨, being his last film an episode titled ¨Blame¨(2006) . Rating : Good, this is one of the more imaginative slasher pictures in which the camera stalks in sinister style . Well worth watching .

Needs more sleaze.Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 7/10

Se?ora Fourneau (Lilli Palmer) is headmistress at a finishing school for wayward girls, where she rules with an iron fist, punishing those who step out of line with solitary confinement and corporal punishment (her sadistic assistant Irene happily administering a good flogging); when students occasionally disappear, they are presumed to have run away, but in reality, the girls are being brutally despatched by a homicidal maniac who stalks the school grounds.

Given its lurid subject matter, La Residencia is a surprisingly restrained affair in terms of nudity and graphic violence, director Narciso Ibá?ez Serrador dealing with his themes of repressed lust, lesbianism, sadism and incest in a far less sleazy and exploitative manner than many a Euro-horror of the same era. This reserved approach seems to have gone down well with the majority of reviewers here on IMDb, who commend the film for its subtlety, sense of style and haunting atmosphere, but who fail to mention just how dull it all is as a result. Hell, this film even manages to make a communal shower scene boring, the pretty girls remaining clothed as they wash themselves (!?!?).

A delightfully twisted final revelation—in which we learn the identity of the killer and the reason for the murders—just about makes it worth struggling through to the bitter end, but I'm definitely in the minority with this one: as far as I'm concerned, it could have done with less 'suggestion', and more in the way of actual blood and boobs.

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