The Mangler Reborn (2005) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Mangler Reborn (2005) 1080p

A decade after the original massacre, another man obsessed over his machine ends with several murders and possession.

IMDB: 3.10 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.38G
  • Resolution: 1920*816 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 84
  • IMDB Rating: 3.1/10 
  • MPR: R
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 6

The Synopsis for The Mangler Reborn (2005) 1080p

A decade after the original massacre, another man obsessed over his machine ends with several murders and possession.

The Director and Players for The Mangler Reborn (2005) 1080p

[Director]Matt Cunningham
[Role:]Aimee Brooks
[Role:]Reggie Bannister
[Role:]Weston Blakesley

The Reviews for The Mangler Reborn (2005) 1080p

Scary and Gory, but the pace is slow.Reviewed bytarbosh22000Vote: 6/10

"The Mangler Reborn" is a million times better than the atrocious and unfortunate "The Mangler 2".

The plot: Hadley (Weston Blakesley) is a repairman. He finds pieces of the mangler machine and puts it together. He grows obsessed about it and starts going on a killing spree to feed the machine. His latest victim Jaime (Aimee Brooks) is trapped in his house. Can she escape before she's another body on the chopping block?

The pacing is slow,but the acting is pretty good. Reggie Bannister makes an appearance as Rick the house robber. In his limited screen time he makes you feel for his character. You can see that the directors really put their heart into the film.

In the end: The movie is scary, and there's some heavy gore scenes. It's worth seeing at least once.

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The demonic mangler is back!Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 5/10

Repairman Hadley (Weston Blakesley) buys an old laundry machine at an auction, and restores it to working condition, unaware of the demonic force that lurks within. The machine possesses the man, and drives him to kill so that it can feed on blood and guts. Meanwhile, house-breaker Rick (Reggie Bannister) and his son Mike (Scott Speiser) make the mistake of choosing Hadley's home for their next robbery...

Some might say that The Mangler Reborn should have been terminated before it reached full term. Some might say it should never have been conceived in the first place. But while it's true that the film looks and sounds terrible, having been shot on digital video on a very tight budget, I actually think it's not all bad. The plot is sufficiently twisted, allowing for some fairly suspenseful moments and a few scenes of graphic violence (although the use of a rubber mallet and not a lump hammer detracts a bit from the nastiness), both Aimee Brooks and Juliana Dever (as victims of the killer) are easy on the eye, the claustrophobic house setting works well, and the downbeat ending makes for a nice change. Plus, it's always good to see Phantasm's Reggie Bannister, but I wish someone would tell him that the bald head and ponytail is not a good look.

Sure, The Mangler Reborn isn't as effective as the original film (which starred Robert Englund, was directed by Tobe Hooper, and based on a story by Stephen King - and even with that talent involved, it wasn't that great), but it's still better than the current IMDb rating of 3.1 would have us believe.

4.5/10, generously rounded up to 5 for IMDb.

B-Movie done badReviewed byooosanteoooVote: 1/10

This is one crazy and bad bad movie. I usually like B Horror movies, but this one is just over the top. The only thing, I repeat the ONLY thing worth to watch is the split second shower scene of Aimee, and thats only 1 sec long so really - there is nothing interesting in this film. The acting is over the top bad. You can notice that the conversations are not synced properly, i.e. the one stops after a pause the other resumes .. i mean its so bad, its ridiculous. I think I would have done a better job. Especially the scene where the two thugs are in the car an the father smokes one cigarette after the other, everything is so lame and; ridiculous, what more can I say. The gore is practically inexistent, the so-called horror scenes are very badly done. Only one scene was good, where Hadley takes something out of his eye or similar. However I must say there was something compelling about the film which made me watch it until the end. Its just so bad that it will make you watch it. I pity my 2? for renting this garbage, not even the shower scene can make up to this starring the very beautiful Aimee Brooks. Good things will come!

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