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The Maggie (1954)

The 'Maggie' is a movie starring Paul Douglas, Alex Mackenzie, and James Copeland. An American businessman in Scotland is conned into shipping a valuable load of cargo to a Scottish island via a coal powered boat.

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The Synopsis for The Maggie (1954) 720p

The skipper of a tatty coastal 'puffer' boat cons an American into letting "The Maggie" carry a cargo to a Scottish island. The American soon realises he's been conned but can he stop them?

The Director and Players for The Maggie (1954) 720p

[Director]Alexander Mackendrick
[Role:]Paul Douglas
[Role:]Abe Barker
[Role:]James Copeland
[Role:]Alex Mackenzie

The Reviews for The Maggie (1954) 720p

Weak script, weak characters, jokes fall flatReviewed bySajazamVote: 2/10

It is hard for me to judge this movie because I enjoy old movies. This type of movie was done better in the 20's and 30's when all sort of contraptions were used for transportation. The humor falls flat for me because it is based on xenophobia. I have seen too many movies that have achieved much better results with that sort of humor. But that is just the surface of its problems.

The real reason that I marked the movie so low is that I did not find the characters charming or the comedy gentle. None of the actors seem to be able to handle their roles with subtlety nor could the writer nor could the director. The destruction of the pier is supposed to be funny but I found it annoying. I found the captain very annoying from beginning to end.

Where's the humor? A man tries to surprise his wife with a gift and the captain thwarts this effort. Should I laugh because the man fooled is rich? Should I laugh because Pusey was arrested instead of the real poachers? The humor is neither subtle nor original nor well done.

I wanted to like this film but I didn't laugh once during it. I didn't find the characters interesting so I gave it two stars because the only thing I enjoyed was seeing Scotland in the 1950s. That's it. I kept thinking that it could have been an average movie if the writer or director added depth to their characters instead of plastering the screen with superficiality.

The Magnificent MaggieReviewed bySpondonmanVote: 8/10

The general opinion has always been that The Maggie was one of Ealing's lesser comedies – but this means it was merely superb. It's a film by turns charming and gentle and nasty and ironic but always entertaining. It had a role for Paul Douglas as The American that when watching any other film he made I could never shake off – it's an intensely straight-faced farcical performance. Some serious people may regard him and all the other characters in it as cartoony stereotypes but thankfully I've always enjoyed it regardless: topically speaking aren't we all likely to be cartoony stereotypes to someone no matter how revered we may be to others?

Brash American businessman Douglas is keen to move his cargo of essential household items to help live on remote Scottish island and his wimpish English agent Hubert Gregg is fooled by the shrewd Scottish skipper of a little puffer boat into thinking that he can deliver it all. Not liking his being fooled involves the businessman in chasing after the boat to get his cargo back. Favourite bits : the quadruple bluff in hunting the boat from the air; the cartoon rage at the pier; after the birthday party Douglas's and Sheena's poignant conversation on her future marriage choices, being meaningful and gentle; the gradual development to the orgasmic conclusion – which was the only thing left that could happen – is beautiful to watch and re-watch. Douglas steals every scene he's in but especially with his lines in those scenes and with his final side-splitting warning to Captain MacTaggart and the laughing seagulls.

Imho because the moral of the story is more indistinct and the ending is slightly feeble even after all of the powerful irony that had gone before, this isn't quite in the same class as Whisky Galore or the best half dozen world class Ealing comedies, but it's a lovely journey all the same.

A Right Little Charmer!Reviewed bytim-764-291856Vote: 8/10

The Maggie. An underrated, gentle little comedy, the sort of which Ealing are associated with. The storyline packs quite a punch on American capitalism as a tycoon gets to believe that, after cutting corners and underestimating the crew of the 'Maggie', he can buy out his mistake with dollars alone.

Great cast that play a Clydeside crew, that quietly and cannily let things gently take their course. The scenery is more Whisky Galore than the East-end that is the more usual home of Ealing and the nice black and white photography suits the subject well. Pacing is a far cry from the frenetic of The Lavender Hill Mob and lets it story breathe quietly.

It's one of my favourite Ealings. If you haven't seen it, give it a try, you might add it to yours, too!

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