The Long Ships (1964) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Long Ships (1964) 1080p

A vagabond Viking adventurer and a Moor both compete to find "The Mother of All Voices," a legendary golden bell near the Pillars of Hercules.

IMDB: 6.28 Likes

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The Synopsis for The Long Ships (1964) 1080p

There is a legend about a great bell, called "The Mother of Voices," made of pure gold, three times the size of a man, made by monks many years ago... This is the story told in the marketplace by a Viking called Rolfe. This information finds its way to the Islamic ruler Aly Manush, who is obsessed with finding the bell. But Rolfe claims not to know where the bell is, and escapes, back to his homeland, to convince his father and brother to give him a ship and crew to replace the one he lost - or to help him steal the Death Ship which belongs to the king - because he does know where the bell is...

The Director and Players for The Long Ships (1964) 1080p

[Director]Jack Cardiff
[Role:]Sidney Poitier
[Role:]Richard Widmark
[Role:]Russ Tamblyn

The Reviews for The Long Ships (1964) 1080p

Fun But Not To Be Taken as SeriousReviewed byscriibeVote: 9/10

The Long Ships is a fun movie. Richard Widmarck's "Rolfe" could be a medieval ancestor of William H Macy's "Frank Gallagher." Having seen both this and the more serious The Vikings, I prefer The Long Ships. Neither is all that historically accurate, though The Vikings claims to be. The Vikings uses a standard Hollywood romantic subplot which is annoying. But The Long Ships exchanges The Vikings' sober pseudo-accuracy for a sharp sense of fun. While very un-PC, there is no doubt Rolfe and Portier's al Mansur did respect one another and in another time and place might have been great friends. Add a rousing score and great cinematography, and you have a winner--just don't take it too seriously..

AwfulReviewed byWilliamFAlexanderVote: 1/10

Although Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier made several movies together in which their chemistry was absolutely great (e.g. "The Bedford Incident" and "No Way Out"), "The Long Ships" is not one of them. Their use of 1960's colloquial American phrases in the dialog just made it unbearable and the acting seemed second rate. Widmark seemed more like a Bronx hood than a viking and Poitier was an even worse prince of the Moors. While watching the movie, I kept wondering if there was really any point of the plot which start off half way decent and then degraded into silliness. I kept asking myself "How did that happen if this had happened?". For example, they had to pass through a maelstrom to get to their destination: this was an absolute must, there was no other way. However, on their return journey, all weighed down with booty, they did not have to pass back through the maelstrom. Why didn't they just go around it in the first place? Such mysteries of the universe we will never known, just has how anyone could rate this movie more than 1 out of 10 ;)

Bells, Belles and Biceps.Reviewed bySpikeopathVote: 5/10

Out of Columbia Pictures comes this Viking/Moors adventure very loosely based on the Swedish novel of the same name written by Frans G. Bengtsson. Produced by Irving Allen, it's directed by Jack Cardiff and stars Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier & Russ Tamblyn. It's a Technicolor/Technirma 70 production with cinematography from Christopher Challis, who shoots on location along the Yugoslavia coast. The plot follows the search and fights for a fabled golden bell known as The Mother of Voices. On one side is the Moor army led by king Aly Mansuh (Poitier), on the other is the Norsemen led by Rolfe (Widmark).

Thought to be an attempt at cashing in on the success of Richard Fleischer's The Vikings and Anthony Mann's El Cid (in spite of there being a 6 and 3 year gap respectively?), The Long Ships is a messy film bogged down by confused intentions and a poor script from Beverley Cross & Berkely Mather. Things are also problematic within the cast as Widmark, sensing the turgid nature of the beast, plays it for laughs, while a disgruntled Poitier gives it the maximum effort trying to make it work. The rest of the cast are, it seems, just along for a meal ticket ride. Even Dusan Radic's score is boisterously out of place, loud and uneven with the action, it's a score that would be more at home with an Asterix The Gaul cartoon. However, and depending on if you can forgive the nonsense history and all round bad narrative, there's still some fun to be had. Be it intentional or not. The costuming is effective, while Challis' coastal photography is gorgeous and sparkles in Technicolor. The action sequences are competently staged by Cardiff {cinematographer on The Vikings funnily enough}, tho the site of an army being felled by weapons unseen is hilariously bad. With sea-storms, double-crosses and the evil Mare Of Steel execution device, there's enough to have made this something of a cult favourite with the adventure fan. So bad it's good? Well it's not quite in that category, but newcomers entering into it expecting anything other than a dumb downed costume adventure will be sorely disappointed. 5/10

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