The Mummy (1932) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Mummy (1932) 1080p

The Mummy is a movie starring Boris Karloff, Zita Johann, and David Manners. A resurrected Egyptian mummy stalks a beautiful woman he believes to be the reincarnation of his lover and bride.

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  • Run Time: 73
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The Synopsis for The Mummy (1932) 1080p

In 1921 a field expedition in Egypt discovers the mummy of ancient Egyptian prince Im-Ho-Tep, who was condemned and buried alive for sacrilege. Also found in the tomb is the Scroll of Thoth, which can bring the dead back to life. One night a young member of the expedition reads the Scroll out loud, and then goes insane, realizing that he has brought Im-Ho-Tep back to life. Ten years later, disguised as a modern Egyptian, the mummy attempts to reunite with his lost love, an ancient princess who has been reincarnated into a beautiful young woman.

The Director and Players for The Mummy (1932) 1080p

[Director]Karl Freund
[Role:]David Manners
[Role:]Boris Karloff
[Role:]Arthur Byron
[Role:]Zita Johann

The Reviews for The Mummy (1932) 1080p

A classic film suitable for pre-teen children.Reviewed byabrooksVote: 10/10

This film features the story of a man (Imhotep, high priest) who loved a woman beyond his social station. Imhotep was punished for this crime by a suffering a living death. A few millenia as an undead corpse have made Imhotep a psychopathic killer, willing to do away with anyone who obstructs his obsession with reviving the lost woman as an undead creature like himself.

An unwitting young archeologist without respect for the culture he studies animates Imhotep by reading the Scroll of Thoth and thus starting the action with his own mental collapse. (He was warned by a more mature academic, but hubris proceeds the fall.)

Unlike more recent psychopathic killers, Imhotep exhibits cunning, intelligence, and restraint. He restrains his murderous impulses whenever such restraint advances his own plans. He even uses non-violent means to have his deceased lover exhumed by an archeological team. In this same scene, he employs an ironic comment regarding the special privileges of foreign archeologists. Without glitz and special effects, the plot progresses when moved by the passions of each character. Even the old professor attempts to destroy the Mummy's scroll for love of his son. Acting generates essentially all the action. No doubt there was no budget to blow up vehicles and structures. Dialogue explains the action, atmosphere creates the mood, and lighting and a few props stand in for the foreign locale.

Several people are murdered, albeit with limited or no graphic content. The story does incorporate social discrimination between classes and between Europeans and Egyptians, but only as a fact and without celebration. Actually, the film's limited commentary tends to discredit arbitrary prejudices based on class and nationality. Imhotep himself seemingly condemns the double standard applied foreigners and native Egyptians by insinuation.

The Mummy does not offer color, computer graphic special effects, or a catchy score. However it also lacks political bias, revisionist history, profanity, sexual innuendo, or deliberate overt commercial, ethnic, racial, social, political, academic or scientific distortion or bias. Psychosexual pathology is also not glorified as in certain more recent horror films. Although the film does rely on the magic power of an ancient religion, neither the ancient religion, nor any modern religion is "attacked" by any type of lopsided, unwarranted aspersion.

The villain is portrayed sympathetically, but without exoneration or sympathy for his crimes. The heros do not prevail, but actually see the ancient God intervene. No lawyer sues the heros for desicating a Mummy without a license. This entertaining film was created for people who were themselves destitute and desperate during the Depression. It is still an entertaining film for families. My own children love the film, and have seen it 5 or 6 times.

It's the AtmosphereReviewed byHitchcocVote: 9/10

I love these Universal horror movies. This one is all atmosphere. The lighting, the focus on Karloff's eyes and his threatening persona carry the film. When I was in elementary school (my kids would say not long after this film was made), I had another kid scare the daylights out of me by describing the internment of the Egyptian rulers. The taking of the body, perfuming it, placing it in a room full of gold, then killing the slaves so that only the priests would know the actual resting place of the body. There was also the bit about being wrapped alive for burial. I'll tell you.

The effect of that story, which is portrayed in the movie, put a bigger scare into me than any movie I've ever seen. Since this one was really the only one we would ever see on television, I watched it every time I could. Isn't it interesting that both the Lugosi "Dracula" use a quotation from "Swan Lake" as a theme song. I've always wondered why that is. It is certainly eerie and as the credits roll, it builds in intensity. I was told once that Tchaikovsky would probably do movie soundtracks if he were alive today. Pardon my digressions. It is interesting that the mummy (as a fully wrapped personage) really doesn't appear after the beginning sequence--we just know that old Boris is in the process of decay and will eventually be sent to his eternal reward. As usual, the scientists and those who should know, carelessly leave the young woman unattended and he makes his move. The threatening suavity of Karloff is the high point of the movie. I feel the world received such a gift when these films were made. It is a delight, full of frightening images and classic moments.

Moody And SuspensefulReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 10/10

Talk about crushing out big time on a woman. Boris Karloff's been buried for 3700 years just thinking about Princess Ank-sa-namen and no cold showers where he's been.

Maybe I shouldn't be so flip because I do in fact consider The Mummy to be one of the best horror films ever done. Amazingly so because it relies so little on special effects or make-up. You see Boris Karloff in the beginning while he's still in his coffin in his Mummy wrap. Then at the end there are special effects ever so briefly in the final battle with Karloff.

Other than that this film relies entirely on the mood and suspense created by director Karl Freund and the performance of Boris Karloff as the tortured soul Im-ho-tep.

In 1922 I'm-ho-tep's secret unmarked tomb is found and when young assistant Bramwell Fletcher utters an ancient Egyptian spell, the Mummy gets up and walks out, leaving a stark, raving mad Fletcher.

Fast forward ten years, a mysterious man named Ardath Bey tells another expedition where to find the tomb of Princess Ank-sa-namen. Her mummy is raised and put in the Cairo Museum.

But that's only the beginning of Ardath Bey/Im-ho-tep's plan. It also involves Zita Johann the daughter of the Governor of the Sudan who is Egyptian on mom's side. She's a collateral descendant of the princess and feels drawn to Karloff. She's also drawn to young David Manners and that could put a crimp in Karloff's plans.

Boris Karloff probably had his most challenging role here. It's a terribly complex part. We are repulsed by Karloff's scheme, but at the same time the audience feels terribly sorry for what he's been through. While Johann is in a trance, Karloff narrates a flashback sequence to her telling how he was buried alive after she died because he tried to use Egyptian black arts to raise the princess from the dead. What a terrible hurt the man must have felt, and the audience feels it too.

The mood is helped in large part by the great orchestrations of James Dietrich of Tschaikovsky themes. Also interpolated in the film background score is the popular ballad Beautiful Love. It creates an aura of unredeemed sadness throughout the film.

There is a lot of similarity between The Mummy and that other Universal horror classic Dracula. But Bela Lugosi's Dracula is hardly as sympathetic a figure as Im-ho-tep as played by Boris Karloff. Also Edward Van Sloan as Professor Muller plays the same kind of role in The Mummy as he did as Van Helsing in Dracula.

The remakes of The Mummy used a lot of gimmicky special effects to achieve what Boris Karloff did with sheer talent. Personally I still think this version has the power to frighten and entertain.

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