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The Order (2003)

A young priest is sent to Rome to investigate the troubling death of the head of his order.

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The Synopsis for The Order (2003) 720p

Alex Bernier (Ledger) is a member of an arcane order of priests known as Carolingians. When the head of the order dies, Alex is sent to Rome to investigate mysterious circumstances surrounding the death. The body bears strange marks on the chest which may or may not be the sign of a Sin Eater (Furmann), a renegade who offers absolution, last rites and therefore a path to heaven outside the jurisdiction of the church. Alex enlists the aid of his old comrade Father Thomas (Addy) and of a troubled artist (Sossamon) upon whom he once performed an exorcism. He soon finds himself plunged into a mystery only to find himself at the heart of it.

The Director and Players for The Order (2003) 720p

[Director]Brian Helgeland
[Role:]Shannyn Sossamon
[Role:]Mark Addy
[Role:]Heath Ledger

The Reviews for The Order (2003) 720p

Slowly paced but the mood-setting is outstanding!Reviewed byelle-21Vote: 8/10

The movie makers excelled at setting the mood of this film. Without using campy ghouls or ghostly figures, the evil of sin was conveyed through visual effects and convincing acting.

Knowing some Latin and a bit of arcane religious history was very helpful... but I expect the story line was strong enough to be interesting to viewers without such a background.

The end of the story seemed perfect for keeping options open to have a sequel film.

Well made and original - pretty good.Reviewed byDanny_G13Vote: 7/10

Certainly something different - a religious-based 'sci-fi' drama. Sin Eater, as it's known in UK, is a complicated story of love, fate, realisation, and a hint of gothic underworld religion thrown in. As Alex, the main character, is informed his mentor has died, he gets drawn into something which could alter his own destiny.

Without wanting to give away the entire plot Sin Eater is a movie which takes risks - it's not afraid of its take on religion and is filmed with panache, boasts good performances, and some effective cinematography.

Fine effort.

Truly AppallingReviewed bySam SundquistVote: 7/10

While perusing the other entries for this film, the preponderance of reviews giving it a mildly enthusiastic or at least average rating astounded me. I find it inconceivable how someone could appreciate this movie on any level. While it featured decent acting, it contained a plot so awful that it makes it impossible to respond with even the most minute degree of enthusiasm.

The plot centers around a "Sin Eater," an individual who, by performing an arcane ritual, is able to secure salvation for those outside the church who would otherwise go to Hell. While operating in this capacity he is immortal, but he has grown weary of bearing the sins of others and desires to find a replacement so that he may die in peace. He attempts to cultivate a young priest for this role, and the film deals with the ensuing events.

While I have no desire to express an opinion here on theological issues in real life, I found it preposterous that, within the world of this film, salvation really does come only through the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Though the movie depicts the Church in the most unfavorable way possible, within its frames the Church alone apparently truly does hold the key to salvation. This fact necessitates the burdensome task of the sin eater, and thereby establishes the premise of the film. But it also raises questions about how anyone (in the film) exposed to such a wicked Church or God could accept the doctrine that salvation comes no other way. A person who believed that salvation came through the Church alone would likely be a member of the Church, and adhere to its teachings; someone outside the Church would not likely believe that the Church alone provided salvation. Yet for the sin eater to function, The Order's cinematic world must be populated by many people who both:

a) believe that the teachings of the Church are entirely correct, and b) reject those teachings nonetheless.

Ultimately, The Order depicts hapless clergy and laity alike, viciously excluded from salvation by a tyrannical Church which regards not even God's power as sufficient to overcome their deeds. If anything, this movie offers an unintentional apologetic for the Protestant doctrine of salvation by faith alone.

Watch this movie with friends and laugh, or don't watch it at all.

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