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The Lawless Nineties (1936)

The Lawless Nineties is a movie starring John Wayne, Ann Rutherford, and Harry Woods. Federal agent John Tipton heads for Wyoming to supervise the vote on whether to join the Union. One group of locals is using dynamite to terrorize...

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The Synopsis for The Lawless Nineties (1936) 720p

Federal Agents Tipton and Bridger have been sent to Wyoming where the vote on statehood is imminent. Plummer and his gang are out to make sure the vote fails. When Plummer's men kill Bridger, Tipton fights on. He sends fake telegrams that trap some of Plummer's men. Then he organizes the ranchers and on election day they descend on the town barricaded by Plummer's gang.

The Director and Players for The Lawless Nineties (1936) 720p

[Director]Joseph Kane
[Role:]John Wayne
[Role:]George 'Gabby' Hayes
[Role:]Harry Woods
[Role:]Ann Rutherford

The Reviews for The Lawless Nineties (1936) 720p

Wayne for WyomingReviewed byfrank4122Vote: 10/10

John Wayne as a government man aims to bring free elections to Wyoming with the help of Lane Chandler. Who had star power of his own and a stalwart of television Westerns. Harry Woods did an admirable job as the Chairman of the Committee of Law and Order but behind the scenes is up to some dirty deeds. Hard to believe that the clean shaven newspaper man is actually Gabby Hayes. His daughter the beautiful Ann Rutherford was outstanding as the newspaper lady fighting for voting rights. In another irony, she was not actually allowed to vote until years later. Although they played lesser roles it was great to see 'Snowflake' Toones, a standard bearer for Republic and Etta McDaniel.The Lawless Nineties is another fine western from Republic Pictures.

'Bleeding' Wyoming needs Wayne to keep the polls for statehood fairReviewed byweezeralfalfaVote: 5/10

Good golly, Miss Molly!1890 Wyoming is pictured as more violent than 'bleeding' Kansas. Looks like the outlaws may outnumber the law-abiding citizens, burning them out to make them leave, and turning prospective residents away at the borders. It's looking like Wyoming is well on the way to being populated by only terrorists and other miscreants! I hope you don't take this as a history lesson! The real Wyoming was nothing like this, but this image provides the setting for an exciting John Wayne western. Of course, there are shootings, horse chases, and fist fights, and the occasional stick of dynamite........The man behind much of the violence is one Charles Plummer(Harry Woods) who, ironically, masquerades as the Chairman of the Committee on Law and Order!! His 'field general', who actually supervises misdeeds, is Steele(Al Bridge). In contrast to Plummer, he actually looks like an archetypical outlaw.........Having heard of the situation, an official of the U.S. Justice Department sends John Wayne and his friend Bridger (Lane Chandler) to investigate and do what they can to minimize the influence of the criminal element in the coming referendum to determine if residents want Wyoming to become a state. This official claims that if it becomes a state, the criminal element will virtually vanish.(Maybe)........George 'Gabby' Hays, as Major Carter, back in Virginia, for some strange reason, got exciting about the situation in Wyoming, and decided to buy the Crocket City Blaze(newspaper), and become it's editor, espousing the advantages of statehood. His eligible daughter, Janet(Ann Rutherford), came along with him to assist him. Besides, the male/female ratio there was much more favorable. Of course, she eventually becomes Wayne's love interest, despite an abrasive introduction. Plummer warns Carter that the last editor was shot dead in his office. But, this doesn't dissuade Carter from printing inflammatory editorials.....To provide a bit of comic relief, 2 African Americans are included: 'Snowflake' Toones, as Moses, arrived as the driver of the buggy carrying the Carters from Virginia. He will continue to serve them. Etta McDaniel, sister of the Oscar winning Hattie McDaniel, plays Mandy Lou: a domestic, who occasionally has a conversation with Moses, as the only 2 African Americans in the community. Moses provides the comic looks and dialogue. Some of you may not appreciate the racial stereotypes...... As often happens in westerns, the damsel loses her significant other, often her father, thus symbolically, this opens wider the door for a new significant other(the hero).......Don't expect to find George Hays in his mode as a grizzled, charismatic, sidekick. As in some other of his early film roles, here he keeps his teeth, providing no hint of his speech manner as Gabby. Here, he's a refined gentleman of letters, with no time for foolishness... See it at YouTube.!

about what you'd expect from a John Wayne B-MovieReviewed byMartinHaferVote: 5/10

This film was a pretty entertaining film and being a B-film, it was over in under one hour. In other words, it accomplished its modest goals just fine. While this means that compared to other, A-films, the movie might seem awfully simplistic, it was simply meant as a second film on a double-bill. These second features were often made by lesser-name studios and featured lower budgets and actors/directors/writers who hadn't yet established themselves in Hollywood or couldn't make the jump to the higher-level films--hence, the name "B-Movie". For years, John Wayne did many Bs and this one is certainly better than most (such as his "Singing Sandy" and "Three Mesquiteers" films). It gets the job done and the acting, for Bs, is very good. By the way, the role of the Major was played by George Hayes--that's "Gabby" Hayes and wow does he look and sound different playing a more serious role!

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