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The Long Haul (1957) 1080p

The Long Haul is a movie starring Victor Mature, Diana Dors, and Patrick Allen. After leaving his U.S. Army job in Germany, a trucker takes a long-haul driver job in Britain where he runs into an organized-crime syndicate that...

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  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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The Synopsis for The Long Haul (1957) 1080p

Desperate to earn money, Harry hooks back up with Joe Easy. The best scene is when they make the final run to cash out a load of furs and they get lost on the way through the forest. The three drive the truck over the mountain to connect with the waiting ship in the harbor. The rocky terrain is a tense journey, until they try to cross the steam. Then it gets really good when they get stuck and have to remove a front tire in the middle of the stream. Harry's arm gets caught under the truck fender, they get loose but can't get up the embankment. There's an OK fist fight and then the truck's load slides off and crushes Joe Easy. That gets Harry and Lynn to the waiting ship. Harry then has guilty remorse and returns with Lynn to the wife and hospitalized son. They reconcile and the Police arrest Harry for all his crimes. Lynn heads back to her dead end life at "The Congo Club."

The Director and Players for The Long Haul (1957) 1080p

[Director]Ken Hughes
[Role:]Patrick Allen
[Role:]Victor Mature
[Role:]Gene Anderson
[Role:]Diana Dors

The Reviews for The Long Haul (1957) 1080p


This is a stalwart attempt to produce an example of British Noir, its screenplay reducing its importance. Distributed by Columbia, this work based upon a novel by Mervyn Mills was well received in England, due in large part to popularity of its principal female player, Diana Dors, whose skill as actress stands and falls solely upon her physical attributes. Victor Mature portrays Harry Miller, an American soldier who, after his discharge in Germany, moves to England with wife Connie (Gene Anderson) and son since his spouse rejects all attempts to return to the United States with his new family. Harry finds employment, through an uncle of his wife, as a truck driver, his occupation in military service, and carries out his duties with diligence, but tension increases for the married pair because of Connie's determination to remain in England near her family. Harry's strained home life makes him vulnerable to a liaison with Lynn (Dors), girl friend of illicit marketeer Joe Easy (Patrick Allen) and the ex-G.I. soon forsakes his honour by becoming embroiled in smuggling operations with Easy. The script written by director Ken Hughes is hackneyed as Hughes relies upon melodrama at the expense of character development, as evidenced by his often trite dialogue. Not surprisingly then the most interesting action takes place during scenes requiring little discussion, when Harry, Joe and Lynn are struggling to maneuver a large fur-laden rig across rocky expanses in the Scottish Highlands to rendezvous with an anchored vessel. Mature makes the best of his lines, giving an earnest performance but acting honours go to Allen with his consistent reading as Harry's dishonest boss and rival for Lynn's affection, while good turns are given by Liam Redmond and John Welsh; Dors is barely adequate, until she speaks. Suitably atmospheric jazzy scoring by Trevor Duncan and Basil Emmott's fluid camerawork are impressive, along with skillful contributions from Raymond Poulton (editing) and John Hoesli (sets), all sadly minimized due to a banal scenario.

He asked for a job...and they gave him the business!Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 7/10

Harry (Victor Mature) and Connie have a horrible marriage. You don't realize to what extent when the film begins...but there are definite signs they are having trouble when she refuses to move to the States when Harry's hitch in the service is over...and they HAD agreed on this move. Harry gives in and later his resentment comes the form of a sexy receptionist, Lynn (Diana Dors). However, there is much more to the fact, the main thrust of the film is Harry's job with a trucking company in the UK. It's run by a real creep, Joe Easy (Patrick Allen) and the guy isn't above faking hijackings of his trucks (so he can sell the loads), slapping folks about and even murder!! So how does Harry fit into all this?

In many ways, this film has a very noir feel to it. However, unlike most American noir pictures, pretty much everyone in it is a jerk! Connie is a poor excuse for a wife, Harry's moral compass becomes more and more bent through the course of the film and everyone has an aura of sliminess about them. This is NOT a complaint...more an observation. If you are looking for heroes...well, you won't really find any here....just jerks and bigger and nastier jerks! My complaint isn't really's the ending when, inexplicably, there is some selflessness! Still, an exciting British film...and worth seeing.

Great film, high quality in all areasReviewed bymarkpunchVote: 9/10

This is a very good film, starting with a great , sensitive script, terrific acting from Victor Mature and Diana Dors , and beautiful wide-screen B&W photography.

Anyone who's ever doubted the two leads acting ability should see this film. Diana Dors is particularly great in a role which was a surprise to me, displaying great sensitivity beyond the script, which is already very good.

I highly recommend this movie, it is much more than just a trucker, road action flick.

The relationships of the principal characters are very well drawn,

and the outcome is not the normal cliché ending one might expect.

The Long Haul is really a great film-noir of the 50s era, as good as any of the classic 40s noir, I believe.

It is available on DVD ... see it , you won't be disappointed.

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