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The Last Duel (2021) 1080p

Told in three viewpoints: husband's, rapist, wife's is very informing. Lots of medieval fighting and court machinations. Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver are well-cast as three leads. Over two hours long but won't feel it. Stay for update at end.

IMDB: 7.75 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Language: English 5.1  
  • Run Time: 152
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 101 / 745

The Synopsis for The Last Duel (2021) 1080p

Told in three viewpoints: husband's, rapist, wife's is very informing. Lots of medieval fighting and court machinations. Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver are well-cast as three leads. Over two hours long but won't feel it. Stay for update at end.

The Director and Players for The Last Duel (2021) 1080p

[Director]Ridley Scott
[Role:]Jodie Comer
[Role:]Adam Driver
[Role:]Matt Damon

The Reviews for The Last Duel (2021) 1080p

'Rashomon' for the 'Gladiator' generation.Reviewed byMOscarbradleyVote: 9/10

It's a brave man who will tell his tale in the manner of "Rashomon", particularly when he's as reliant on CGI as Ridley Scott is here but then Scott, now 84, has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Even without its 'Rashomon'-style telling, (different versions of the same events), setting your dark epic at the end of the Dark Ages, risks alienating your audience. "The Last Duel" is said to be based on true events but whose truth? In the end that hardly matters. Messing with the narrative is a good deal of the fun and Scott certainly gives us a big, bloody and savage movie. Indeed of all his films this could be the one most likely to appeal to fans of "Gladiator".

It's a fantastic looking film, stunningly shot by the great Dariusz Wolski and superbly designed but fidelity to the period doesn't really extend to the screenplay, co-written by co-stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck together with Nicole Holofcener from Eric Jager's book, and it's all the better for it. The 21st century colloquialisms give the movie an accessibility it might otherwise have lacked. Unfortunately neither Damon nor Adam Driver add much depth to their characters though an almost unrecognisable Ben Affleck seems to be enjoying himself and a post-Killing Eve Jodie Comer has no problem walking off with the movie as the wife who may or may not have been raped.

Indeed, there is so much about "The Last Duel" that is smart, funny and totally unexpected that if just might turn out to be the most unlikely multiplex movie of the year but whether audiences respond to a movie largely devoid of action until the final duel is a different matter. This isn't Marvel territory but a movie for grown-ups that deserves a grown-up audience. Let's hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

Even into his 80s, Ridley Scott's still got itReviewed byJeremy_UrquhartVote: 9/10

Probably my favourite movie of the year so far. Thankful to have seen it at the cinema, too, because the way the film looks and sounds is really impressive and immersive, helping to make the 2.5-hour runtime fly by.

The start of the titular last duel is shown at the beginning of the film, before three separate flashbacks show the events leading up to it from a different perspective each time. The beginning of the duel feels intense without the context, owing to the atmosphere, sound, and direction. By the end of the film, when we understand not just how we got there, but how multiple characters perceived the events that got them there, the tension becomes almost unbearable.

You're thrown into things in the first 15 to 20 minutes, but the film becomes clearer as it goes on, and really shines when events begin being shown from different points of view. Some changes us to perspective are obvious, but some are more subtle, and it's fascinating to see one character see themselves in one way when they're "telling the story," but to see them in another way when someone else is. Damon in particular plays an almost completely different character in each section, owing to how differently he sees himself from how Driver's character sees him, and then how differently Comer's character sees him, too.

Acting wise, everyone's great. Adam Driver is intense and menacing, Damon successfully plays the same character who changes dramatically depending on the POV being used, and Affleck is the best he's been in years in a smaller role. Comer probably steals the show, though, especially in the final hour. She gives an incredible performance, and surely will get some award nominations in the coming months.

The film is paced well and endlessly compelling. The buildup to that last duel implied by the title is excellent, and the duel itself is one of the most intense scenes I've seen in a film in ages.

This is a great movie, and one that feels vital and important, despite depicting events that happened over 700 years ago. Direction is strong, performances are great, and I loved how the film incorporated all the different points of view.

Highly recommended.

Dueling stories Make This Search For Truth A Wild SpectacleReviewed byrgkarimVote: 8/10


The Setting:For reviewers and audience members like me, being pulled into a world makes the experience, and the Last Duel has accomplished this very well. Like Game Of Thrones, the studio has pulled us into the time of the European conquests, where countries and lands switched alliances in the name of greed, power, and entitlement that we've seen time and time again. Misty forests, and wide fields culminate in the feeling of vastness of the world prior to modernization, as one traveled between havens of castles and forts for celebrations. Within these walls, the dark and hallowed halls are authentic, creating these immense fortresses that hold much with the walls and courtyards. All the subtle nuances of lighting via flickering flame, the echoes of the halls, and the details of changing certain room to please the owner's needs are here, and you really feel pulled back in time.

The Cinematography:It's beautiful to say the least, with great use of lighting and filters to bring about the moods of each scene. Battle scenes are engaging and ever changing to really draw you into the fight, with many angles capture at just the right approach to really draw out the emotions of the scene. Meanwhile, the more dramatic moments find blend plenty of dynamics together to draw out the scenes and give you the full emotions of that moment and the stakes that they hold. The fervor of the scribe who is being abused, or the pain of the person as they are berated for their thoughts are all beautifully stacked and layered from the camera work and really get you into this dramatic tale.

Dialogue:It's a movie that holds a lot of talking and character development, meaning that the words need to evolve past the common dialogue found on social media and comedy films. The Last Duel has some amazing words lining the page, using the poetic descriptions famous for these time period pieces that blend metaphor and "common" tongue into a fluid ballad of deeper tones. It paints the pictures of the feelings of all those involved, being used as a weapon to cut deep into the pride and "honor" of characters who hold those qualities close to heart. The deep dialogue is certainly a meat of the movie that you will either hate or love, but for me, this film does not get so lost in the dialogue to have you scratching your head like reading Shakespeare in high school.

The Story Telling:This dark tale stands out from other drams, due to the presentation of what is a common tale in this day and age. It's not just because it occurs in the Medieval time period, but more so in the way Scott and his team told the tale in the chapter approach. Each of the chapters in the Last Duel comes from the perspective of the person involved in the act, with the same tale being told, but getting those added nuances and beliefs by the storyteller about what they believed occurred. Seeing those subtle differences and getting to see their actions during the time period was a genius move that does not rub stuff in your face, and ending at the same point helped build up to the titular duel to come.

The Action:Believe it or not, this movie does have action outside of the trailer's fight and at times it is rather impressive. Scott and his team give you representative battles of the time period, combining swarm moments with personalized action, to combine into a fight that had some character behind it. A little violent sure, but Scott's handling of these moments gave use enough break from the drama to wake up, but never detracting too much to lose grip of the story. When the final sequence occurs, Scott extends the chaos of the battlefield into one duel, and it is a splendid dance of word and blade that last about 16 minutes by my watch. It holds the spirt of the entire movie and puts a fitting and exciting conclusion that has you wondering who will stand and who will fall, unless you know history.

The Acting:Hands down, this highly character centered piece requires good acting and this may be the strongest piece of the film. Damon is a wonderful opening chapter for the film, and his time as a squire is filled with moments of hurt, betrayal, and fury that he plays so well. Similar to other roles I have seen him in, that control of letting the emotions out in the right amount at the right time cannot be understated for me in this film. His engagement in the facets of the knightlihood actions, and how he processes all the pressure of the time are incredible and I loved how much he was pulled into the film to challenge that dynamic. Adam Driver, well the man continues to blow my mind with how elegant his skills can deliver on a character. More aristocratic in nature, Driver brings more of the poetry and nobility language that paints a rivalry between the two nights. His delivery of the language is much tighter than Damon's, and his outrage is more focused to again show the approaches to the lifestyle of the time periods. Ben Affleck does very well with his role as the arrogant Lord of the Land, his delivery holds more of the nobility debauchery and corruption of the land, but works well with his sinful delivery of the dialogue. The champion though, was the Jodie Comer, who once again delivered a role I enjoyed despite the harder scenes to watch. Comer holds so much elegance as a noble lady, only to then see her spirit come out during her side of the tale in the actions she did for her estate. When the emotional moments came up, she stacked her emotions to gradually pour out, from hurt betrayal to full on hysterics depending on the scene. She was elegant in her delivery, yet new when to lose that elegance to make a point and that control and depth, alongside the darker moments she had to bear, continues to display the talent and promise she has.


The Pacing:I agree with my fellow reviewers that the movie loses its stride as the first hour fades, becoming a bit of an uneven mess that loses the power of the first act. A strong opening act starts to wind down int eh second and the third, and its only the promise of the duel and the outcome that gets you to stay. This uneven pace mixed with the longer run time, can make it difficult and if you don't have the energy, the quieter moments can lead you to falling asleep, but if you can make it to the end you'll be rewarded.

The Animal cruelty:The Last Duel does not venture into the territory of unnecessary torture of animals, but it does have some graphic displays that were painful for me to watch. I'm not a fan of seeing graphic shots of animals suffering or their corpses, so I can't say this was my favorite aspect. Yes, it's realistic and keeps in theme with the rest of the film, but for people like me, it can be a little somber to watch.

The Sexual Moments:Yeah, if you've read my reviews, the sexual moments are already not as enjoyable for me to watch if they offer little to the story. While the debauchery does show the characters of some of our casts and how one entertained oneself in old times, much of it got a little too visual for me. Seeing lots of the acts in the manner we see can be a bit hard to watch as well, especially seeing the more aggressive and illegal acts unfold that can be hard for those with PTSD. Applaude to the actors for making it come to life, but I'm still not the biggest fan of seeing forced love making multiple times when I get the picture the first time.

The Presentation:Ironically, as much as I love the three perspectives, I can't say that it did not have it's own weaknesses with the presentation. The three acts will give you the perspectives of all three and allow one to appreciate how stories fluctuate depending on the mind of the teller. However, seeing many of the same scenes again and again starts to lose the fervor and become boring given how little is added. Fortunately, there are other scenes happening around the moment that help relieve the boredom, but still seeing many of the same scenes occur with little action moments to again break up the drama was not the best choice for me and a more linear tale would have escaped this flaw.

The VERDICT:The Last Duel is a splendid example of cinematography storytelling for a very sensitive subject. Ridley Scott immerses you into the setting with visuals, clothing, and setting that will haul your butt into the Medieval time period and settle you into the politics of the movie and the subject matter. Fantastic writing feels authentic to the world of yore, and enriches the dramatic moments with a life that would otherwise be a bit dull, while action scenes contain all the splendid details to drop you into the carnage the world once faced. Yet the acting alongside the presentation are the solid points for the movie, with a cast who really does make such a dark subject tolerable and engaging, while also illustrating the flaws vanity can bring and how there are multiple sides of the story. Yet, the movie is not for those who get constant excitement in their films, as the pacing is off after about the first hour, which for a 2.5 hour movie is saying something. Mix in the darker elements that can be a bit much at times, alongside needing some action to break up the monotony of the film. And while the presentation is unique and artistic, it also is a big limitation because of how bland the same scenes become when little is added to them. Overall, the movie scores a worthy of theater vibe for me and I recommend a watch if you get the time.

My scores are:Action/Drama/History: 8.0Movie Overall: 7.5.

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