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The Jack in the Box (2020)

The Jack in the Box is a movie starring Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne, and Lucy-Jane Quinlan. When a vintage Jack-in-the-box is un-earthed and opened, it's new owners soon have reason to believe the creepy clown doll within has a life...

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The Synopsis for The Jack in the Box (2020) 720p

When a vintage Jack-In-The-Box is un-earthed and donated to a museum in the heart of the woods, its not long before staff member Casey Reynolds has reason to believe the creepy clown doll inside has a life of its own. As Casey discovers his colleagues are dying one-by-one, will he find a way to end the nightmare, or will he too fall victim to the box's curse?

The Director and Players for The Jack in the Box (2020) 720p

[Director]Lawrence Fowler
[Role:]Lucy-Jane Quinlan
[Role:]Robert Nairne
[Role:]Ethan Taylor
[Role:]Philip Ridout

The Reviews for The Jack in the Box (2020) 720p

Exceeded my expectationsReviewed byrohanownzVote: 5/10

I am a hugeeee scary clown fan and I can't tell you how many times I come across movies with amazing covers that turn out to be dog crap. Clown movies are staples of low budget, f grade acting, and terribly written atrocities. It seems for every decent one you have to dig through 5 terrible ones. For instance some of the better ones would have to be Drive Thru, Clown, Killer Klowns From Outerspace, Terrifier, and Haunt. Just to name a few.

So where does Jack in the Box stand? I was actually quite shocked at the production value of this movie. The clown looks wonderful and the intricacies of the box itself. Although CGI in some spots. Looked really well done. This movie reminded me of Gremlin from 2017. In that it had a similar story line. And for me I also enjoyed that movie because it brought some new ideas and was pretty interesting to watch. Especially the twist at the end which I thought really made the movie. This one took some of those same principles but mixed it in with a clown and I for one am quite happy for the attempt.

The back story of demon boxes and how something like this came to be. Although pretty far fetched is quite a fascinating piece of fiction. I really like how this thing thrives on it's victims and has to be passed along in order to stay alive. It's clear they at least had a foundation for the plot line of this movie. However I would argue I wish it contained a few more layers. At times we are left trying to put together the pieces and you can't help but notice that at it's core it's pretty one dimensional. There isn't really a pay off and the ending although alright, has been done many times before in similarly told stories.

This movie also has several drawn on boring scenes. Not even important scenes that are critical to the progression of the film. More so just there to fill in the gaps and add some dialogue and character interaction. We have all seen this done countless times in movies that don't have much direction or a solid complex story that can keep things interesting. Nor do they really go out of there way to make you fall in love with any of these people to warrant such scenes. But when it counts they do give you just enough to keep watching.

The death scenes aren't amazing. A lot of times you just see people being dragged into the box. I'm sure with a bigger budget we could have had some more glorified kills. However when that clown is walking around it is quite terrifying and I cannot credit them more with nailing the way he moves and breathes.

Acting is fine in my opinion. Nobody took me out of the film nor did anyone go above and beyond. There are times where it isn't as strong as it could be. But I am not a stickler for this kind of stuff. As long as it isn't amateur hour.

If you are a fan of creepy dolls or music boxes. Puzzles or clowns. Then this is a great movie to watch if you have nothing else to do. I would say the movie itself probably deserves a 4 in it's plot progression. But it gets another point for me because that clown was so well done.

Incredible boreReviewed byhampersnow-28905Vote: 1/10

With his big blue eyes, square jaw, high cheekbones, blonde hair and scruffy slight beard, Ethan Taylor is quite handsome and photographs nicely as the leading man in this non-horror film. The reason I write of his appearance is because there is no other reason , and I mean none, to watch this bore of a a film. While on paper, this story of a demonic jack in the box, might have seemed like a good idea, in reality the writer/director Lawrence Fowler has no talent at this type of film at all. This movie is G-rated and wouldn't scare a child. There is no suspense, no terror, and 99% of the action of the demon takes place off camera. The actual Jack/Demon seen in the trailer is 5 minutes of the movie or less. There is a tiny bit of gore towards the end. I was falling asleep. There are continuity problems, holes in the plot, nothing works. I think Ethan Taylor may be British, yet they have him playing an American (for no reason) and yet at times he seemed to have a British accent ? Scenes that have nothing to do with the plot go on forever but scenes that are suppose to be "the horror" part of this horror film are just seconds long. The actual Jack/Demon looks Ok, if only he were in his own movie more. Dear Mr Fowler, please find another line of work.

It's okay.Reviewed byOtkonVote: 4/10

It's not gory. It's not fast-paced. It's not fancy.

They clearly spent all the budget on the box and Jack - which are nice and convincing. But they obviously hired their cousin with a DSLR to shoot it. It is recorded with ambient light and sound. So it just looks and sounds flat. That seems to be the standard nowadays in these dime-a-dozen pre-professional horror movies. So if you are looking for stimulating atmosphere, there is an echo-y, brightly sunlit, nearly empty local historical society "museum" at the center of the film.

It is also very understated in a British way. The lead actor will wind up going on to better things. He is charmingly handsome; and it is only up for him from here. He just had a peculiarly muted accent. Most of the other cast was staid and just there.

The movie had some interesting ideas. A decent protagonist. A very well-designed villain. But horror-oriented plot, suspense and execution - not so much.

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