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The Milk of Sorrow (2009) 1080p

La teta asustada is a movie starring Magaly Solier, Susi Sánchez, and Efraín Solís. Fausta is suffering from a rare disease called the Milk of Sorrow, which is transmitted through the breast milk of pregnant women who were abused or...

IMDB: 6.70 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Music
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: Quechua
  • Run Time: 94
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 2

The Synopsis for The Milk of Sorrow (2009) 1080p

Fausta is suffering from a rare disease called the Milk of Sorrow, which is transmitted through the breast milk of pregnant women who were abused or raped during or soon after pregnancy. While living in constant fear and confusion due to this disease, she must face the sudden death of her mother. She chooses to take drastic measures to not follow in her mother's footsteps.

The Director and Players for The Milk of Sorrow (2009) 1080p

[Director]Claudia Llosa
[Role:]Magaly Solier
[Role:]Bárbara Lazón
[Role:]Efraín Solís
[Role:]Susi Sánchez

The Reviews for The Milk of Sorrow (2009) 1080p

STINKER- La Teta Asustada (The Milk of Sorrow)_Reviewed bygivewayaddressVote: 2/10

I _hated_ this movie, and every positive review I read about it makes me feel like I'm the child in the middle of _The Emperor's New Clothes_. There are so many aspects to film-making that go into producing great art, and if a film only hits 5% of those, it falls far below even the minimum standard. While I found LTA executed well technically (the ONLY reason I give it a "2" instead of a "1"), I found the tone self-indulgent and condescending. The characters and indigenous culture are so poorly sketched that even as someone intimately acquainted with Lima and its socio-economic complications, I found I had no empathy or feeling for what should have been a tragic tale. Very poorly written, the actors struggle to breathe life into this CORPSE of a script. I felt an abstract,near- hatred towards the ignorance and denial portrayed in the film, and doubly so towards Llosa for wasting 2hrs of my life AGAIN. I only dipped my toe into her suffocatingly shallow film-making because it was nominated for an Oscar. I sorely regret it and am appalled that LTA is being dolled-up as though it's on par w/ _Un Prophète_ or _El Secreto de Sus Ojos_. I'm an art-house, foreign film junkie, but _The Hangover_ was better than this tripe. At least I wasn't tricked into thinking it was good by rave reviews and awards.

Good performances, nice themeReviewed bykosmaspVote: 7/10

I can see that or why many people will like this movie. There is the very great portrayal of the main actress, there is running theme in here that speaks to many art-house fans (even those who may not know that they are).

The pacing might seem awkward, some twists in the story line and/or character arc, might not be accessible to some viewers, but all those things make the movie even better. At least that's how I see it. Still as this is a movie that provokes or encourages you to think a lot, there might come up a few questions, story-wise and or character-wise that might leave you with a slightly bad taste.

And although up until now the review the user GeneralGrievous gave hasn't received positive feedback, you have to cut the guy some slack. If you read his review, you can understand why he didn't like the movie quite as much. I thought his review was helpful, even though I don't agree on everything he writes, because he explains not only why he thinks that way, but he gives a few glimpses into his knowledge of Peruvian film-making.

Exotic but Boring and UnpleasantReviewed byclaudio_carvalhoVote: 6/10

Fausta Isidora (Magaly Solier) is a weird young woman that lives permanently scared in a poor community in Lima. Her mother was raped by many men when she was pregnant of Fausta, and raised her daughter with a morbid fear of men. When her mother dies, Fausta has a bleeding and faints. Her uncle takes her to the doctor that finds that she keeps a potato inside her vagina to protect her against intercourse. Her uncle tells to the doctor that in accordance with the lore of the locals, she has a disease called "La Teta Assustada" (meaning "The Frightened Teat" in English) transmitted by the milk of an abused pregnant woman. Fausta decides to bury her mother in her home village, but neither she nor her uncle has the necessary amount for the coffin and the transportation. Fausta starts working as housemaid in the manor of a pianist to raise the necessary money; she befriends the gardener that helps her and Fausta finally resolves her issues.

"La Teta Assustada" is an exotic but boring and unpleasant low budget movie. The story is developed in slow-pace and probably will please viewers of the First World that maybe have never seen a slum and poor people like the dweller of Fausta's community. Magaly Solier has a great performance and her exotic beauty is impressive. The translation of the title of this film to English ("The Milk of Sorrow") is ridiculous since the correct translation would be "The Frightened Teat". The summary in IMDb from Pusan International Film Festival is ridiculous and the author has certainly not understood the story; or maybe the translation from Spanish was wrong. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Teta Assustada" ("The Frightened Teat")

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