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The Libertine (2004)

The Libertine is a movie starring Johnny Depp, Samantha Morton, and John Malkovich. The story of John Wilmot, a.k.a. the Earl of Rochester, a 17th century poet who famously drank and debauched his way to an early grave, only to earn...

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The Synopsis for The Libertine (2004) 720p

In 1660, with the return of Charles II to the English throne, theater, the visual arts, science and sexual promiscuity flourish. Thirteen years later, in the midst of political and economical problems, Charles II orders the return of his friend John Wilmot, aka the second Earl of Rochester, from exile back to London. John is a morally-corrupt drunkard and a debauched, cynical poet. When the King asks John to prepare a play for the French ambassador so as to please him, John meets the aspiring actress Elizabeth Barry in the playhouse and decides to make her into a great star. He falls in love with her and she becomes his mistress. During the presentation to the King and the French ambassador, John falls into disgrace with the court. When he is thirty-three years old and dying of syphilis and alcoholism, he converts to being a religious man.

The Director and Players for The Libertine (2004) 720p

[Director]Laurence Dunmore
[Role:]Samantha Morton
[Role:]John Malkovich
[Role:]Johnny Depp
[Role:]Paul Ritter

The Reviews for The Libertine (2004) 720p

Ignore the negative reviews; SEE THIS MOVIEReviewed byohiostepmomVote: 10/10

I don't understand the poor reviews this film has gotten. I loved the movie. Therefore, I would like to make the following observations in its defense:

1) The movie is set in 17th century England. Of course it is muddy and poorly lit. IMHO, it's about time a filmmaker had the guts to show such a period piece accurately.

2) The movie is about wasted talent. It's a morality tale. Whether from drink or deeply rooted personality/mental disorder or both, this man had a brilliantly clever mind and he wasted it. He was numb for a whole variety of reasons (many are not detailed in the movie, admittedly) and was therefore constantly trying to feel. He became bogged down in the fatalistic and cynical view that life is meaningless, rather than in trying to make his life mean something. The movie shows his resulting struggles and the suffering he causes those who care about him while he gradually is made through horrible consequence to see how such waste leads to his own destruction.

3) The movie has a message beyond the question of one man's redemption or lack thereof. Don't waste life's gifts; use them wisely. He started to see the error of his ways by the end of the film, a little too late I'm sure he realizes, makes attempts to mend with mixed success, and thus asks the question "do you like me now."

4) Johnny Depp's performance is beyond description. He loses himself in yet another character, and from accent to mannerisms is completely consistent in his depiction. The negative reviewers obviously take this seemingly limitless talent for granted. Let their loss not be yours.

5) It's about time a movie actually contains some dialog, as opposed to merely being a pasted together, trite conglomeration of one-liners and head shots.

6) See the movie.

Powerful, repulsive, compelling, magnificentReviewed byfilmbuff2Vote: 10/10

This wasn't a glamorized period costume drama that Hollywood loves to overdo and it wasn't NC-17 for nothing! There was some technical roughness and lack of continuity but they were minor quibbles in what I considered a triumph. The mood, the sets and cinematography, the script and, most of all, the acting were all of the highest and most innovative caliber. Depp was in almost every scene and was fascinating beyond anything I'd ever experienced. His force and range of emotion and naturalness were exceptionally powerful and moving from first to last. You hated him and loved him, were repulsed by him and felt pity for him. You were drawn to him almost against your will, like a vortex pulling you in. All else paled in comparison. This was a Johnny Depp that I'd never seen before but so hope I have a chance to again. This performance is the crowning glory to date of his illustrious career and I see no limits to what he can accomplish in the future. Everyone else was uniformly excellent although Samantha Morton didn't portray the allure the Elizabeth Barry in the play had.

My primary recommendation for improving this work in progress before theatrical release center around clarifying motivations up front for why these people were the way they were. This could be done by a combination of edits and additions. I found I liked it even better and was more moved by it the second time I saw it when I wasn't concentrating as much on following the storyline.

This was a movie I loved and can't get it out of my mind. It was stunning and compelling beyond anything I've seen in a very long while.

Stunning actingReviewed bylouis-lestatVote: 10/10

Stunning acting all round in this wonderful tale of conflict, passion, sex and the power of the royal hierarchy. Johnny Depp is on top of his game and from the opening scene we ironically love him. His performance is closely followed by a powerful stone-like King Charles II, portrayed by John Malkovich.

As we all know, Johnny Depp is renowned for his perfection when using an accent or voice in a role. He brings to life Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, he added a new different and interesting aspect with his performance as Willy Wonka, he added an inspiring and heart-throbbing performance as the innocent Edward Scissorhands. He does the same and more in this film, with a strong immaculate upper-middle class Englishman accent that doesn't drop below perfection at any point through out the entire gripping movie.

This Film follows the life and gruesome death of Earl Rochester- a man wanting sex, passion and danger at all times.

This film is stunning, and i imagine all the actors (minus a frustrating Johnny Vegas) and directors involved with this film will feel proud of their magnificent performances.

i was gripped by this movie from the very beginning, being intrigued by Rochester from the very opening scene to feeling emotional by the end scenes. Like i said this film is stunning, those who love it love it for an reason, those who hate it will learn to appreciate it. i loved this film, i hope you do as well.

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