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The Isle (2018)

The Isle is a movie starring Conleth Hill, Alex Hassell, and Tori Butler-Hart. On a remote island off the west coast of Scotland in 1846 a heavy storm hits, causing a ship to sink. Three survivors row through a thick early morning...

IMDB: 6.86 Likes

  • Genre: Fantasy | History
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 812.09M
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 239 / 1072

The Synopsis for The Isle (2018) 720p

On a remote island off the west coast of Scotland in 1846 a heavy storm hits, causing a ship to sink. Three survivors row through a thick early morning mist, lost and disorientated. The mist begins to clear and The Isle appears before them. They soon discover that it is almost abandoned except for four sole residents: an old harbour man, a farmer, his niece and a young mad woman. Once rested and recovered the sailors are desperate to leave and return to the mainland, but the promised boat never appears. One of them starts to investigate and learns of a tragedy at sea that occurred five years previously causing several young men from the island to perish. When his two shipmates meet with accidents, the myth of a ghostly siren haunting the island leads him to uncover the truth whilst he battles to save his own life.

The Director and Players for The Isle (2018) 720p

[Director]Matthew Butler-Hart
[Role:]Fisayo Akinade
[Role:]Tori Butler-Hart
[Role:]Alex Hassell
[Role:]Conleth Hill

The Reviews for The Isle (2018) 720p

Watched it again and upped my score!Reviewed byjamesgouldsnrVote: 9/10

I've seen Butler-Hart's wok before and was impressed with what he could do with what seems like very little money so was eagerly awaiting this.

I was not disappointed. In fact I watched it a second time and upped my score from 8 to 9 because with every watching it just gets better. It's a slow-burn subtle movie which I fear may be above some people's intelligence levels.

And I love that! We used to make movies like this all the time and then we became flooded with just the same old nonsense over and over again.

But this gives me hope that this bold kind of movie making still exists. There are very few jump moments, which I loved, and you really get to know these people and feel that you are truly on this spectacular island with them. Most of the horror elements are near the end, or so I thought....until the second time I watched it and realised I'd missed a whole bunch or really subtle, very clever, moments.

If you're after women running through woods being chased by a dude in a mask, this is not for you. But for those with more refined taste, you're going to love it! TWICE!

A solid movieReviewed byjezzersandsVote: 7/10

This was really enjoyable.

Not what I expected, and I fear advertising as a horror may mislead some people, but if you know what to expect (which is why I'm writing this), then you're in for a treat.

It's more thriller than anything else. In fact if you look at what the filmmakers call it, a mythalogical folk tale, that's far more accurate than saying it's pure horror.

Don't get me wrong, it's creepy as hell, but in such a clever way, and it stays with you long after you leave the theatre. I'd happily watch it again, and maybe i'd change my score to higher now that I know what kind of movie it is.

This is more the fault of how it (and so many movies these days), is being billed. Say it's a straight horror, although the movie critics all tell it like it is, and you'll think you've been swindled.

Think of it as an intelligent thriller with an undertone of a ghost story, and you'll be thrilled...pun intended. Just make you own mind up, but look into what it is first!

A lazy n lame film about a ghost who's so lazy that it requires two sirens from the Greek mythology who themselves are lame.Reviewed byFella_shibbyVote: 3/10

I saw this film without watching the trailer or reading anything bah it. Sometimes i do that n if the film turns out to be good, I rejoice but in this case i got irritated.How come they still churn out lazy n lame films like these is beyond my understanding.The film is a bit similar to Gareth Evan's The Apsotle but nowhere close to being good like it.

The plot - After surviving a storm, three survivors arrive on an island inhabited by only four fellas, an old harbour man, a farmer, his niece and a young mad woman.I am giving it 3 stars, one for some decent cinematography, 1 for the attractive babe Alix Wilton Regan n 1 for the effort.

The film is devoid of any tension or suspense. The editing is atrocious. This film cud have been a decent 45 min episode.Ther is one very lousy n pathetic sex scene, that too not of Alix Regan but with the director's real wife.

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