The Human Tornado (1976) 720p YIFY Movie

The Human Tornado (1976)

The Human Tornado is a movie starring Rudy Ray Moore, Lady Reed, and Jimmy Lynch. A black comedian defends his community from attacks by stereotypical whites.

IMDB: 6.30 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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The Synopsis for The Human Tornado (1976) 720p

One of several Rudy Ray Moore films, THE HUMAN TORNADO is part of the on-going adventures of Dolemite: a signifying' super-hero. Dolemite comes to the rescue of Queen Bee, whose primarily black Nightclub is threatened by White Mafia types.

The Director and Players for The Human Tornado (1976) 720p

[Director]Cliff Roquemore
[Role:]Jimmy Lynch
[Role:]Rudy Ray Moore
[Role:]Gloria Delaney
[Role:]Lady Reed

The Reviews for The Human Tornado (1976) 720p

See something else..Reviewed byBatmanFunReviews2018Vote: 1/10

The Human Tornado is a pretty bad and incredibly stereotypical flick from start to finish plus the acting was super awful as a whole too and of course the storyline was super cheesy alongside the horrible dialogue and characters which were written so badly to even look at.

What more can be said?Reviewed bythefountainmenaceVote: 7/10

Having just seen Dolemite, I can easily attest that this one is purely funnier. I will watch Disco Godfather soon, which is argued by some to be better still, while many claim Tornado to be the best.

The racist cop cliches - GOLD. Dolemite leaping off an ivy covered hill, actually stopping the film, reversing it twice w/ a voiceover to "prove" that he really did it - GOLD. All the hallmarks of a GOOD bad movie. Really over the top, ridiculous fun. My only complaint is one too many shots of Rudy Ray's ass. And Caveletti's main squeeze, who is gratuitously nude more often than any other woman in the film, is a 40 plus white woman who is sagging in all the wrong places - couldn't a straight up pimp like Rudy Ray get something a little less 'local?' Oh, wait, he really isn't a pimp or for that matter, anything he claims to be in this movie. His interpretation of Kung Fu is hilarious.

Most Competent Rudy Ray Moore MovieReviewed byDrSatanVote: 6/10

I've seen Dolemite and Disco Godfather as well as Human Tornado...I'm something of a Rudy fan. I must say, however, that Human Tornado is the most competant Rudy Ray Moore movie I have seen (admittedly I have not seen Petey Wheatstraw or Monkey Hustle). The direction, camera work, and acting, while still substandard is no where near as atrocious as in Dolemite or Godfather. The story is simple and routine, but the dialogue and rapping is high-larious. My favorite scene for all out ridiculousness was when Rudy and "Miss Wonderful" get naked and....excercise in bed. Literally. I must say, however, if you're looking for the highlarious incompetency of Godfather, it won't be found here.

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