The Lineup (1958) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Lineup (1958) 1080p

The Lineup is a movie starring Eli Wallach, Robert Keith, and Richard Jaeckel. In San Francisco, a psychopathic gangster and his mentor retrieve heroin packages carried by unsuspecting travelers.

IMDB: 7.40 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 86
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 
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The Synopsis for The Lineup (1958) 1080p

In San Francisco, two police inspectors are on the case when a rogue taxi driver, with the help of a rogue porter, manages to steal the suitcase of an antiques collector before running down a cop, whose dying gesture is to shoot the cabbie dead. The inspectors discover that a statuette in the suitcase contains heroin. Meanwhile, a psychopathic gangster, his malignant mentor and their dipsomaniac driver have the job of picking up the other heroin shipments, hidden in the luggage of unsuspecting travelers. All goes well until they attempt to retrieve the heroin stuffed in a Japanese doll. A little girl and her lovely young mother have the doll, but when the crooks take possession of it, they find that the heroin has mysteriously vanished.

The Director and Players for The Lineup (1958) 1080p

[Director]Don Siegel
[Role:]Mary LaRoche
[Role:]Richard Jaeckel
[Role:]Robert Keith
[Role:]Eli Wallach

The Reviews for The Lineup (1958) 1080p

Another Great Police Story Directed by Don SiegelReviewed byclaudio_carvalhoVote: 7/10

In the harbor of San Francisco, a porter throws the suitcase of a passenger that has just arrived from Asia into a taxi and the driver hits a truck and a police officer that kills him before dying. The owner Philip Dressler (Raymond Bailey) explains to the police Lieutenant Ben Guthrie (Warner Anderson) and Inspector Al Quine (Emile Meyer) that the content of the suitcase are antiques that he bought in Asia from a street vendor. However the police laboratory discover that one statuette has heroin hidden inside and the inspectors replace the drug per sugar and return the suitcase to Dressler, who is a citizen above suspicion. Meanwhile the gangster Dancer (Eli Wallach), who is a psychopath; his partner Julian (Robert Keith) and the alcoholic driver Sandy McLain (Richard Jaeckel) are hired by the kingpin The Man (Vaughn Taylor) to collect the heroin packages that have been smuggled hidden in the luggage of three other innocent tourists. They succeed to retrieve the two firsts, but the load of the third one vanishes and they panic. Meanwhile the police is hunting them under the command of Lt. Guthrie.

"The Lineup" is another great police story directed by Don Siegel. The story is original and the action scenes in San Francisco are impressive for a 1958 film. The dysfunctional criminals are peculiar and Eli Wallach performs a psychopath killer; Robert Keith takes notes of the last words of Dancer's victims in a notebook; and Richard Jaeckel is an alcoholic driver. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Sádico Selvagem" ("The Wild Sadist")

Nobody Made Them Nastier Than Don SiegelReviewed byHandlinghandelVote: 8/10

This movie is one shocking scene after another. They're connected, to be sure. It's a very well crafted film. But it;s like the "This Is Cinerama" of shocking brutal effects.

Eli Wallach, right out of his brilliant performance in the sublime "Baby Doll," plays a psychopath. His mentor is Robert Keith. They have a very strange relationship: Keith, though a cold blooded criminal, is very strict about grammar and manners. Wallach wants to learn from him.

Add to this twosome a blond, prettied-up Richard Jaeckel as their eager driver. (See my comments on the pros and cons of gay hit men in fifties movies under my comments on "Murder By Contract." At least people saw them but they were far from role models. Better than the swishy stereotypes of earlier decades but portrayed most unflatteringly nevertheless.

We have a scene in a steam room. We have nuns and children. We have a terrific car chase.

I'm not giving away any plot. I'll say only that these boys don't play nice -- or nicely as the Dancer (Wallach) character would have it.

It's a brilliant movie. It's one of Siegel's most polished and very best.

Slick and brutal Don Siegel thriller centers on psychopathology of killersReviewed bybmacvVote: 7/10

Heroin from Asia is flooding into San Francisco, carried in souvenirs and curios packed by unwitting mules. When the mules arrive home to kick back after their peregrinations around the Pacific Rim, they are paid an unexpected and usually unpleasant visit by a team of psycho-killers named Dancer and Julian (Eli Wallach and Robert Keith, respectively), who collect the precious narcotic. Wallach is forever on the edge of detonation, so it takes the patient ministrations of Keith to soothe him down and keep him on task; their relationship suggests that of an old queen dealing with rough trade. (Their young driver, Richard Jaeckel -- best remembered as the young Turk in Come Back, Little Sheba -- adds to the homoerotic tone, as does a violent scene in a steambath). Don Siegel goads the action along and knows what he's doing every step of the way. The Lineup marks a no-man's-land between classic film noir, which had pretty much ground to a halt, and the flatter, faster and more sensational thrillers that the early 1960s would bring; in its more modest way, it foreshadows later movies like The Detective, Bullitt and The French Connection.

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