The Man From Beyond (1922) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Man From Beyond (1922) 1080p

The Man from Beyond is a movie starring Harry Houdini, Arthur Maude, and Albert Tavernier. A man who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love.

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The Synopsis for The Man From Beyond (1922) 1080p

The body of a man, Howard Hillary, frozen for a hundred years, is found in the Arctic ice. Thawed out and awakened, Hillary insists that a young woman, Felice, is his fiancée from a century before. Hillary is interned in a mental institution but escapes and realizes the truth of where he is and that Felice is actually the descendant of his own Felice from long ago. Hillary joins her in searching for her father, who has been abducted by someone known to them both.

The Director and Players for The Man From Beyond (1922) 1080p

[Director]Burton L. King
[Role:]Erwin Connelly
[Role:]Albert Tavernier
[Role:]Arthur Maude
[Role:]Harry Houdini

The Reviews for The Man From Beyond (1922) 1080p

Houdini As An Actor...Reviewed bygavin6942Vote: 6/10

A man (Harry Houdini) who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love.

I was drawn to this film because it was written by and stars Harry Houdini, the master magician. Appleton, Wisconsin has claimed Houdini as their own, and it is within this community that I have lived for over thirty years. So it seemed like I owed it to myself to watch the film.

Unlike many silent films, it has lots of written words. I would not even call them intertitles, because so much of it is long sections of spiritual quotation or philosophy. It is quite unlike what I have seen in other silent films.

The plot is general is odd, as on the surface it seems to be a man who is unfrozen after 100 years only to find someone who reminds him of the woman he loved. But there is a deeper story of reincarnation, and the role of science and religion in the modern world. In many ways, this film is not only outstanding for its creativity and originality, but is also far enough outside the box to be otherworldly...

Good melodrama is far from magical and not what you'd expect from a Houdini filmReviewed bydbborroughsVote: 6/10

Harry Houdini is found frozen in a black of ice and thawed out after 100 years. He finds what he thinks is the reincarnation of his lover and has to help her over come some bad guys.

Well made melodramatic thriller chugs along at a good clip until you suddenly realize that other than some great stunts Houdini isn't going to do anything "magical". Its not bad, actually far from it, its just that this is Houdini and you want something wondrous. Worse the one magical bit, the cell escape is cut up in such away as to make it dull and unbelievable. I'm guessing it wasn't filmed that way, but breaking it into the start of the event and then having it finish as a flash back kills it. From what I've read this is the problem with most of Houdini's films and was the reason it never really went anywhere. Worth a look for magic nuts who'll want to see Houdini in action, and for anyone else who wants to see an okay little melodrama.

Schmaltzy Melodrama but worth a look! On DVDReviewed byWhoDubVote: 6/10

I've been a Houdini fan since I was a kid, so when I ran across this movie on VHS I bought it. This is the story of a man frozen in time and coming to life to find himself finding his soul-mate about to marry a man after her money. He must convince her that she's making a mistake and show the fiancé up for the villain he is. During the course of the movie, Houdini shows us some of the escapes he was famous for.

While I agree with the comments that this movie is overly melodramatic, most of the silents of that era were. Yes, it's got all the overly-exaggerated gestures and wide-eyed looks.

In spite of this, I watched with fascination as Houdini, the man who help audiences in the palm of his hand, hammed it up through this movie. A great actor, he's not. But for most of us, it's the only chance we'll ever have to see the Great Houdini. Most magicians can out-perform him now, but in his heyday, he was the one and only.

As Houdini's only appearance on DVD, you can find this rare gem at Amazon, or Deep Discount DVD.

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