The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) 1080p

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a movie starring Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller, and Norman Kerry. In fifteenth century Paris, the brother of the archdeacon plots with the gypsy king to foment a peasant revolt. Meanwhile, a freakish...

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The Synopsis for The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) 1080p

Clopin bought Esmeralda from the gypsies when she was young. Dancing in the square at the festival, Esmeralda is spotted by Jehan, the evil brother of the good archdeacon Claude Frollo. When he sets Quasimodo out to kidnap Esmeralda, Phoebus, Captain of the Guards, rescues her and captures Quasimodo. The courts sentence Quasimodo to be flogged, and the only one who will give him water while he is tied in the square is Esmeralda. After Clopin forces Esmeralda to leave Phoebus at the ball, she sends a note to Phoebus to meet her at Notre-Dame. In the garden, Phoebus is stabbed in the back by Jehan. Esmeralda is accused of stabbing Phoebus, convicted by the courts and sentenced to hang. When Esmeralda again rejects Jehan, he tells her that Phoebus is dead, even though it is not true. Clopin, Phoebus and Quasimodo all try different ways to save Esmeralda.

The Director and Players for The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) 1080p

[Director]Wallace Worsley
[Role:]Kate Lester
[Role:]Norman Kerry
[Role:]Patsy Ruth Miller
[Role:]Lon Chaney

The Reviews for The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) 1080p

Well made and moving, not my favourite version but recommendedReviewed byTheLittleSongbirdVote: 8/10

If I were to say what my favourite versions were, they are the 1939 film with Charles Laughton and the 1996 Disney version. Neither are the most faithful to the book but I found myself to be the most engaged and most moved by them. This 1923 film is very good though. I did think some of the more secondary roles were rather stock here, especially Phoebus and Jehan, but still found the actors adequate. For its time and even now the film is very well made with beautiful(if not quite as Gothic of 1939) cinematography and make-up. The music score is also very good, atmospheric and often haunting, and the story is compelling too. I did find the ending to be of an anti-climax somewhat though, it is much more moving and convincing dramatically in the book and in other versions. The performances are very good on the whole, with Lon Chaney stealing the show as a grotesque and poignant Quasimodo, and Patsy Ann Miller as a beautiful and understated(if perhaps not quite sexy enough) Esmeralda and Ernest Torrance as Clopin faring best in support. All in all, recommended for especially how it was made and for Chaney. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Medieval MenaceReviewed byRon OliverVote: 10/10

Deaf and half-blind, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, feared & rejected by the people of Paris, becomes the unlikely protector of a poor gypsy girl.

Lon Chaney, master of disguise, solidified his celebrity with his portrayal of Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer, who is forever cut off from any semblance of a normal life. Although his makeup is certainly horrific, Chaney's role is not really monstrous: he is a lonely human desperately misused by Fate. Chaney's face speaks for him, communicating the tormenting anguish of his soul. While not quite as poignant as Charles Laughton's interpretation 16 years later, Chaney still makes of the role a Silent hallmark which has stood the test of time.

There are fairly lengthy segments in which Chaney does not appear and plot elements not explored in the longer Laughton version. Here the story dwells on the gypsy dancer Esmeralda, played by Patsy Ruth Miller, and her burgeoning romance with the brave Phoebus, Captain of the Guard, played by Norman Kerry. Both performers do very well with their 'normal' roles -- her innocence contrasting well with his initial lust -- even though the viewer is doubtless anxious for the return of the Hunchback.

A handful of excellent character actors from the era add their assistance: gaunt Nigel de Brulier as the saintly Archdeacon, defender of the Hunchback; beefy Ernest Torrence as Clopin, King of Thieves, ruling over the Court of Miracles; prissy Raymond Hatton as the effete poet Gringoire; and feeble Tully Marshall as a suspicious Louis XI.

Special mention must be made of Universal's splendid attention to detail which they lavished on the film. Most especially commendable is the representation of Notre Dame's West Facade, the only real angle from which the Cathedral's exterior is depicted. To see Chaney clamber down, swinging from pinnacle to gargoyle to statue; or, to watch Quasimodo defend Esmeralda from the crowd of beggars he thinks has come to kill her, dropping stones, beams and molten metal on their heads below from the Cathedral's ramparts, is to enjoy two of Silent Cinema's great visual moments.

Well, for it's time, it was great.Reviewed bybenoitlelievreVote: 7/10

I'm the first guy to say it, American cinema contains a truck load of bullsh*t. I'm also the first to admit that American cinema grow some of the most creative and influential directors of it's international history. This version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, for a "first times" cinema movie, was awesome.

I first bought this movie in the Vintage Entertainment Promo, who offered 3 classics on one DVD for seven bucks. I bought this one because it has Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari on it and with two films in bonus it was four bucks less than the Caligari DVD alone (marketing laws are a mystery for me).

This Wallace Worsley movie was one of the first ones to fully benefit the wonders of editing in USA. Worlsey shows hyper enthusiast camera work, fast paced editing and some perspectivism in his point of views that left me wanting more, even if the movie is 133 minutes, which is incredibly long for a movie of this date. The last sequence is a bit pompous, but hey, that's how Americans are doing cinema, with this noisy and flashy approach.

The acting was also dythirambical by Lon Chaney who played Quasimodo, who even without words was in my humble opinion way more convincing than some modern ones. Chaney overplays , yes, but he overplays as a freak who takes sadness heavier than the others and who joy makes happier than the others. He fully understood the essence of Quasimodo.

Esmeralada, as Patsy Ruth Miller look that generic actress from every damned first time movies, but makes it even more interesting with that tenderness/repulsion relation she has with quasimodo.

My "first times" cinema culture is very very thin (Approximatively 15 films), but i'm glad that i've seen this one and would recommend it to Griffith fans and to people who wants to know more about the origins of American cinema Very well done!

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