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The Occupants (2014)

Lucy has a new husband, a new home and a new baby, but old ghosts won't let her be. She tries to help the tortured souls break free of their torment and move on, but soon finds these ghosts don't want her help.

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  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
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  • IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 
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The Synopsis for The Occupants (2014) 720p

A supernatural thriller, the film revolves around Lucy, who has a new husband, a new home and a new baby, but old ghosts won't let her be. She has dedicated her life to helping families break the cycle of abuse, so when she and her husband, Wade, see the echoes of a violent family tragedy in their home, Lucy tries to help the tortured souls break free of their torment and move on. She finds, however, that these ghosts don't want her help - they want to lead Lucy and her family to their doom.

The Director and Players for The Occupants (2014) 720p

[Director]Todd Alcott
[Role:]Macey Cruthird
[Role:]Ashanti Brown
[Role:]Kristen Ariza

The Reviews for The Occupants (2014) 720p

Reviewed byGL84Vote: 4/10/10

After moving into a new house, a woman and her husband find the placehaunted by the violent tragedy of the former occupants of the house andtry to stop those actions from happening to them and her new baby.

This here is a really weak and overall bland thriller disguised as ahorror film. The biggest issue with this one is the fact that thecentral premise is nothing to really get worked up over, and it showsin the reactions of the characters. The primary focus is one the shotsof the woman losing her mind over the events that transpire, yet noneof what happens early on in this is enough to warrant such actions totake place and even worse off, doing so with the rather blandhappenings that this goes through being just so unnecessary anduninviting that the reactions to them are completely unrelated to theevents portrayed. That these in turn lead into the film's main segmentbeing a series of investigations into whatever happened to the previousowners is so boring and lifeless that after such a troubling opening itsucks the energy out of the movie from there with endless scenes of hergoing over documents and papers that fill up time so that it's just sohard to stay invested in the movie as a whole from there on. The mainsubplot about these scenes is the film's second biggest issue, theconstant referrals to the counselor friend she thinks is takingadvantage of her yet is the first person she goes to whenever there's abump in the night or a weird flash-vision she has, and despite everyattempt to the contrary to make us believe he's some sort of creepypsychopath, he comes off as calm and level-headed about the situationwhile she rants and raves like a maniac then turns the tables back onhim saying he's the one trying to screw her around. This happens a goodthree or four times after a conversation saying that she'll havenothing to do with him, so this in fact becomes extremely troubling andconfusing as to why this goes on. Since the film earlier made mentionof the fact that the supernatural haunting actions were unwarranted ofthe extreme reactions taken, that in turn brings up the fact that themajority of the supernatural going on here is really not that scary andoftentimes just plain dull, with a few somewhat decent scares hereincluding the appearance of a demonic face on the wall hidden behind aposter, the ghostly visions of women running around the house and theominous threat of violence depicted towards the infant son which doeshave a hint of believability to it, yet whatever happens is then undoneby the absolutely ridiculous finale that makes no sense and underminesthe general plot of what came before it. These are really enoughproblems to lower this one significantly.

Rated R: Violence, Language, children-in-jeopardy and a shadowy sexscene.

Reviewed bya_baronVote: 3/10/10

What do you tell a young mother who sees ghosts in her house, that sheis perhaps under stress, dreaming, confabulating? What happens when herhusband sees them too? Lucy works as a counsellor, and while her otherhalf wants them to vacate what is obviously their dream home completewith security fence, she believes the night visitors are not regularapparitions, as in dead people, but a living family that is indesperate need of terrestrial assistance. She confides in a colleague -and former lover - who thinks she is gaga, and refuses to give her anypractical help, although he does suggest she seeks help of thepsychiatric kind.

After her decision to stay put, things get worse, a lot worse. Was itreally such a good idea to bring in a psychic? Unfortunately, thisinitially promising film soon loses its way. Lucy may indeed have gonegaga by the end, but this is so confusing you don't really know whatshe has done, what has happened, what is real, what is not, who is thebad guy, and if he is really a demon. Don't waste your time on thisone.

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